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This week, we present six sleek new patterns ranging from sizes 44 – 52. Make yourself a stylish suit, a form-fitting pencil skirt, or a luxurious georgette blouse.

The plus size patterns featured here are all from the April issue of Burda Style Magazine and we are happy to give you some clean modern designs for your spring wardrobe.

Imagine wearing a complete handmade suit with our Suit Jacket and Dress Pants

The Button-Down Blouse is a lovely piece made from silk georgette with a contrasting collar and cuffs.

The Drape Neck Top and Dress pattern is just what it sounds like, two styles in one pattern. Make a comfortable draped dress, top, or both!

The Pencil Skirt accentuates the figure and features pleated side inserts.

This cool Leather Vest is made from thin kid suede – easy to sew with a beautiful result.

Stay tuned for more styles soon!

Happy sewing!

- Emmy and Jamie


  • Profile_pictur_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 06.54 PMby ngmetwaly

    how can i get it in egypt?

    1 Reply
    • Letterbicon_large

      Apr 26, 2012, 01.40 PMby burdastyle

      Hello, all the patterns you see above are downloadable and printable at your home printer so wherever you are in the world you can purchase our patterns. Just click on the link below the image and it will take you to the pattern itself and from there you can purchase it.
      If you are looking to subscribe to burda style magazine, go to this link: www.burdastyle.de/abo/burdastyle/13/language/



  • Image_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 04.05 PMby hanolalaith

    I know the 80s are coming back, but these really look like the worst of it coming back. The only exception is the pencil skirt, which I can never see going out of style.

    1 Reply
    • Aaaadfzdgrcaaaaaavcheq_large

      May 4, 2012, 01.08 AMby Marlee Simon

      Very true! I’m not sure BurdaStyle is reading the comments here though! They should come up with something exciting that will make plus-size women look GREAT!

  • Dsc03787_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 12.24 PMby sadienorway

    I wouldn’t have realized these were plus size patterns at all if it wasn’t for the headline. The model is so skinny I honestly thought it was just another of those “hey skinny people, wear huge unflattering clothes!”, but I guess not then :D It’s true what people are saying here though; Why can’t burda just make the normal patterns in plus sizes? Most of them would be much better suited for bigger sizes than these ones…

  • 12a6955e673a5916bae0065277af32abe24edbe0_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 10.49 AMby lizhonnun

    I totally agree with you all who say these styles are not flettering for plus sizes ( or for anyone for that matter) . I think this is old fashioned and dull. I would like to see the “normal” patterns come in large sizes too.

    1 Reply
    • Gish123_large

      May 2, 2012, 07.59 PMby prttynpnk

      Yes, please!

  • Missing

    Apr 25, 2012, 09.48 AMby kailee

    I liked the shirt with the pencil skirt… Does that come in a plus size?

  • 318fdfddc8ec502f60205493d937ad4d07f5767e_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 09.22 AMby fiveandtwo

    I carry my weight at my midriff. If I wear drapey-type clothing I get congratulated on a new pregnancy (unpleasant for me and the congratulator). I’m so glad I can make my own clothes, clothes that are fitted without being tight. None of the above would work for me. It doesn’t help that I’m long waisted with short legs!

  • 300px-b5274-2_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 07.38 AMby nookie

    It doesn’t help that the model isn’t a true reflection of “plus” size.

  • Missing

    Apr 25, 2012, 07.36 AMby fuzzyg

    I agree that it’d be much preferable to show these on a more mid-range plus-size model, instead of a barely-44-if-that. On the other hand, I understand that the majority of large women are closer to that range than the extremes. Look closer people, what is now defined as plus sized IS basically your average healthy girl.

    That said, I don’t believe that sausage casings are ‘flattering’. Worse, they now are on a slippery slope to looking totally dated. So I’m happy to see a collection that’s truly modern, at once drapey and minimalist, in line with what you’re doing for smaller women, and more importantly in line with what the stylish smaller women are wearing. And the color scheme, while not very wild, does add up to a business capsule that’d be totally wearable, and would greatly enhance the usability of the wardrobes of the complainers :-).

    Yes, when there’s a major shift in style there will be grinding noises from the audience, inevitably. It’s not just plus sizes who’re having difficulty with this, I’ve had this conversation with several younger women lately, who realize that fabric drapes are what they should be wearing to stay current, but are so unused to them that they feel really awkward. I’m lucky in that I’ve already lived through the 70s-to-80s shift, and so it feels like deja vu to me, I’ve already worked out what I can wear in terms of volume without being overwhelmed, and I can simply be happy of a change. But I like to remind people of the study that showed that you need to feed a small child a new food 10 times before they really like it. TEN times, people! So I figure if you want to get your eye/brain used to a new style, you also need to give it the 10 wearings test before you decide it’s truly not for you.

    And it’s also true that plus sizes are still psychologically suffering from the tent approach to dressing them, which has been inflicted upon us for a long while. It does reflect a general unacceptance.of our bodies in societies, and a wish for them to be hidden if not disappear entirely. So many large women with better body images have learned to wear fitted clothes in the past decade or so. And indeed from our sewing point of view it takes more skill to fit a large figure, if only because there’s less information out there about it. But fitted clothes looked good on large women because that was the current esthetic, not because large women intrinsically look good in fitted clothes. Now that the prevailing esthetic is swinging back to drape, larger women would do well to go with the flow. In fact, if it’s a consolation larger women can do drape really well :-), although fitting adjustments are not to be skipped entirely. But basically don’t confuse drape and hiding. If you want to agitate for visibility, contribute a naked picture of yourself to adipositivity, and look fabulous in current styles.

    2 Replies
    • Bs1107_bus_0711_091__large_large

      Apr 25, 2012, 01.12 PMby Itsbeensewlong

      I’m not sure if perhaps you work for Burda?? Or where you base your belief that “draped” styles are in? If you look at today’s new arrivals at say Netaporter.com
      Or MyTheresa…. Or Browns… There is only 1 draped cardigan that is shown… And it has a shaped fit…. According to the runways and these fashion sites.. Lady like and elegant is definitely in style…. Not the sack bag… The correct fitted style on a larger figure can look great…. Ok.. not all styles suit …. And I can’t stand a large body being squished into something that is Not size and age inappropriate… But fitted can still be elegant on the larger figure … And I think that is what most readers here are looking for…. And in style….
      However perhaps this whole issue is full of baggy not too flattering patterns…. As they have just released some photos of the June Mag Styles on Burdastyle.de and they all seem to be baggy….. But I for one am hoping there are a few better patterns soon to be shown in the June issue…. As lately the patterns and BS Issues have been fabulous….
      Either that or it is bad styling….?
      So far for the June issue…. I don’t think it is as simple as changing or perception that drape is in style….. As I don’t think so…. According to the runways etc… Just my thoughts on your reply…. :-)

    • Missing

      Apr 29, 2012, 04.49 PMby fuzzyg

      Pretty funny assumption itsbeensewlong :-). But whatever makes you feel comfortable with your status quo is fine with me.

  • Burda_profile_picture_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 05.13 AMby Couture Academic

    The words that came to my mind as I was reading this post was drab, boring and unflattering and definitely NOT fun. The color scheme is so bland, heck, even the model looks depressed – and who would blame her! Please, BurdaStyle, clothes for plus sizes need to be FITTED, not overly tight or overly loose – just like any other size. Plus size is not an excuse for boxy drab design. I hate to sound overly harsh, but it’s been this way for a while. I wonder if anyone’s listening…

  • Missing

    Apr 25, 2012, 05.12 AMby divasrule

    I like the entire collection. It is classic and the pieces are flattering. It so nice to be a fashion DIVA in a size 14. I especially like the cigar pants and the georgette blouse.

  • Missing

    Apr 25, 2012, 04.40 AMby charlottetilley

    I don’t like that suit at all – the jacket is huge. I can’t see it looking flattering at all. This collection is not what I was expecting at all. Sorry, I’m not keen.

  • Bs1107_bus_0711_091__large_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 03.44 AMby Itsbeensewlong

    However I do Like the Button Down Blouse in the georgette …. If it really does over blouse as softly as that…. And the trousers appear to be a nice cut…… But mostly I think you would find that larger girls don’t wear a tuck in blouse….. As much as we would like to… It is just plain unflattering…. So a few more stylish and fitted over blouses would be nice to see…. I do also like the potential of the drop waist dress with the straight thru skirt… But I think the actual pattern Burda 7206 is much better with the top half… As the image shown with the over cowel at the neckline and scruffy tummyl is not flatterning… I do plan to make version 7206 … Have it here already…. I don’t like to be negative…. So have tried to also leave some positive feedback … But on the whole the regular patterns are so superior to the plus size… And this is so disappointing…. As I do love Burda Style Mag and the patterns…

  • 31679_452626571392_510906392_6099290_3652934_n_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 03.22 AMby sweetharte

    This is a disappointing trend that Burda must learn to break. The plus size clothes are so oversized and draped in the most unflattering ways, like they would be worn by people who are ashamed of their bodies! I’m not against the occasional loose fitting garment, but the amount of them that Burda creates for the plus sized crowd is overwhelming. Wake up and spend your time scaling the regular patterns up instead!!

    1 Reply
    • Bs1107_bus_0711_091__large_large

      Apr 25, 2012, 03.31 AMby Itsbeensewlong

      Totally agree … Especially with scaling up the regular patterns… Especially straight thru styles that are very flattering on larger sizes…. The long blazer and trousers could have been flattering if it had fit…. I don’t wear the loose fits as they make me look even bigger… I am not huge… Just a little larger and tall … I use the 24 on your regular Burda sewing patterns and take a little in…. In Aus I am only a size 16 – 18 definitely not a 24…

  • 5_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 02.00 AMby susanne2011

    I am a bigger girl and I know that I look best when garments are actually fitted. These styles make big girls look even bigger and I wonder who would want that?

    3 Replies
    • Skull_20and_20crossbones_20blk_large

      Apr 25, 2012, 02.09 AMby aurorapoison

      Totally agree :D

    • Da810f03a0d5db1cdb3b8d267111c9fcc7ad2eda_large

      Apr 25, 2012, 03.02 AMby auntchelle

      I’m with you. Burda has really let the Plus girl down over the last 18 months. Even the Plus magazine is just a rehash of the monthly magazines.

    • Bs1107_bus_0711_091__large_large

      Apr 25, 2012, 03.34 AMby Itsbeensewlong

      Totally agree with you…. Some of the styles in the magazines are fabulous for larger sizes… But they only do a small size…. And when you get to the back of the mag to find larger sizes they are usually most disappointing ….. All oversize…. :-(

  • Crochet_scarf2_large

    Apr 25, 2012, 01.33 AMby wildflower31

    I like the skirt, the pants and the dress/top. I think the color scheme they went with is just not flattering.

  • Missing

    Apr 25, 2012, 12.47 AMby libby58

    All bad choices for a bigger women, and the model is swamped by the garments!

  • Missing

    Apr 24, 2012, 10.12 PMby kst

    This is definetely NOT a plus size model.

  • Missing

    Apr 24, 2012, 10.02 PMby April Dorris

    I don’t know if I would consider these as a collection “modern”. And I’m not sure these will look good on a real plus size person. And when did we start doing to roll hem thing again. Talk about flash back from high school. But, the pieces look good and are styled well.

  • Missing

    Apr 24, 2012, 09.42 PMby jjn

    I like plain, and a few of these are ok to elaborate on. I hate plus size that’s frilly, bling and overly feminine, trying to be flattering…

  • Missing

    Apr 24, 2012, 09.39 PMby rosarini

    I agree the only one with style is the pencil skirt.It is far from inspirational .It looks like the jacket & slacks has.a Small size model put into my size outfit.This certainly not up to Burda standard

  • 7b939cefb10258ff9716bec415c87b695cf1a2fb_large

    Apr 24, 2012, 09.13 PMby fatticatti

    Wake up Burda! This is pathetic. not flattering, boring beige. no patterns, no chic, no flair, ludicrous. Please try harder..Inspiration please. At least show us how to effectively size up more stylish patterns and form our own pattern blocks.

    1 Reply
    • Cristie_and_kyle2233_large

      Apr 25, 2012, 05.18 PMby julietfairsaint

      I agree, learning how to effectively size up without loosing shape and tailoring would be much better than this lackluster assortment. Excellent point. I hope Burda takes the responses to this to heart.

  • 1424_large

    Apr 24, 2012, 08.56 PMby andreayasmeen

    Not a big fan. It’s not that flattering, but I love the way the pieces are styled and they look nice

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