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[Updated 7/1/2011] There are over 260 BurdaStyle Sewing Clubs (BSCs) throughout the world, and there may be one in your neighborhood, too!

The Club Leaders are listed by State and City, or Country and City. Feel free to message the leaders to sign up for a group, discuss meeting times and find out the location. Don’t see your city listed? Learn how you can use our Meetup Everywhere platform to start your own.

For a visual depiction of just how many BSCs there are, check out our Google Maps!

How to locate the nearest BSC with Google Maps

Find your nearest BSC by entering your city and state in the Google Maps search engine. Click on the BurdaStyle Sewing Club tabs at the bottom left corner, then check the BurdaStyle Sewing Clubs category. Zoom out on the map to see just how far your nearest BSC is!

US List




  • Fayetteville – Rebecca S. (Corra)





    Seaford – Ellamae M. (aka ellmadd)





  • Andersonville (Chicago) – Meggon Mae T.(meggomae)
  • Chicago – Natalie C. (natclem)
  • Chicago – Sarah D. (sdudek)
  • Glen Ellyn – Sharon S. and Abby J.
  • Lansing – Karen B. (namakb)


  • Cedar Rapids – Loesje S. (loeloe)
  • Indianapolis – Kay C. (Kaysews)
  • Merrillville – Kelly M. (kmahler)



  • Hutchinson – Michelle E. (Mic)


  • Louisville – Millie W.
  • Lawrenceburg – Miche B. (mollygirl7033)




  • Auburn – Dawn L.
  • Boston – Sarah G. (SarahGrey)
  • Central Mass. – Theresa P. (SEWTP)







New Hampshire

New Jersey


  • Henderson, Las Vegas – Adriana W.
  • Las Vegas – Melinda M. (M00linda)

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina



  • Durant – Cari T.



Rhode Island

South Carolina






  • Hillsville – Beth B. (easbrooke)
  • Leesburg – Sara M. (sarabmacias)
  • Norfolk/Virginia Beach – Kristin G. (kg7)


West Virginia


International list



  • Antwerp/Limberg – Lelie K. ( lelie)
  • Diest – Maria V.B. ( bonmac)



  • Edmonton, Alberta – Jenn L. ( JNL)
  • Grimsby, Ontario – Cassandra C. ( Kayd4nce)
  • Manitoba, Winnipeg – Roxanne G. ( Plaid_Rose)
  • New Brunswick, St John – Betty F.( bettyF)
  • Ontario, Barrie – Aithne L. ( IndigoGrrl)
  • Scarborough, Ontario – Patricia T.( planetpatricia1)
  • Ontario, Toronto – Kathryn B. ( kbarlow)
  • Ontario, Toronto – Sharon A. ( sharonan23)
  • Saskatchewan, Regina – Megan Z.( TheBananaFairy)
  • Squamish, British Columbia – Caramia I.( mia007)
  • Vancouver, British Columbia – Denise N.(dnembhard)
  • Victoria, British Columbia – Tara M. ( tmac)


Costa Rica








  • Herzliya – Vanessa W. ( van)


New Zealand





South Africa



The Netherlands

  • Amsterdam – Francois H. (aka fronno)
  • Gelderland, Wegeningen – Johanna S.
  • Leiden – Marie-Claude. Find this club on Facebook.


BSC Virtual, Ether – Our talented member Gedwoods has created a virtual BSC! Join him through video chat around the world to share your sewing passion!

image from Image from Otisarchives4


  • Missing

    May 6, 2009, 08.17 PMby klf

    If there are two names listed for a city, does that mean there are two different groups in that city or one group with two leaders?

  • Nora-abousteit1_large

    May 6, 2009, 03.21 PMby nora

    @kendal and @mlssfshn – Some people are not online people, they don’t create profiles or upload content, but they are still great in getting people together and enabling social sewing, something we promote on- and now offline. We trust that people who are volunteering will do a good job. If you feel they are not being responsible leaders, tell them, tell us and we can solve this!

  • Nora-abousteit1_large

    May 6, 2009, 03.17 PMby nora

    Hi kquade,

    We don’t have group profiles. Just send a message to the group leader – they will get in touch with you then!

    Have fun! Nora

  • P1110314edit_large

    May 6, 2009, 07.42 AMby kquade

    how does one join a club thats already formed? all i see above is the name of the group leader, and when i click on it i get sent to their burdastyle profile, not a group profile. maybe im an idiot but im confused!

  • Picture_2_large

    May 6, 2009, 06.59 AMby alden

    Hi Everyone,

    The international list will be up next week! If you would like to start a club please email team (at) Burdastyle.com


  • F4846a83b96ab994e43e4bca59e158c9ee44ec26_large

    May 6, 2009, 03.34 AMby misselsie

    This is brilliant, something I have been waiting for. Can we have a list for the UK, too, please!!!

  • F3e2d6d58a003b0cbea725abe4f9e6b6fecdb0bc_large

    May 5, 2009, 07.18 PMby kendal

    I totally agree with mlssfshn! The leader of the Seattle sewing club has been a member for a little over a month and they have’nt even made any creations. How are they a good leader?

  • 6725643c20441b5426829cbcaab8f5d1c93c7d0f_large

    May 5, 2009, 04.18 PMby iluvkyoto

    Any way we can start an international version? I am in Kyoto and would love to meet people in to sewing in the area… :)

  • Picture_2_large

    May 5, 2009, 02.54 PMby alden

    Hi Caseysgal,

    Sorry about that! it’s all fixed now.

    @ Missfshn: we know that there are many different levels of involvement on our site and for this reason we are not going to turn anyone away who wants to take the initiative and lead a sewing group. As for the issue of compatibility, we absolutely encourage all group leaders to create an interesting profile, but this is not a requirement. If you are concerned about compatibility i suggest messaging the BSC leader, or going to the first meeting to try it out. And finally, we would love it if you lead a group in your area, if you would like I can add it to the list immediately.

    Best Alden

  • 121fa098a0f92cf1f35aec5e30f2b5dd29088db1_large

    May 5, 2009, 02.28 PMby schmashion

    this looks great! thanks for putting the time into it

  • Missing

    May 5, 2009, 01.49 PMby caseysgal

    I am actually in Charleston, WV. Charlestown is quite a distance from us!

  • P1010041_large

    May 5, 2009, 01.17 PMby Natishia Chacon

    Maybe this person just found the site. Maybe they are an active teacher.

    I dont write much on this site and read it occasionally because I am busy teaching others to sew and quilt. So I have samples to make and lessons to prepare. If I get on my computer I get involved in conversation that I dont get any work done. LOL I’m sorry you missed out. :-(

  • 20150117_152733_large

    May 5, 2009, 12.52 PMby mlssfshn

    Not to be critical but not one of the people from my area are active members of Burda Style. I applaud them for stepping up, but someone who just joined the site on the 23th of April being a group leader? I wish you would have put a little more fore thought into who you allowed to take these positions. I submitted but had some hesitation in what you expected, had you said you’d take anyone, I was up to the job, but I was told you had several people already from my area and no one else was needed. Not one of these people have a profile, any creations, posted on the forum, and one doesn’t even have a picture. How am I to know if our sewing type are compatible? If someone wants to be a leader they should at least have a profile.

    • This is a question
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