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Camel colored garments are taking the world by storm. Buttery tans, burnt yellows and sueded camel colored wools, velvets, suede and silks graced many Autumn/Winter runways as well as hundreds of fashionistas’ backs. Is camel the new black?

Starting from top left: Drape yourself in a knit over-sized cardigan or shall this Fall, and take a stab at our cardigan project. Get the Knit Cardigan pattern. Wide lapels can make a structural statement, and a belt ties it all together. This coat pattern can help you achieve this look. Get the Wide Lapel Coat pattern.

A stand-up collar can get you a standing ovation. Try this coat in a camel colored wool or trench coat khaki. Get the Stand Up Collar Coat pattern. A draped collar is beautiful and adds sophistication. Try this look in men’s wool suiting or camel colored sueded silk. . Get the Drapey Collar Coat pattern.


  • Old_fashion_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 11.24 AMby sewlikeabee6

    I really like this it matches about any color you wear with it , camel is not to light or dark I would wear it. A forgotten color no. Tan,Camel,Black,white,Gray all go with about everything that is what is so good about those colors they are the circle colors that just about everone picks as there 1st color and than they pick all the other colors to go around them. go to a mall and people watch and write down in your mine what colors you see the most and you will be surprized, talking about the circle of colors.

  • F0da497b5f1e6204e9858a35b2603ef00cdb41de_large

    Oct 13, 2010, 05.34 AMby choctawcharli

    Personally, I LOVE this time of year! It is the only time I can wear the “in” the “fashion” colors! Deep Auburn hair with Gold highlights (natural). Medium skin with a yellow undertone that is more gold than sallow. The Dark eyes make what the colorists used to call a “perfect Autumn”. Well, gee, that’s great! What do I wear the rest of the year? One can’t wear the beautiful “Autumn colors”, dark orange, rust, camel, teal, etc , during a bright spring day let alone the heat of the summer. Well, I do,— but it looks weird. LOL. ! So I just wallow in my lovely Fall Fabric Stash and dream of an extended Season. hehehehe

  • Florsota_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 03.20 PMby laurakis

    I hate this color… i wouldnt wear it in a million years (some years ago it was fashionable and all clothing came in camel variations so i had trouble buying clothes for that season…)… someone said it would look good on people with hair from blonde to copper and olive skin… well i´m afraid i have olive skin and copper hair, with green eyes and it looks really ugly on me. makes me look like if i had really serious liver problems.

  • Aiw_large

    Oct 5, 2010, 01.17 PMby polishcurl

    i like this camel color and recently bought two yard of camel colored cotton elastic fabric but dont know yet if i can carry the color since i am asian with black colored hair. but i like neutral colors.

  • Me_pecks_large

    Oct 4, 2010, 11.51 PMby nessys

    In a word – NO!

    Sorry – I don’t like it at all. It’s just “beige” with a different name. Doesn’t help that it makes me look awful!

  • Orchid_large

    Oct 4, 2010, 07.25 AMby Sanne K. Astrid

    everything is “the new” something. why the hell is every colour in fashion, “the new” black. black is black. and red is red.

    colourtones shouldn’t be compared. in my opinion.

  • 675d5c07b532c1df57d0faf1f990138e6b4cd931_large

    Oct 3, 2010, 09.49 PMby mabelsmum

    It makes me laugh when I see articles about various colours being the new black ! Camel is really just dark beige / cream etc – has a basic colour that pretty much goes with every other colour ever gone out of fashion ? I think that if you wear Camel, you need to have a very well made and classy itme of clothign or be over 50.

  • Clare_hodge_laurence_keane_large

    Oct 3, 2010, 05.59 AMby clareh

    This summer, I found 4+ yards of camel cashmere at the thrift store. I am making a classic wrap coat. I’m so excited. Camel is a classic colour and I know I will enjoy the coat forever!

    2 Replies
  • Img_20160222_155241214_large

    Oct 3, 2010, 12.40 AMby milkyway

    Love camel, it would be the new black of course, soooooo elegant and delicate. Even I dont wear dark colors, and black is not my color at all. Thank God nobody had mentioned grey as the new black, wich I hated!

  • Missing

    Oct 2, 2010, 11.32 PMby leloir

    camel, is only a colour, like black, red and evrey other tint of the colour palette….it is not more elegant or more trash. really if there’s somenthing that make a difference, that is how we weare it…..ok this sound like hackneyed phrase,but at heart there is a little truth in…isn’t it?! when we shine or when seem like one of the zombies of michael jackson “trhiller” video the merit is not only of our dresses. however…. i remember a funny photo session by krasilcic on ELLEitalia that mix camel and animalier so nothing is impossible!!!

  • Orchid_large

    Oct 2, 2010, 06.37 AMby Sanne K. Astrid

    Not everyone looks good with camel. If your natural hair colour is warm blond to copper colour, there’s a good chance that camel looks beautiful on you.

    Else I would suggest a more cool variety of camel like beige.

    Also if the natural colour of your hair is black. I wouldn’t wear camel or beige. because then the colour is going to look too dull on you.

    For me camel would be a perfect colour to wear, nonetheless it could work for me, I wouldn’t wear “plain” camel. I prefer it with sky-blue ;)

    2 Replies
    • Vatten_large

      Oct 4, 2010, 11.45 AMby ichigogirl

      Funny. We kind of have precisely the opposite ideas about this! Apart from the fact that camel is for some but not all.
      I’m a golden blond (warm), and camel makes me look like I’m trying to camouflage myself into the clothes, not flattering at all.
      I’ve always thought that those with dark hair look great in camel clothes (Jackie Onassis!).
      Maybe it’s not so simple, maybe it’s a matter of subtle shades?
      I’ll have to look more carefully at people who wear camel :-)

    • Kopie_van_pc040044_large

      Oct 4, 2010, 03.30 PMby carolinam

      I think skin color plays a role here. If your skin color is a version of the camel, i think it doesn’t look very flattering. But if your skin color is dark or has a red tone or olive tone, it hink it could look very good.

  • 647c8a58c1f40e3ceeb5a3709c3d100655646135_large

    Oct 2, 2010, 03.04 AMby biggreenfeet

    “Camel” has always been everywhere. Wouldn’t it be nice if the fashion people would stop trying to market certain colors to us? Camel is classic. It’s a given, but it’s like khakis at the freakin’ Gap- every season or so it’s back to OMGKHAAAKKKIIIIIII!

    1 Reply
    • Blogportrait_large

      Oct 17, 2010, 09.06 AMby ajtak7171

      Oh you are so right, your comment really made me laugh!

  • Dscf0672_large

    Oct 2, 2010, 02.12 AMby artemis-ivorywings

    The problem is camel (which, by the way, I think is definitely making it huge right now) is that as a complete look all by its lonesome with no other colors it’s hard to get away from the fact that… you are wearing… beige. So… as a complement, yes please camel all the way, but by itself, no no no!

    1 Reply
    • Kopie_van_pc040044_large

      Oct 2, 2010, 10.37 AMby carolinam

      i agree, without other colors it wouldn’t work.

  • Profile_pic_large

    Oct 1, 2010, 07.18 PMby whalen

    I love camel. (It does look good on me, so there’s that.) I like mixing camel with blacks. It seems to add a “grown up” feel to outfits. If I dress in all black my child-face and small form give me a “I hate the establishment” vibe that I do not want to communicate. I think it’s the versatility of a warm earth tone and the way camel can “connect” colors that I enjoy. I can easily picture an outfit with vibrant greens and golds and camel. It just adds some calm and a sophistication. Now, I’m wishing for some lovely person to swoop down and remake khaki pants. They could be so beautiful, but a bad cut or overly stiff fabric often sends them into the dreaded “old man” style.
  • C360_2013-07-09-19-57-47-392-1_large

    Oct 1, 2010, 07.14 PMby popbabe7

    It’s not really a colour that appeals to me. However having just unpacked my fall/winter clothes I realise that my wardrobe has a lot of black and purple. I think a touch of camel wouldn’t look out of place and might just give a little bit of oomph to my clothes. Maybe a nice pencil skirt in camel/ burnt yellow?? I might just be like CarolinaM and wear camel bottoms- I’m pale so I don’t think it would look good on me otherwise.

  • Kopie_van_pc040044_large

    Oct 1, 2010, 06.21 PMby carolinam

    i think camel has never really been gone. But it is not my color. I mean, i love it, but if wear it, it makes me look like i am very sick.. Can wear pants in this color, and maybe that is what i’ll do. btw what happend to bleu (navy/ royalbue) being the new black? Blue does look good on me.

    1 Reply
    • Me_pecks_large

      Oct 4, 2010, 11.49 PMby nessys

      Surprise, surprise – it’s not my colour either!! ;)

      Let’s stick with blue!!! xxxxxx

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