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…Welt pockets. Yup, I am ashamed to say I got a B (or was it a C?) on my welt pocket assignment in fashion school. I just never got it down, nor did I care to practice, it was just too hard! I avoided pockets at all costs. And zippers. I made things I had to tug over my head and had to be a contortionist to get out of. Did I ever cut myself out of something? Absolutely. But that’s another story.

My friend Matt’s birthday is next week and seeing that all I have been able to think about lately is stuff boys might like to wear or use from my next collection for Dahl & Dane, I decided to make him a woolen bag with contrasting welt pocket. See, Matt is gay so he will carry a bag- he may even go so far as to call it a purse- and as he loves his Iphone, I made a special pocket in front so it will be easily accessible.

I created a tutorial for anyone else afraid of welt pockets, or anyone who wants to recreate this simple bag. Thanks to the wizard of sewing, Larissa, our pattern-maker extraodinaire here at BurdaStyle, for guiding me through this treacherous process. I think you’ll be seeing some more welt pockets from me in the future!


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    Jan 11, 2018, 08.25 AMby dhonibabu

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    Oct 3, 2009, 07.07 AMby cooldesigner

    Hey burda why dont you put some easy design ideas taken from london fashion week and maybe more advanced techniques thrown in too you might get more members on here just a thought.

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    Oct 3, 2009, 06.56 AMby cooldesigner

    Hi there everyone if you are stuck on something you cannot sew ask me i have lots of experience in fashion designing and teaching it aswell so ask away if you manage to get me Stuck! on something well i have my designer friends aswell so you can ask me anything! I have a fashion business myself that is very slow at the moment because of the recession its very hard but i keep plodding on regardless!

  • 407753_10150493468271234_1167683921_a_large

    Aug 13, 2009, 09.03 AMby imnotyrbabe

    it look nice ^^

  • 234da2be1ba722bc26fa4322b927c0ba584dfb54_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 11.42 PMby kiraph

    I really enjoyed this blog post! :) I will definitely remember about the tutorial because welt pockets are no friend of mine. Great bag as well!

  • F73ae75c85bfa0c3044028abd57f1c9a2953cd72_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 11.24 PMby elainemay

    Cute bag, and I love the idea of of a welt pocket being the central focus of the design, rather than a detail- very artistic decision. For me, making welt pockets is one of those things like going to the gym… yes I can do it and I know that after I do it, I’ll be glad that I did, but…. ugh… do I have to and can I think up a good excuse not to? :)

    As a side note, I feel I should not leave it unsaid because I find it upsetting— I’m not keen on statements like, “See, Matt is gay so he will carry a bag” on posts, particularly if they’re coming from the folks running the site. I realize that such things can be said quite lightheartedly with no real homophobia behind them, and I am sure that there is absolutely none intended on the part of the author. Still, just like saying things like, “that’s so gay,” or “you’re so retarded,” in casual conversation, it promotes the acceptance of statements that can offend even when no offense is intended. It’s not my intention to preach or reprimand; it’s just the sort of thing I don’t like to bite my tongue about when I see it happen.

    And I’m sure there are plenty of folks who would say, “Well, I’m gay and I don’t find this offensive,” or, “Ugh, do we have to worry about being PC on a sewing website??” Maybe so, and maybe I’m in a tiny tiny minority that is troubled by that statement in the blog entry. Still, I’d argue that a sewing website without jokes about sexual orientation is at least no worse than one with them.

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    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Aug 17, 2009, 08.03 PMby wzrdreams

      I kinda of agree with the stereotyping issue. Plus, it’s an illogical statement….not all gay men carry man-bags. Not all gay men are fashion savvy, and not all stylish men are gay.

    • Meee_large

      Aug 18, 2009, 11.28 PMby Juliana Mateus

      I kinda understand your point of view, but I really don’t think a comment like that needs to be taken so seriously deep…
      Funny thing is I was going to make a comment about the same thing, but in other direction.
      I actually smiled when I read it, since I’ve had a gay roomate for two years, and he has more purses (women purses, really) than I do. Of course not all gay men are like that, but some are, and I think the comment was just describing the happy owner of this bag, not allllll gay men. Anyhow, I am just making this conversation go on and on and it really shouldn’t.
      Nice nice bag, Alison, and I intend on working on those pockets too.
      really cute David!

    • Missing

      Oct 3, 2009, 07.04 AMby cooldesigner

      Hi elaine sorry ive taken so long to come back to this site ive been so busy with my fashion designing. But anyway the point i would like to make on these welt pockets. I find that its best to sew up samples before you actually try to sew it together on the garment do the tries before you sabotage your garment! thats how i teach the students and my former tutors do the same thing aswell.If you are not sure how to do something you practise first on an application before you mess your garment up and its always best to use cheap fabrics first before you spend on lots of expensive material otherwise the cost could turn out a very costly mistake you cannot put right afterwards.

    • Jeans_sew_along_best_large

      Aug 3, 2010, 06.38 PMby Peter Lappin

      Right on, sister!

  • 718839f1e666b60ba89825066c66b0e93b61e21c_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 09.16 PMby ink

    Such a snack! ( I love the bag too) (By the by, my husband loves man bags and growing up I never saw my father without his man satchel- Maybe a European thing?__I think man bags are sexy!!!!! Most Canadian guys tote a man bag of some sort! )

  • Dahlnyc_1352392376_600_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 08.35 PMby alisondahl

    how cute is david!?

  • Bssquare_large

    Aug 12, 2009, 07.35 PMby marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    this is just about the sweetest picture ever…….

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