Home fashion: 10 styles to sew & wear now

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Home fashion: 10 styles to sew & wear now
By Meghan April 13, 2020 No comments

Now is the time to indulge in all things comfy and cozy - but that doesn't have to mean not stylish! We have compiled 10 patterns you can sew and wear right now for around the home for the entire family.


Jersey Shirt

Burda Style

#105 01/2018 

The wide cut of the T-shirt lets it hang comfortably relaxed and asymmetric at the hem. The cut-on sleeves are seamed in back – to shape it without taking away a bit of comfort.



Jersey Bath Robe

Burda Style

#126 01/2017

Getting out of bed was never so good! The jersey cardigan with the gathered front and back panels, patch pockets and tying belt is just the incentive we need to get right up when the alarm rings.



Knit Fabric Jacket

Burda Style

 #132 12/2019

Mama, can I have one, please?! No problem, you say, because it is sewn in a cozy fringing wool fabric that sews together quickly and is a project that even beginning sewists will enjoy.



Ruffle Cardigan (Plus Size)

Burda Style

#124 11/2014 

This soft boucle cardigan is so pretty and cozy, you'll never want to take it off. A ruffled edging makes it special enough to wear out of the house with leggings and a tunic.



Jersey Trousers

Burda Style

#130 03/2019

These are really great for tumbling about. The elastic waistline includes a cording to easily adjust to comfort. The hems can gather on the sides with bands, as well.



Silk Blouse

Burda Style

#107 01/2020

Maybe you looked at this and thought that it is, in fact, a hoodie? This blouse with the hood sewn in a satin is such an incredibly relaxed look. The elegant fabric elevates the look to a fresh option for the (home) office.



Cotton Bath Robe

Burda Style

#133 12/2016  

A touch of the classic British silk dressing gown with piping and exaggerated trim, though it is sewn with a comfortable terry cloth. Also try making a matching one for yourself!



Jersey Nightgown

Burda Style

#128 02/2020

This nightgown is one that kids will cozy into. The loose fit and the bow at the neckline make it both comfortable and beautiful at the same time.



Fitted Sweatpants (Plus Size)

Burda Style

#127 11/2014 

Upgrade your loungewear in these fitted sweatpants with a slim fitting hip yoke and zipper. Sweatshirting and an elastic waistband makes them nice and comfy.



Viscose Nightgown

Burda Style

#108  12/2016

Quick to sew and so beautiful. The double straps both gather the top of the nightie and also hold the front neckline slit together.


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