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It’s time for our second annual Holiday Giveaway Calendar! Everyday in the month of December we are giving away an amazing prize! It’s super easy to enter, just leave your comment answering the bolded questions below by noon EST 12/6 and one lucky winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries!

Today’s Giveaway is the Antoinette Necklace from New York-based design company Chauncey P. Graham. The Antoinette Necklace is a beautiful mixture of crochet and macrame work, handmade with %100 organic cotton yarn. Its muted color yet bold design pattern gives it versatility for both day and evening.

Chauncey P. Graham features warm and subtle accessories, paper goods and craft supplies with an emphasis on environmental sustainability, reuse and simplicity. Their designs are meant to compliment your everyday life, and are hand-crafted with patience and the highest regard for quality. Discover more at ChaunceyPGraham.etsy.com.

Along with the Antoinette Necklace, the winner will also receive a pair of small, recycled notebooks!

To enter just leave your comment answering this questions by noon EST 12/6:
Chauncey P. Graham is a name culled from the imagination of the line’s founder and designer, David Morgan.
If you could have another name besides your own, what would it be and why?

We want to congratulate christinasbookshelf on winning yesterday’s Ich Liebe BurdaStyle T shirt! Her comment was chosen at random from all eligible entries. Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck in today’s giveaway!


  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2009, 06.47 PMby sewingseattle

    My real name is dana, and I love the originality and uniqueness (although I spent most of my childhood hating it just for that reason)! But if I had to choose another name I’ve always admired “Penelope” for it’s smoothness, sexiness, and quirky sound!!

  • Missing

    Dec 8, 2009, 03.56 AMby beach650

    Imogen – it’s so old school and dreamy.

  • Me_large

    Dec 7, 2009, 05.37 PMby sew-fabulous

    Ava, because it makes me think of cherry blossoms riding a warm coastal breeze.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2009, 04.59 PMby lester

    I would not choose another name. Mine perfectly describes who I am.

  • Danielle_bubba_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 09.51 PMby GabrielleDanielle

    Angelique, sounds very angelic to me. Love it!

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 07.23 PMby sibyll

    I’d take just about anything except Jennifer. It’s too common. Or perhaps a Wesh spelling of it, at least. Gwynhwyfar.

  • 1e0b94f267b9ecf0047113cf5d546a08b63054bb_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 06.48 PMby ginifur

    Persephone. I find her to be a very strong woman in mythology, as well as being wonderfully romantic-sounding.

  • Coffee_avatar_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 06.25 PMby marylou2002

    Bella :) Because I just like it. and I’m twilight-aholic LOL!

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 06.21 PMby chrichri

    Sophie…it’s my childhood’s best friend’s name:)

  • Photo_4_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 06.20 PMby suewanda

    Suzy because even though its not my name, thats what everyone calls me.

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 06.01 PMby chellebell

    Taylor. For some reason I think this is the cutest girl name!

  • 2ec794ad0aab31308b80ae690170adc92f1f5e0e_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 05.54 PMby marmota-b

    I’m happy with my name and don’t know what other I’d like… and I’ve been thinking about it quite a lot. But I like biblical names with Hebrew roots, so probably one of those. Like Miriam or Noemi.

  • Perfilpg_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 05.07 PMby saylavie

    I really like the name Clara.

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 04.17 PMby angelaine

    I would pick the name Rose cause I think it’s beautiful.

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 04.14 PMby vpop

    I like Meana and Abrey. Different and pretty… Although my name, Valerie, never bothered me much. I havent met very many people with my name.

  • 9ea9c423517bdc196a48d19732e96e34f9070a21_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 04.03 PMby thirtydaysseptember

    I love my name and probably would never change it. That said, I love classic, old-timey names. Emma, Evelyn, Nora, Beth, Betsy, Claire, etc. I also like boys names for girls: Charlie, Joey, Stevie, etc. The boy names would suit me better than the old-fashioned ones, but I still think my name (Mollie Muse) suits me best.

  • Eye_see_you_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 04.00 PMby heatherwright

    I would probably choose Evelyn. Other than the fact that it is a really pretty name, it was also my grandmother’s name.

  • 2e996410366bf49ef6ac6f019260602044c947d0_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 03.16 PMby manati

    I will be Gree. Because I just like it.

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 01.18 PMby dianelynn

    I like Danni. It’s close to my name but has more personality.

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 12.50 PMby dayodestin

    I’m pretty happy with my name, but growing up I did really like the name Hannah. I thought it was pretty.

  • Ebay_image_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 12.05 PMby zoe21

    i’d change it to ‘zoe’. I’ve always liked that. See, i even used it for my burdastyle name. :D

  • Photo_4_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 11.58 AMby suewanda

    Suzy because everyone calls me that even tho its not my name.

  • Photo_4_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 11.57 AMby suewanda

    Suzy because everyone calls me that even tho its not my name.

  • 10323_717937655288_26702263_41103128_1555121_n_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 10.47 AMby emmaneezer

    You know, I kind of like my name, but maybe that’s because I already changed it! I was born Emily, but in my elementary school class there were 3 other Emily’s. So by 6th grade, I decided I was sick of having the same name as 3 other girls, and I didn’t want to be Emily anymore. I started asking everyone to call me Emma. And I’ve been Emma ever since!

  • Missing

    Dec 6, 2009, 09.39 AMby orkaloca

    I’d like to have the name that my mother first choose for me, but then my grandma made her change idea. _ It was Delilah

  • 601a1649d9394543c6a2b7a878a7807d4ae3693f_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 09.26 AMby norah

    I would love to have been called Hannah -it was my grandmother’s name. She sadly died before I was born but my father told me wonderful stories about her. When I hear the name Hannah it brings back lovely memories.

  • 1_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 09.22 AMby galatina

    Eilidh as it’s traditional name & I love the sound of it – especially as it’s close to the Gaelic for a gathering. Although I’d probably need to keep spelling it for people outside Scotland/Ireland.

  • Header_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 08.51 AMby alexabringssexxiback

    i like my name. but if i could have another name, it would have to be “alessandra”. it still originated from my original name (alexa) but it sounds more italian. :)

  • Dsc08587_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 08.31 AMby ranjani

    If I could choose a different name for myself, I wouldn’t. I have never met anyone who shared my name and I love how unique it is.

  • Sewequip_large

    Dec 6, 2009, 07.56 AMby ealis

    I was born during a time when hospitals took it upon themselves to fill in all the paperwork that goes along with bringing another person into this world. The nurse that filled in my mothers paperwork misspelled my middle name. So if I could chose another name it would be Alisia, as my mother wished it.

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