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It’s time for our second annual Holiday Giveaway Calendar! Everyday in the month of December we are giving away an amazing prize! It’s super easy to enter, just leave your comment answering the bolded questions below by noon EST 12/25 and a lucky winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries!

Today, enter to win Gwyn Hug – The Original “How Much Fabric?” Reference Cards!

A beautiful fabric catches your eye and steals your heart – you must have some! But, how much should you buy? These sturdy plastic reference cards – the perfect size to slip into your purse – summarize the fabric requirements of thousands of patterns with tables and images to help you buy just the right amount. There are tables showing the minimum, average and maximum fabric requirements for dresses, tops, skirts, pants and jackets – broken down by garment size and fabric width. The cards also include sketches that illustrate minimum, average and maximum garments, and “safety margin” tables to guide you in “rounding up” to be as safe as you want, without wastefully overbuying. American and metric versions are available, in women’s sizes 6-22 (m: 32-48). Gwyn Hug is a small business built from the combined efforts of four sewing friends. More card sets – for men’s and children’s clothes – are in the works.

To enter, just leave your comment answering this questions by noon EST 12/25:
How do you decide how much fabric to buy, when you don’t have a pattern in hand?

We want to congratulate ggexpansive on winning yesterday’s 5 yards of Custom Printed Fabric from Spoonflower! Her comment was chosen at random from all eligible entries. Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck in today’s giveaway!


  • Avtatar2_large

    Jan 6, 2012, 07.56 PMby seemane

    I’ve got x2 sets to GIVEAWAY of these cards on my blog! Also, I’m giving each set away with a copy of BurdaStyle magazine, some ‘dot ’n’ cross’ pattern drafting paper, and some marker pens :)

    The giveaway closes 12pm UK time on Saturday 14th January 2011.

  • Missing

    Dec 30, 2009, 12.39 AMby tytti55

    I buy always too much fabric…my guesses dont give very good results, With this metod i get every time extra material, which i can use for decoratioins or i make shoebags for whole family!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2009, 08.34 PMby palmerk6

    I always buy more than I need so I can add to my fabric supply.

  • 6d38d30938fe5ad865d154aa6829ff4f33bf7785_large

    Dec 29, 2009, 08.08 PMby luv4cake

    Ask for help from a store employee, go look at a similar pattern or guess. These reference cards would be a great asset!!!

  • Img_8439_large

    Dec 29, 2009, 07.49 PMby marianakke

    i try to guess, sometimes I buy too much and sometimes it is nog enough and i will save it for another project. Often i ask the sales-person for advice and that can help.

  • Img_1276_large

    Dec 26, 2009, 02.43 AMby cynthia-1

    Ring mum and get her to look at the pattern! Or just guess and add extra (just in case)

  • Dogs_1__large

    Dec 25, 2009, 10.30 PMby marliesbs

    If I don’t have a pattern that tells you I try and figure out approx measurement of from top to bottom, then double for the back, then add 1/2 yard. Most of the time it works out okay. There is nothing worse than not having enough fabric.

  • Dscf4800_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 09.57 PMby lelie

    I just buy enough (read to much) most of the time, or ask if the people in the store can help me :)

  • B5222026234487a6d9216d113f6df0855e9c376a_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 08.25 PMby redrose

    If it’s a bag I want to make, I get 1-2 yards. If it’s a dress I want to make, I get 3 yards. Averages.

  • Dsc_0843_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 07.27 PMby Abagail .

    i either use an alike pattern or i guess and hope for the best

  • Missing

    Dec 25, 2009, 07.21 PMby badkitty-1

    I have a rule of thumb: 1 & 1/2m for a skirt, 2m for a top and 3m+ for a dress.I always buy too much fabric but this is great as I make other stuff out it :)

  • Vatten_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 06.13 PMby ichigogirl

    I always buy a bit extra to be on the safe side… a meter or so… (=big stash!).

  • Wenlanskirt4_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 06.11 PMby elisabetsy

    If I have a project in mind, I estimate based on my measurements and the length I want the item to be.

  • Bttn_avatar_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 06.00 PMby bttn

    I buy 2.5-3 meters, it must be enough

  • Missing

    Dec 25, 2009, 05.57 PMby vickit

    I just buy more than I think I might need because one can never have too much fabric, right? LOL

  • N122606130_36735946_202_2_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 04.46 PMby imdecola

    i always buy 2m of fabric. unless im doing a large project, but then i already know how much ill need

  • B7d0c37a22fa984cb9ef2590d1d573625466e8c3_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 04.27 PMby eelkje

    wrap it around myself, eyeball it.

  • D396ea32db814cafb8c9e19242e4d7aa9e1c7c1a_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 04.19 PMby teamydear

    I just guess!

  • I150174308_49877_7_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 04.16 PMby conker

    Usually 2/3 metres, and then always find something to make with the left overs. I always think its better to have too much then not enough!

  • Strawberry_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 04.07 PMby strawberrypancakesbykim

    I measure myself and estimate from there – for example, if I want to make a floor length a-line dress, with a fitted spaghetti strap bodice (this describes my prom dress), I would measure around my bust point and up and down my torso thus creating a bodice dimension (bust point X torso length). Then I would measure from where I want the bodice to end, to the floor, and estimate how wide I want the skirt to be at the bottom – and that’s my other fabric amount (waist X skirt width). Sometimes I’ll also go on Simplicity’s or McCall’s website and find a similar pattern, and look at the pattern envelope back for an estimate. Although I find that pattern estimates tell you to get way more fabric than you actually need.

  • 271b6230d7f4cd766994d54d0c1222933059364a_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 04.06 PMby ghainskom

    Most of the time I already know what the fabric will become: a simple dress, an elaborate dress (or a bias dress), a skirt, a top, a suit, pants, kid’s clothes. Based on that, I guess and if I can afford it, I add half a meter to that. If I end up with a half meter remnant, I can always make something for my daughter…

  • Missing

    Dec 25, 2009, 03.58 PMby melanee

    I buy my material in remnent pieces that are 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 yards. If I am making a straight skirt or straight dress, I know I need one remnent piece. If I am making a full dress with long sleeves, or a very full skirt I buy 2 pieces, 3 yards. If I am making a blouse with long sleeves or a blazer I buy 3 yards.

  • 7b21d01737f8421c9fe652688865bbb208285d1a_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 03.39 PMby renkla

    I tend to purchase more than I may need. The extra fabric will be used for different projects. I have quite a stash and over the years has com in very handy. I always look for bargains, so it is economical, I am not to fond of today’s fashion, so sewing my own clothes is definitely a plus.

  • Missing

    Dec 25, 2009, 03.34 PMby jaden

    I go to the pattern section and find a comparable pattern… or for over buy by a yard or two when I guess.

  • Dscf3516rasp1n_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 03.08 PMby stephiaffi

    I guess. Or I end up buying nothing. If I guess I usually go with no less than 1.5 meters, usually 2 meters

  • Tecla_sm2_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 02.41 PMby sew-sunshine

    Usually 3 yards especially if it is fabric for an ubknown garment. If quilting cotton, I get less.

  • Missing

    Dec 25, 2009, 02.21 PMby bibliogrrl

    since I’m generally making small things right now, I get a couple of yards of each. I can always make other things with the extra.

  • Missing

    Dec 25, 2009, 02.06 PMby kitt420

    i google it from my phone or ask the older, sesoned sewers in the store, then get just a bit more to compensate for my likely errors.

  • Stb_large

    Dec 25, 2009, 02.02 PMby satomi

    Amazing cards!! I usually buy 2 or 3 meters but almost too much:<

  • Missing

    Dec 25, 2009, 01.35 PMby Sarah Lorde

    Usually guess what I need. Then worry the whole time that I have enough.

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