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Welcome to Day 6 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win the BERNINA Holiday Gift Basket from BERNINA! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Wednesday, December 7th to be entered to win!

The holidays are upon us and that means handmade gift giving galore! We know members of the sewing and craft community love to give, and as our holiday present to you we’d like to give back. Comment to win the BERNINA Holiday Gift Basket and keep it all to yourself! The gift basket includes a machine tote, travel mug, laptop sleeve, and super cool “Lady’s Knife”, a complete sewing tool in smart pocketknife form.

Haven’t started sewing for the holidays yet? Need some inspiration? Or don’t have enough time? Check out the “Sew Easy Gifts” series on www.WeAllSew.com, the “Sew Easy Gifts” for all kinds of giftable projects. Our favorite is homemade stockings, or the very simple-to-sew circle scarf.

Learn more about BERNINA or find a store near you here. Happy Holidays!

Comment to Win: If you have attended a sewing class recently, what was it for? If you don’t take sewing classes, why not?


This giveaway is sponsored by BERNINA

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/12/11] – Congratulations to member lrm for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 6!


  • July-august_2011_002_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 08.42 PMby BeckyAW

    Never been; firstly, there aren’t any in my area (a pretty big reason really!) and secondly, telling people that i not only made something, but did it from scratch from and idea in my head, not a pattern, is really amazing :D I think that sewing is so easily self taught once someone tells you to thread a needle and it’s just a case of picking up techniques from trial and error (ALWAYS switch feet… I’ve sewn through my finger…) and from amazing sights like Burdastyle.

  • Avatar-blonde-4_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 08.23 PMby LéonaDy

    I prefer being self taught. I allows me to be more creative and try new things, new techniques (since I come up with every single technique I use, it’s not tough to innovate.. even if it’s just for me). I was mostly discouraged when I spoke to an employee at my local fabric shop.. completely absorbed by “proper” technique, reading instructions on patterns, etc.. artless, soulless. No thanks. The extra time it takes to become an accomplished self-taught “sewer” is well worth it.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 07.26 PMby grayblu

    gosh i could use ALL of these items! really cool and great that you guys are doing this for sewers (is that a word?)!

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 07.06 PMby egdirb

    The last sewing class I took was about making well fitted trousers, it was very useful, for the fitting and general tips but a bit pricey and took up a lot of my free time. I’ve since done some on-line classes which suit my available time much better, I would take more classes in the future if i had the time and money.

  • Blackandwhite_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 06.46 PMby GeraldineRead

    I was lucky to have my grandmother teach me the basics when I was a child. Fastforward 15 years, and I was really lucky to have my mum at the end of a phone to tell me how to fix my mistakes! I have taken one class, to learn how to attach lining – it was invaluable for learning hand-sewing techniques, which no amount of staring at diagrams would help with. Some things you just need to see how they are done!

  • Shelleystanding_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 06.33 PMby shelleysews

    I haven’t ever taken any sewing classes. I read a lot, both books and blogs. My favorite aunt sewed a lot of her clothes. And she sewed for me. A very creative lady. When I was 11, I complained about not being able to afford “cool” clothes. My Dad went to an auction and bought me a Necci sewing machine for $5—weighed more than I did, I think. My Mom took me shopping for a pattern and fabric. My first project was a dress in an orange and white flower print (huge print for a little girl). It had a round neck with a back zipper—very Mod. It turned out fantastic, thanks to Aunt Gale’s help. I was too young and optimistic to realize I didn’t know how to sew! That propels me forward in my sewing even today. Lesson: Don’t underestimate the power of “I Can”.

  • Me_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 06.16 PMby jessdunstan

    I attended Susan Khalje’s Couture Sewing School in October. Absolutely loved it and hopefully will be able to go again. Learnt so much and had so much fun.

  • Logo4957b_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 05.29 PMby jenss-1

    I haven’t had a sewing class since Junior High School Home Ec–and that was really minimal instruction. (Do those classes still exist?) I learned the basics from my grandmother, who had a sewing business, and from my mom. To refine my skills I often search on the web for a tutorial or look it up in some of the books that I have (including some from 1950s college courses). I just don’t have the time, energy, or $ for classes and they tend to not cover what I’d what to learn anyway.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 05.28 PMby gabylinn

    My grandmother didn’t teach me how to sew because I was too young and she lived far away, but when I visited her I always saw her sewing by hand. I learned basics of sewing at school, when I was 12. That’s the only sewing course I’ve ever attended. My parents, with many efforts, bought me a sewing machine then, and I still have it! I’m now 36, and I love sewing, but I have not enough time to do it.

    Greetings from Mexico!

  • 2015_bij_lloyd_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 04.49 PMby olg

    this is just wonderful, hope to win. If not I sure consider buying one of these items. Thanks!! I give sewing classes in Amsterdam, so I rarely attend them myself. If I would, it would be learning to make special things like lingerie or working with leather.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 04.29 PMby serenityslr

    I don’t take sewing classes for several reasons. first and foremost is that I am allergic to fragrances and most of the people around here believe that if a cloud of fragrance doesn’t enter the room before you and leave long after you have gone then you are not wearing it correctly. I am self taught and enjoy sewing all the more for the work I have had to put into perfecting my art.

  • Dscn0585_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 04.11 PMby smonakey

    I’ve taken a couple of sewing classes – for refreshers, to learn new techniques, & to meet other sewists for some like-minded company.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 04.08 PMby Eggiesan

    I learned most of my sewing at high school and from my mom. The most recent class I took involving a sewing machine was free motion quilting which I took about 6 months ago.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 03.50 PMby gilie99

    I recently moved to another state and was frantic to find a fabric store. I found one and now am really enthused this holiday season. I have been asked to make jewelry that will require some sewing. This will be a first for me! So wish me luck!!

  • Image_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 03.47 PMby luxihere

    I did shorter diploma in pattern making for six months, had sewing sessions as well during the course, it was in 2008 and i haven’t been to any sewing classes yet, but sew atleast something a day and mostly 3 outfits a week and that practice has indeed been really helpful and is exciting as you learn to sew in an all new and most probably an easier way that you never knew existed earlier!

  • Image_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 03.47 PMby luxihere

    I did shorter diploma in pattern making for six months, had sewing sessions as well during the course, it was in 2008 and i haven’t been to any sewing classes yet, but sew atleast something a day and mostly 3 outfits a week and that practice has indeed been really helpful and is exciting as you learn to sew in an all new and most probably an easier way that you never knew existed earlier!

  • Test_-_copy_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 03.41 PMby sala22

    I took a class on how to read and use a commercial sewing pattern because I didn’t always know what the terms and techniques meant and it was driving me up the wall! The class was so helpful!

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 03.14 PMby crownhime7

    I took a beginner class for basic sewing. It was an amazing experience.

  • Fashion_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.51 PMby ellesassypants

    i’m a complete newbie. . . but nothing beats private instruction!

    just like most of you, between working and parenting, i don’t have time for a scheduled class. i went even better and found private one-on-one lessons (unless i bring a friend!). it’s works out to be $15/hour. . . less than i pay for my son’s music lessons!

    check your churches, senior centers, tailors, friends and family. . . there are tons of women (and men) out there who would be happy to pass their knowledge on. . .

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.48 PMby jetsetx

    Hi! I don’t take sewing classes because I love to learn things on my own, and with the vast wealth of information on the internet, I find it very fun to look for interesting things to make and tackle my own hurdles as I go along without worrying that I am holding up a class. Plus, I usually make clothes for myself and others, so I like to be able to try things on as I go along – which I probably wouldn’t be able to do in public!

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.29 PMby Christine Stewart

    I don’t take sewing classes because of the time constraints. Everything I know about sewing I learned from my grandmother and mother growing up. I was in 4-H and recieved a grand champion almost every year for my sewing projects. Now I make most of my clothes, and my daughter’s clothes as well as Christmas and birthday presents. New tips and techniques I learn from sites like this. I really enjoy recieving the e-mails. Thank-you

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.27 PMby ceruleanblue

    Would love to take a sewing class, because I’ve tried to learn what I can from books, but would prefer a visual demonstration. I also would love to learn to knit/crochet! For now, financial reasons prevent me from attending.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.27 PMby natalijaz

    I have taken a class to learn how to make fabric buckets. Super fun and easy, a great small project :)

  • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.26 PMby ifkagljifka

    i have never taken sewing classes, since my granny taught me how to sew, and basically she showed me how it is done and then i’ve practiced it by myself on a sewing machine i inherited from my grandfather, after him not being able to use it. It made me so happy that i have my own sewing machine, so that i can practice sewing and gain new skills and become better and better!i didn’t take any courses, but i would love to do it, because it would made my life so much easier, ’cause i tend to complicate even a simple thing. If not only for hints and tricks, it would be also very helpful to learn new techniques from people that are professionals in what they do!The other reason is that sewing classes are so expensive here, that i always have to think on what i will spend my money, and sewing was never an option, like many other things that will have to wait a better (read: lucrative) times!

  • Pin-up-girl_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.25 PMby mishe12

    i have been looking for a sewing class to take in my area but there doesn’t seem to be anything very close. I think i may take some classes during the summer at the local community college in their fashion design major.

  • Amhb_sq_large

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.23 PMby adriprints

    In the past, I took courses on costume design and upholstery. I never took a basic sewing course having been taught a lot of basics by my grandmother. So, I haven’t taken any specific in-person sewing courses per se, but I’m currently taking a few online courses via Craftsy! I like the convenience of having access to the course materials when I please.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.22 PMby jujujo

    I’m currently looking for a sewing class to expand my skills, I love learning new things from the online community and really want to develop my tailoring and pattern making.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.20 PMby innocentlyevil1

    I don’t take a sewing class because I am super busy with Uni.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.19 PMby claub

    I haven’t took a swing class untill now because there are too expensive for me. Everything I know so far, I learn by doing, from my mother which is a seamstress and from materiales that you’re posting on the website and burda magazines. I wish that in the future i can take a swing class to improve my knowleadges.

  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 02.14 PMby jpwl

    I took some pattern making courses at the local colleges about twenty years ago. I had used everything I learned from these classes to design my patterns. I saved a lot of money making clothes for myself and family.

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