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Welcome to day four of our Holiday Giveaway! Win an 3 year subscription from Selvedge Magazine! Comment on this blog article by 9AM (EST) Sunday, December 5th to be entered to win!

Selvedge Magazine… offers the world’s finest textile photography, unparalleled design and peerless writing.

Open a copy of Selvedge and you sense there is a philosophy that Selvedge readers subscribe to. A belief system based on a cerebral and sensual addiction to textiles in all forms. Readers share a belief in the importance of their material surroundings and a passion for the beautiful and beautifully made.

Selvedge’s aim is simple: to provide a textile publication which fits seamlessly into their creative lifestyle. Directed towards an international, discerning audience, Selvedge covers fine textiles in every context: fine art, interiors, fashion, travel and shopping and would make the perfect Christmas gift.”

Comment to Win: What inspires you to sew?

Congratulations to dobrotalivia who won the Martha Stewart Prize Package!


This giveaway is sponsored by Selvedge Magazine


  • Img_4043_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 07.09 AMby psychorat

    2 years ago I have been to a medieval market and tried all those beautyful dresses on, but nothing fit. 2 days later I had my first sewing maschine, andd I love it!

  • Aibeiaiaaabdcivp8_6utmdjkcildmnhcmrfcghvdg8qkduxmzljmtbkmzi0zjq1yzbkzme5mtewmmqymtzjode3ymzindhmzjewacujhxjosiikms4lfglgsrd75kga_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 07.04 AMby Shira B

    What inspires me to sew? well… every time I see something that I love very much it gives me ideas and makes me want to do it too! :D And also, the beautiful photos and the styling people do here really inspire me and makes me look differently on details :)

  • Aa42fbf17b88b16bf325271472b87192dc1bcb48_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 06.46 AMby tklexi

    It’s a way of expressing those things I can’t express with words.

  • 015_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 06.46 AMby louana

    my children, I love to make clothes for them to wear

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 06.38 AMby stefanlil

    I am inspired by texture and color, and being able to customize anything I make.

  • Chinablue4_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 06.22 AMby watatoe

    What inspires me to sew? Usually it is a piece of fabric that as soon as I see it, I know just what it is crying out to be turned into. Sometimes it may be a picture in a book, or something I saw someone wearing while walking down the street.

  • Main_picture_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 06.14 AMby 5294sandras

    It is a good feeling of satisfaction to finish a project that started out as a vision and a hope or dream to complete it and it fits.

  • Julie-bird_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 06.12 AMby Julie Fisher

    What inspires me is the opportunity to create a garment that fits my body and not someone else’s concept of what a woman’s body should be shaped like.

  • B2516767d8e537cbb87e9deb3b8230f70ec4802b_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.58 AMby Shalyn McFaul

    Window shopping, I suppose, thought that isn’t limited to clothes. I walk around with a sketch book in my purse to jot down a drawing of something I loved the look of. Sometimes the drawings in there don’t seem to have anything to do with clothing design, but it all inspires me and helps me form my aesthetic.

  • Photo_on_2011-07-06_at_18_43_3_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.55 AMby jennymachete

    I would love to win the subscription!

  • Photo_on_2009-12-21_at_20_19_2_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.46 AMby courtneym

    I am most often inspired by beautiful dresses that I see on the street, in magazines, on tv, or the web. I know that I can create something just as gorgeous, but that fits and flatters my shape!

  • Pic_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.43 AMby milnay3

    Usually other peoples work. I love taking an idea and building on it. I use this in my sewing, writing & other creative arts!

  • Dsc_4878_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.35 AMby strawberryfreckles

    I just love the feeling of accomplishment after finishing something. Sewing also calms me down.

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.32 AMby kitsuko2

    I am inspired to sew whenever I see an adorable design or a neat idea that I simply must try!

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.30 AMby africancotton

    For me it is the joy of wearing something unique in a beautiful fabric, that fits my body as it should.To say ’I made it myself ’ is just glorious…..

  • Pearl_reclining_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.19 AMby hayleyroper

    a gorgeous piece of fabric or a fashion spread in a magazine

  • 20100703_2_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.17 AMby marenkearns

    Vintage styles definitely inspire me. I love being able to take what has been done before and mingle it with a new concept.

  • Stef_bday_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.14 AMby mo-mo-sew-sew

    i’m inspired by how BROKE I AM!! seriously, i don’t know if i truly save any money by sewing my own garments considering the time it takes me, but there’s nothing more satisfying than to create something with a custom fit and unique style all my own!!

  • Vintage_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 05.07 AMby darlene antonio

    silhouette that would work well to my body, fabrics, and the sewing techniques that are involve – - or simply being just creative

  • Sitting_down_-_gloomy_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.59 AMby sarsaparilla

    I’m mainly inspired when I don’t have anything decent to wear :) Of course it always helps when I see something that I become envious of!

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.54 AMby Lindsay Foucht

    Looking at other people’s creations and things I see in stores — seeing something unique or beautiful challenges me to create something for myself.

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.53 AMby takenotice

    Sorry bout my previous entry and it’s spelling mistakes, I was in a hurry and my mind was on other things, Now after a quick fix on the machine of life( the sewing machine), I am sooo relaxed again, My confession has made me feel so good, I feel that I have finally come out of the closet, The linen closet that is,

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.39 AMby happybox

    The ideas that suddenly pop up in my head which are not for myself but for others. I then just have to try them out!

  • 100_3651_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.36 AMby extra

    Awesome! Can’t wait!

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.31 AMby mandymcg

    i feel most confidence in clothes that i make and i am inspired by art works

  • 7bd9db4eb571e76740ff24049bf45ef37b9afbd1_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.29 AMby leslie

    To make beauty (even tho’ I don’t always do a great job!) especially how I see it for my own body and my own preferences (which include natural fibers!)

  • 2010-11-27_15-17-30_263_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.06 AMby Olivia Anne

    the self-fulfillment that comes when knowing that you created everything you’re wearing (especially when someone asks where you got something ;)

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.06 AMby takenotice

    I wish I didn’t sew, It’s an illness without a cure, I caught I from my mom and i’m scared I may pass it on to my children. You see I have an addiction. No one knows to how bad I feel, The addiction extends to fabric and hoarding bits and peaces, I MUST have that piece of fabric even if I don.t know what I.m going to do with it, I may not even have money left to buy the bread or milk, Even worse is if I do know whatI.m needing that fabric for. cause dinner won.t even get started- I just can.t help myself, No room im my home for storage, Every square inch is filled with fabric, No room in my linen cupboard for sheets, Does not matter cause the sheets get cut up for the muslin, and pillowcases make cute aprons, The Duvet covers are the right size for backing quilts, I can’t through out clothes that are too small , They are in the garage for when I can spare some time to refashion, No I can;t fit the car in there, My mind works overtime and I can’t sit still, Please help me, My doctor think it’s funny, My friends think I’m mad and my kids tell me to clean up the mess I make,

  • Missing

    Dec 5, 2010, 04.01 AMby jeager

    Other artisans, sewers and designers inspire me – people who are passionate about their art and craft.

  • Dsc_0004_large

    Dec 5, 2010, 03.59 AMby prettysweet

    I want to make beautiful clothes that actually fit me. I hate ready to wear.

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