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Welcome to day 30 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win a starter assortment of Sulky’s brand new PolyLite thread. Comment on this blog article by 9AM (EST) Friday, December 31st to be entered to win!

Win a starter assortment of Sulky’s brand new PolyLite thread – It includes 12 spools of 440yd solid colors and 12 spools of 440yd multi colors enclosed in our very handy Slimline Storage Box.

Comment to Win: Where did you learn to sew?

Congratulations to sukino who won the Rowan Thread Collections by Kaffe Fassett!


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  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.47 AMby CarolK4

    Where? We lived in Haiti. My mom, sister and I belonged to a group where the young girls were all learning various needlearts. At home, I was also making my own doll cloths. Mom decided it was time I learned how to sew on the machine. She set me up at her old Singer and started from the beginning. My first project was a box pleated skirt. The fabric was olive green in one direction (the dominant color) and orange in the other direction. The skirt turned out well, ugly, but it was correctly done and it fit. I haven’t stopped sewing. I was 8 years old.

  • 150_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.42 AMby seinde

    my mother taught me

  • Holliebell_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.40 AMby freakusbzzz

    My grandma gave me a few lessons when I was 12 and then learnt at school when I was around 12 years old. It was my favourite part of the school week.

  • 1011222003533152500lywx_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.34 AMby heartkitsune

    I took home ec. 6-10 grade and we had to do one semester each year sewing. :3

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.33 AMby scpasco

    My Mother taught me to sew when I was a little girl. I’m so grateful that she did!

  • Eba229fd391aa84c315347317540f01f3954df67_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.31 AMby longishhair

    I actually taught myself. With some online help and my mom’s dusty machine that had been sitting in the corner since forever, I became the moderate seamstress that I am today!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.28 AMby Ashley Daurie

    I learned from my mother who was always sewing costumes/clothing for me and my siblings on an old manual machine.

  • Sarah3_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.27 AMby Paragonstudios

    I learned to sew at my Grandmothers house visiting for the summer 1967 She taught me how to sew on a treadle singer sewing machine. I made my whole wardrobe just beginning 9th grade in high school. Never really thought about it before now, but wow! I made a whole line of coordinating mix and match one of a kind fashion designs

  • 149646_461287717745_580112745_6144100_1261499_n_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.26 AMby gaviccaabri

    When we were little I didn’t like barbies much, so while my sister played, I would join her but making clothes for the dolls out of my old clothing. Then in 7th grade it was an mandatory class for ladies, starting by the basics of hand sewing, how to make a hem, how to make buttonholes, how to attach buttons, cross stitching, embroidery…and so on, 8th grade was about making things from felt and upgrading the embroidery. So since them I’m in loooove with sewing and making anything I can with my hands and some thread :) And now I’m teaching myself to sew with a machine I got as a present almost 2 years ago, which is by the way how I met Burdastyle.

  • Lrm_profile_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.19 AMby lrm

    I started sewing not too long ago, and with the help of some recommended books and websites, I’ve been teaching myself…

  • Spain_2007_065_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.10 AMby nellyvdb

    | started 3 months ago, when I took a beginners course from the local school board con-ed offerings, the instructor was great, but the newly found passion is in my genes, as I have a genious seamstress/fashion designer granma.

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.07 AMby scheryka

    I learned from watching my Mom who did not allow me to touch ANYTHING until she was making this plaid skirt and couldn’t get the fabric design to match the pattern design. I BEGGED her if I could do it. She let me and I got them BOTH right on the first try. I was 10, ever since I had been sewing.

  • B60215e6ab65e211ee3b666b4b0d36ab3dd018ea_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.02 AMby scanloew

    My mother has been sewing all her life. She inspired and taught me to sow!!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.02 AMby baohee

    I learned to sew from my mother and grandmother

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.02 AMby Phyu Myo Hlaing(Jasmine)

    Y.M.C.A Myanmar/Burma. My teacher had been sharing sewing patterns and techniques with the teacher from Japan for about ten years.

  • V_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.51 AMby veronicareed

    My first stitches were taken on my great grandmother’s treadle sewing machine. I will never forget the sound or feel of pumping the peddle. I would later polish my skills in a couple of years of Home Economics. :)

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.50 AMby coachwife8

    My grandmother, Margaret, who could take me to the store, let me pick what I wanted, then come home and cut a pattern out of newspaper. Amazing fabric stash—-she worked in one of the last large dept stores to have a fabric dept. I miss her!

  • Long_blue_skirt_headshot_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.44 AMby nyphertiti

    I sewed my first pot holder when I was 4 years old on my much older cousin’s machine. My mom taught me everything else after that~

  • Deicon_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.44 AMby shangrow

    My grandmother taught me. She used to make nearly everything, but unfortunately she doesn’t have the energy to do it anymore. As a result, I inherited all her old patterns and fabric from as far back as the 50s! She’s still happy to give me tips when I ask, and she always tells me how thrilled she is that I’ve taken up sewing.

  • Img_20160502_133039_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.40 AMby elisana

    I’m still learning!!!! I started in Brazil, when my sister taught me how to make A-line skirts, I was 8 or 9, I didn’t make much progress until recently. Today I rely on books and the internet

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.39 AMby vickit

    My first experience was with my Mom who taught me crewel work, but actual sewing was from me taking Home Ec class in high school. After that it’s been just reading patterns and trying to figure them out on my own. After getting a computer I then started learning from different message boards and now most of the things I am learning are coming from blogs.

  • Silver_strand_feb_2005_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.39 AMby neama

    I learned the basics at school, and progressed with my mother. I tried my hand at dressmaking classes earlier this year to enable me to tackle more advanced projects. I am always checking out internet sites for tips and ideas, and find them very useful

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.31 AMby kcv

    I learned how to sew from my mom and grandmother. I sewed all of my children’s clothes including underpants and bathing suits, I made my husband’s long sleeve dress shirts. When I got my first job after graduating I made my dress with a free old sewing machine I got free from a Singer salesman. I made the dress out of some material I got free. If I couldn’t sew I do not how I would of made it. When I was 20 I even gave sewing lessons to the young girls in the neighborhood to make money to by groceries. Thank you sewing I LOVE YOU!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.21 AMby breitenbachd

    I started sewing when I was 8. My mom and grandma gave me some pointers but I mostly taught myself. I started making clothes for my bears, then my dolls, and then myself. Now I do it everyday!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.19 AMby kcv

    I was about six when I started to sew clothes for my doll with my grandmother’s help.I am 60+ and I am still sewing doll clothes for my doll and my granddaughter’s dolls .I wanted to be a fashion designer all my life. When I went to college in 1969 my father told me I had a choice to be a teacher or a nurse. So officially I was a teacher but I was really a fashion designer!

  • Ko2_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.15 AMby snow-sews

    when i was younger, i would watch my dad sew clothes for me that i designed. about 6 years ago, a friend’s mom showed me how to use my very first sewing machine.

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.14 AMby tine94

    15, when my mum bought me a sewing machine, tried many times at knitting but failed, decided i was going to give this a serious shot ,had to teach myself, and so far it is going fairly well. :D

  • La_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.12 AMby sweetpadee

    I first learned to sew at home with my mom. I was out sick with scarlet fever from school for two weeks and it was the most opportune time for me to learn. I am forever grateful to my mom for taking the time to teach me.

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.09 AMby Link53

    I learned in seventh grade. My mother didn’t sew, but did do mending, so I got to use her Featherweight at home. I don’t do much clothing sewing any more, but love to quilt and do embroidery. Sulky threads sre my favorite!

  • Aa42fbf17b88b16bf325271472b87192dc1bcb48_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 01.07 AMby tklexi

    Books and experimentation to begin with. Later on I discovered the internet and started attending classes.

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