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Comment to Win: Where did you learn to sew?

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  • Image230_large

    Dec 12, 2012, 07.52 PMby sticher63

    My grandma taught me, and by the time I got to home economics class in the sixth grade I was a pro, with seven years of experience under my belt, she started me early but I am so thankful for it today!

  • __large

    Dec 15, 2011, 06.33 AMby shoshana13

    Nice colours !

  • Pippi_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 10.37 PMby erikthered

    I learned to sew as I learned to walk and talk because both my mother and grandmother sewed and knitted and continually made lovely things, so it has been a passion with me for a lifetime, I love it!

  • Missing

    Dec 9, 2011, 05.44 AMby tmcolom

    i learned to sew by watching my mom, I was 9 or so. I made a wonky zebra with a crooked head. My mom still has him. I laugh every time I see him, thank goodness I am so much better now. I love sewing.
  • Missing

    Dec 7, 2011, 04.12 PMby innocentlyevil1

    I am self-taught. I bought a bunch of books and studied the technique before I bought my first, second and third sewing machines (faulty).

  • Missing

    Dec 1, 2011, 04.04 PMby greatauntie

    From my mother. I also dressed my Barbie in hand made clothes. Now I make clothes for my great niece.

  • Dscn0987_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 10.26 PMby Grannylisa

    I am like most of the posters for this question. I learned to sew at an early age by hand-sewing doll clothes, graduated to hand-sewing Barbie clothes. Then in the 8th grade, I took formal training on the sewing machine. I had a wonderful teacher who did not cut corners on the rules. Even though she was strict, now I am glad she was that way.

  • Missing

    Nov 1, 2011, 01.35 AMby twosocks

    My Mother taught me to sew. She was so wonderful.She knew all the little tricks and shortcuts.

  • Gritzner_large

    Jul 26, 2011, 11.59 PMby Artquiltor

    My mother taught me at home on a Singer Featherweight Centennial sewing machine. I wish I could say I still have that machine, but as an impulsive teenager I wanted a new machine that could zigzag and wasn’t interested in that grand little piece of Singer history. Too bad! When will we ever learn to appreciate the simple things in life?

  • Missing

    Jan 1, 2011, 04.54 AMby llh

    Um… Don`t know for sure – 6 or 8. I`ve been sewing as long as I can remember. I know I was making stuff for my dolls by the time I was 10, and fully lined straight skirts by the time I was twelve…

  • Missing

    Jan 1, 2011, 03.58 AMby newt1999

    I learned to sew in my grade 8 Home Economics class… I had a great instructor and great successes and have never looked back! I can’t imagine a day without sewing and creating !!

  • Missing

    Jan 1, 2011, 12.31 AMby Mia Moore

    When I was about eight years old. I wanted a ruffled skirt (ironically it is trendy again) and my mom told me that if I wanted one I would have to make it (we were always poor). She was a seamstress/ costume maker. She told me she used to embroider the Mexican peasant blouses that were popular with tourists. My father is an upholsterer. It was in the blood…

  • Unicorn_1_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 11.53 PMby schong

    my sister taught me how to sew by hand when i was like 5 and then i started to make clothes for my dolls, but i didnt start using a machine until i got to high school…i believe the home sewing machine i currently use is a drunken purchase of 2 of my sisters, as a gift for my mom. but she never had time to figure it out because it was so different from the industrial machines she used in her sweatshop days. so i thumb throught the instruction manual n started to sew.

  • Dogs_1__large

    Dec 31, 2010, 09.48 PMby marliesbs

    I learned to sew when I was 10. The first thing that I made as a pillow. :)

  • Img_6856_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 09.26 PMby sewshaggy

    When I was about 8 yrs old, Santa brought me a Barbie doll and preprinted clothing patterns. The patterns were printed on fabric, so all you had to do was cut & sew. They were so cool, I stitched them by hand and soon my mom showed me how to use her machine. I’ve been sewing ever since.

  • 707b1013f78069784623b77a1715c6c638e3c011_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 08.44 PMby lizro

    watching my grandma!

  • C54e5c0b26e03082b34fe57eb07dc3c3675ad923_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 08.31 PMby makurochan

    my mother taught me when i was maybe 8 or 9 years old <3

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 08.18 PMby Rosemary Antel

    My Dear Aunt Mimi taught me to sew on a treadle sewing machine. She was a woman of great style and made me beautiful doll clothes that she drafted the patterns for. I wanted to make doll clothes as well, so she took the time and the immense amount of patience to teach me when I was 5 years old. I eventually bought the machine from her and use it as a table for a modern machine with the foot pedal up on the treadle. I still use the treadle machine occasionally just to keep it oiled and make sure it still works. I can sew when the power goes out!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 06.48 PMby pgf

    First I learned from my mother, then in home ec class in junior high school

  • Burda-nail_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 05.31 PMby slightlyhaunted

    I learned all the essentials from my mom. Zippers, a sleeve, a collar, buttons and buttons holes…. Thanx Mom! Luv ya!

  • D3b23b2363d15768a0d3d3d9a892e96070cd2f25_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 04.48 PMby karmologyclinic

    I learned by myself, using Burda magazines and some advices from my aunt who used to sew clothes when she was younger :)

  • Dscf0140_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 04.25 PMby timisews

    My mom used to make my clothes for me. One day, when I was about ten-eleven, she said “…you need to learn to do it now!” She bought me a light blue Hawaiian cotton print, and light blue and yellow stretch terry cloth fabric pieces. I made draw string shorts out of the Hawaiian print fabric, and two pull on tube top connected to shorts out of the stretch terry cloth! That was in the late 1970’s and I have been sewing ever since!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 04.21 PMby kimdomer

    My mom taught me the basics.

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 03.37 PMby lints

    I learned to sew from my mom when I was little. She only ever made very basic items but it was a great start!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.48 PMby juliamorley

    My grandmother had an old-fashioned manual singer machine that she left to me when she passed away. This was when I was about six years old, and too young to use an electric sewing machine by myself. My mother taught me how to thread the machine and I sewed hundreds of small pillows on the machine using my mother’s scrap fabric. Eventually, my mother let me graduate to her electric machine, and for my 21st birthday she gave me my own sewing machine (which is worth more than my car!)

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.43 PMby simondae

    I moved to Quebec City from California to be with my boyfriend. He introduced me to his grandmother who loves to sew. She noticed that I was intrigued by her stories of not having enough money in her youth to buy dresses so she would make them herself. I mentioned that I would like to learn to sew and a few days later she surprised me with a sewing machine. It has been such a gift to have that in common with her. It has been a year since I have lived in Quebec City and we meet up often so she can teach me new techniques.

  • Dsc02719a_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.33 PMby cvp2

    Combination of a few lessons at school, help from my mum and then mostly teaching myself by looking at books and lots of practice!

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.30 PMby jmr1976

    I start sewing in Jr high school in Home Economics class. There’s something magical about the transformation of a piece of fabric & a spool of thread into a garment or craft project that makes me want to learn more and make more.

  • Main_picture_large

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.13 PMby 5294sandras

    4th grade. My mom taught me how to read a pattern, trace, and thread a machine. I made play cloths and pants. In high school, she taught me how to make my uniforms. The required code was three pleats in the front and the back, cuffs, belt, and a removable white collar.

  • Missing

    Dec 31, 2010, 02.13 PMby Trolle

    I have always been a creative spirit, and i started out sewing soll clothes for baby born and barbie. In Denmark it is obligatory to learn hov to sew in a class and I got bitten by he clothes making bug. o much so that I took it as a two year elective in 8th and 9th grade. I have een doing it ever since! Also making costumes ftom the year 1717.

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