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Welcome to our Holiday Giveaway: Day 28! Win BurdaStyle inspired BAGGU Bags! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Thursday, December 29th to be entered to win!

Our best selling reusable bag is not just for the grocery store.
Carry in your hand or over your shoulder. Holds 2-3 plastic grocery bags of stuff.
15" Wide / 25" high / 6" deep. Folds into a flat 5" by 5" pouch. Holds 50 lbs. 100% Ripstop nylon. Machine washable.

Comment to Win: Have you ever inspired someone to start sewing?


This giveaway is sponsored by BurdaStyle

*Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/29/11] – Congratulations to members miip, blulagoo, lindac, kallers, and aluckmann for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 28!


  • Missing

    Jan 10, 2018, 08.28 AMby dhonibabu

  • 098_large

    Jan 6, 2012, 07.17 AMby 1diane

    Amazing you should ask this question. Recently a friend’s daughter has allowed me to help her start on her trip down sewing lane. I can not believe how much I have been learning myself. It is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

  • Profile_large

    Dec 30, 2011, 06.14 AMby foursquarewalls

    So many of my friends have said, “Hey can you teach me to sew? I have a machine…” and I say, “Sure” and then the conversation’s over and no plans are ever made to actually have a lesson. The inspiration is there, it seems, but the actual motivation is not!

  • Dsci0410_large

    Dec 30, 2011, 05.19 AMby momsgotanewhobby

    My daughter and a young cousin

  • Missing

    Dec 30, 2011, 05.15 AMby nannykk

    Two nieces, two daughters, and three of their friends. Young girls are sewing again!

  • 64265minniepaintedgardenstatue9990034950_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 08.51 PMby representativekelly

    Have you ever inspired someone to start sewing? …yes, perhaps :) …I thought so.

  • Untitled_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 07.50 PMby Eli Z

    I don’t think so, but people have said they wish they knew how to sew when they see me wearing the clothes I have made.

  • 1a08109201f8ddd6007b41e727b8a296641e1750_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 07.21 PMby sunquistadora

    I’m not sure! I know people have seen my stuff and said that they wished they could sew, but I don’t know if that means that any of them actually took it up!

  • Feestje_eline_007_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 05.47 PMby lienepien

    I try, but not everyone has the patience (me neither sometimes..)! But mostly I let other people see what I am doing and they like it!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 05.38 PMby Jillian Pobocan

    so cute! can i have some?

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 04.36 PMby strommel

    Inspiration abounds all around me. Two friends have taken up sewing and embroidery and rekindled skills that had been put on the back burner some time ago. We have inspired each other along with my mom whom is an excellant seamstress and encouraged all!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 04.26 PMby photodoll

    I have 4 daughters and all 4 will try sewing for a while but one loves to make her own dress and window covers and bed spreads and hair pieces she is a wiz on the machine….

  • Bttn_avatar_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 04.15 PMby bttn

    I’ve inspired my sister and partly my friend, too. I hope, my daughter will start sewing when she will be big enough.

  • Sart_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 03.27 PMby tamezdc

    What a cute bag!!!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 02.48 PMby lindac

    You might say that I inspired three of my children. My daughter knows how to sew and does sew periodically on projects for her home, although she is mostly involved in weaving these days. My oldest son knows how to sew and would not hesitate to get out a sewing machine and make something if he saw the need. These days he is more involved in house remodeling, painting, ripping and nailing, etc.

    Now we come to the star. My youngest son is fearless about sewing. He makes himself shorts and Halloween costumes and lots of things. He asked for sewing books for Christmas and birthday so he can get more into fine techniques and more precise fitting. I’ll be going to him for advice.


  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 02.22 PMby SoPark

    My husband. We have taken quilting classes together. He uses a featherweight inherited from my aunt.

  • Dsc01512_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 02.20 PMby downhighway61

    No, I don’t believe so :( Maybe one day.

  • Zelfportret_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 02.09 PMby Mimipaulusma

    No unfortunately not.

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 02.09 PMby arwencayton

    I have a dear friend who always said she wanted to learn to sew, and now she is sewing everything. I am so proud of her.

  • Dsc_0200_1_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 02.08 PMby meggiemoo

    I’ve encouraged my sister to keep going, and one of the girls from uni has mentioned an interest in making little plush toys and maybe trying some simple dressmaking – best feeling ever!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 01.47 PMby earlyn

    Sadly no. I don’t wear too many of my projects. I’m hopeful that one day I might inspire someone.

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 01.09 PMby Stitchgirl78

    After years and years of sewing for my daughter, she is now starting to sew. Yaaayy!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 12.59 PMby ellesea

    I have had people try to manipulate me into sewing for them, but no one has felt inspired to start sewing because of me.

  • P6171109-sls_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 12.58 PMby vicsguy2009

    My daughter has shown an interest after seeing some of my creations. I’m excited for her to learn.

  • Brigitte_bardot_1999_09_28_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 12.24 PMby ifkagljifka

    i’m always trying to inspire people to sew, cause it fun and it revarding!one cannot deny it … so two of my friends started also to sew later on…i dont know if it is my influence but they’re sewing now!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 12.09 PMby mosaicmaven

    I don’t know that I’ve inspired anyone to start sewing. I just hope I haven’t discouraged anyone from starting.

  • 604a8dc460e913166e53b62599255876454486e3_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 11.42 AMby vtkatmommy

    I hope I’ve inspired a few! I teach classes to local Mom’s groups and provide child care during those classes. I love spreading the sewing bug.

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 11.07 AMby eckypucky

    Not that I’m aware of but I haven’t been sewing but a few years myself. :o)

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 10.44 AMby singultus

    I inspired my mother to start sewing, Now she has my old sewing machine and sometimes calls to ask for help when something doesnt work.

  • Me_in_the_park_diy_dress_4_small_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 09.41 AMby raving

    Not sewing in particular, but my best friend has asked me to make him some clothes and I know he enjoys choosing the fabric so that the clothes can be exactly what he wants them to be, much better than high street shopping.

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