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Welcome to Day 27 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win the 2011 Threads Magazine Archive DVD-ROM from Threads Magazine! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Wednesday, December 28th to be entered to win!

26 years of instruction, tips, techniques, and tools to make you a better sewer. The Threads Magazine Archive is a tool no sewer should be without. In one amazingly easy-to-search disc, you’ll enjoy 26 years of content from America’s most trusted sewing magazine. That’s all 158 issues of Threads, starting with issue #1 and including all the issues from 2011.

Comment to Win: Where do you sew? Do you have a dedicated sewing room?


This giveaway is sponsored by Threads Magazine

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[Update 12/28/11] – Congratulations to member sarahk for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 27!


  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.50 PMby merrier

    I sew in the guest bedroom. I have made a dedicated space for my sewing area. I’m still in a two-bedroom apartment. When that changes, i will definitely have a more established space!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.49 PMby roxydre

    I sew at the kitchen table :-)

  • Baf6772168a6690547feae49da8eef928b72bc87_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.48 PMby captain-obvious

    I have a dedicated sewing room and it has a sewing and cutting areas.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.46 PMby Lea Bishop

    I use half my bedroom as a sewing/craft room. I just set it up and I LOVE having the area there.

  • Img_1411_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.45 PMby roodles

    I have a pretty big room to myself in the basement. Room for several sewing machines, an ironing board, cutting table, shelves… Feel lucky.

  • Burda_023_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.44 PMby runningwithscissors1

    In a room in my basement. It’s usually a mess, and I have a hard time getting myself down there, but once I’m there, I am happy!

  • 7dddc9613ac57079351f8a4d299e9aece5cf3908_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.26 PMby peaudane

    I have two tables set up for sewing, taking up about half the space of our bedroom!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.24 PMby sewcrazz

    I sew in the spare guest bedroom, but it is too, too small, and i have to move everything to a storage unit, if company comes. My dream is to have a sewing studio that is huge enough for my 6 sewing machines, my serger, and my new embellisher machine, PLUS storage for all of my fabrics. I would have my ironing board always up, my iron on, and ready to go, and a tall table to cut fabric out on. And plenty of light, for those late night sewing marathons.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.17 PMby singultus

    During holidays I sew in my living room where I also sleep. During university I can use the studio there, where I have much more space and light.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.16 PMby multifaceted

    In the basement of the house I’m living in… where it develops streams when it rains too much. It’s not “dedicated”, but since I’m usually the only one down there, it’s good enough for me.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.08 PMby miip

    I sew in my bedroom, which is also the living room, office and dining room – the joys of a studio apartment…

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.08 PMby Erica Larsen

    I sew in the extra bedroom of my apartment, and in the living room for the spillover.

  • Raw_0468_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 05.02 PMby aluckmann

    I recently moved all of my sewing stuff to our spare bedroom/office. It’s small, but it’s just fine for setting up a card table with my sewing machine. And when I am mid project, I can just shut the door and not feel guilty about fabric scraps, thread and pins covering the floor.

  • Scarf_class_2006_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.56 PMby SewSunshine

    I’ve dedicated my dining room for my sewing room. It bright and sunny with a great view out the wondow. I love the natural light that shines in most of the day. I set up a smaller table in a section of the living room for dining. This is perfect other than for the holidays when I have to put everything away.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.56 PMby viquena

    The front/living room became my sewing room. Roughly 50% of it has been taken over by my sewing tools. :)

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.53 PMby Miss E

    I sew in the living room in front of tv – don’t have a dedicated sewing room.

  • Tshirt_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.41 PMby lejn

    Not right now,but in April I am moving in a new place where I will have a sewing room.can’t wait!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.41 PMby egdirb

    I used to have a very small spare room that was just used for sewing and craft however since we’ve moved back to Edinburgh we can’t justify a two bedroom flat so I now sew in the corner of our sitting room.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.41 PMby rebekahricker

    I sew on the kitchen table. I used to have a dedicated space, and I miss it so very much.

  • 486043_10200326557759449_664517254_n_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.40 PMby heidilea

    I have a sewing nook in the laundry room, where the hot water and the heater are and a 1950s fridge. The couple who owned the house I live in before my landlady bought it were well into their 90s and never threw any furniture out (or updated anything, my apartment is very 70s), so I use the fridge for storage and another 50s aluminum/enamel table for sewing. It’s not ideal, because it’s in a common area and my upstairs neighbors dumped a giant tv in front of my shelves, but it works better than any other set up I’ve ever had. I have my ironing board set up right next to me and I don’t have to take everything apart when I’m done sewing.

  • Imgp4340_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.38 PMby alissaslagle

    I have a section of our basement set off as my sewing area:)

  • P1000981_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.35 PMby northwestgirl

    I just made myself a sewing room! Ok. It’s a “craft” room. But all I’ve been doing in it is sewing! I love it sooooo much. Before I just had a little corner of the bonus room, but now I’ve converted our office (who needs an office anyway? Psssh) into my little corner of sewing/crafting solitude. My own personal spa. I think I’d be happy to lock myself in there for the next three months.

    I may even have looked up a bunch of old episodes of She-Ra (did I date myself?) for some girl power while I organized and put my craft desk together. I will say that she-ra was much cooler when I was 5, but sometimes you have to re-examine these things . . .

  • Dscf3516rasp1n_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.32 PMby stephiaffi

    On the dinner table and living room floor :)

  • P1010611_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.31 PMby amberelayne

    I sew wherever I can find space… I use my Mom’s machine in her sewing room but have to find space in my bedroom or kitchen for other things like pattern tracing, cutting, handsewing, etc!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.29 PMby fayedoll

    I sew and create in my dedicated sewing cave as I call it. It’s a re-purposed extra bedroom.

  • Img_0706_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.23 PMby jmelsha

    I finally have my own sewing room! It only took two years of waiting for my daughter to move out on her own, but my machine and all my paraphenalia have their own space.

  • Cherry_blossoms_184x184_1__large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.21 PMby flowergirl3

    I mostly sew in my guest room, which is my dedicated sewing room. I also sew at the dining room table and in the living room while sitting on the sofa.

  • D9b57b0bea2ac178c6fed3ed2a0916d6a62c59fd_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.21 PMby vector

    I sew in a corner of my bedroom

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.06 PMby obscurusmercury

    Living room. two bedroom apartments don’t really have extra sewing rooms

  • Img_6553_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.03 PMby rshelly13

    I have a corner of our office where I sew. It tends to take over the living room once I am working on a major project. I am currently transforming a vintage trailer to use as a studio. I am designing it so that I can paint, sew, and build things in this space.

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