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Welcome to Day 25 of our Holiday Giveaway! 5 winners will get a copy of Sweat Shop Paris! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Tuesday, December 27th to be entered to win!

The Sweat Shop Book brings the namesake Paris Sweat Shop founded by Martena Duss and Sissi Holleis to North America with more than 50 DIY fashion and home projects, including instructions and more than 200 helpful, inspiring full-color photographs. The first “café couture” sewing shop in Paris, the Sweat Shop was named to highlight the questionable nature in which store-bought clothing is sometimes made. Instead of rewarding dubious labor practices, the Sweat Shop and The Sweat Shop Book inspire crafters to make something unique with their own sweat equity and creativity.

Comment to Win: What is the craftiest project you have ever put together?


This giveaway is sponsored by Sweat Shop Paris

*Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/27/11] – Congratulations to members damanch, huddybuddy, thejam, rshelly13, and sewmyway for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 25!


  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.09 AMby gdavid3039

    My mother’s dress for my sister’s wedding. Used all the tools, french seams. It was finished to perfection.

  • Dsc07287_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 01.49 AMby teen46

    Wow I can’t choose…I put my hands to work on just about anything. My latest craftiest project: 4 flower brooches, 11 flower hairclips (beaded and laced) and I’ve just started washer bracelets and necklaces.

  • S8001072_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 01.48 AMby AlreadyTakenAgain

    I have always been reticent to stray from the patterns as written because those times that I have, I have usually had problems, sometimes so big that the entire project had to be abandoned. I can visualize how I want something to be, but making it so is much more difficult. Probably the craftiest thing I ever did was to make a cover for a beach ball, hang streamers from it attached to a basket, and hung from a plant hangar, so my daughter had a balloon in which to put some of her smaller stuffed animals and pretend they were on a flight. I would love to get some ideas from Sweat Shop Paris – and maybe try some! I know designers are skilled professionals, but sometimes we amateurs can have great ideas, too!

  • 9b6a2f8482f1e431b0a19a8ca8d654b3ccf1ed36_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 01.13 AMby pink-cornelia

    the craftiest project would have to be my “fish and bubbles dress” it took a lot to find the shades of colour in the magazines that I needed it for the project and the pasting was entertaining as well.

  • Burda-avatar_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.59 AMby claudine01

    The craftiest? Maybe my crocheted granny square skirt. Or 80 screen printed t-shirts to sell for my daughter’s school.

  • Test_-_copy_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.51 AMby sala22

    Craftiest project would be a wall embroidery project for my sister’s birthday! I had absolutely no idea how to do it but I tried and she loved it!

  • Thread_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.42 AMby elimaem

    I have been collecting vintage ties for over a decade. I started making backpacks from a pattern I made up. Each pack had vintage ties taken apart and placed over webbing with crazy hardware and all. I am a big fan of compartments so they were decked out with zippers and pockets galore. Each piece took a total of 3 days to complete but the end result was totally worth it and satisfying!

  • D9b57b0bea2ac178c6fed3ed2a0916d6a62c59fd_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.37 AMby vector

    I helped my friend make a veil for her wedding.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.34 AMby befadee

    I’d have to say my pee wee herman halloween costume this year :)

  • 88261b0422c0647779b794e71439132456d8d959_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.16 AMby vanessa

    A shower curtain made out of CDs sandwiched between two clear plastic shower liners. That’s also the project that taught me the importance of using the right needle!

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 11.59 PMby eckypucky

    Goodness, I’m not sure! I guess it would be a couple of purses I designed and sewed. All the pockets, flaps, partitions, zippers, and invisible stitches kept me busy for some time….especially since they were handsewn and not made on a sewing machine. :o)

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 11.51 PMby kallie

    Crochet, knit and sew a tote bag.

  • File0012_10_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 10.54 PMby jennyrecorder

    Probably the Togemon(?) costume I made for a school assembly for my son a few years ago. The character was a walking cactus, so I sewed the body as pants and an enclosed top ( with holes for eyes and mouth), he had a felt hairpiece and felt boxing gloves and he was embellished with fabric paint to look like the character.

  • Sleeping_bailey_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 10.18 PMby catran

    Probably the knitted Android character i made without following a pattern.

  • 68e375b12add746db86ff64186ed232b50021fd9_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 10.18 PMby alexus1325

    The most craft-intensive project I ever made utilized a variety of techniques, some of which I’d never done before! I made a version of the main outfit from Assassin’s Creed 2 for a friend. It was my first time sewing satin, my first complex seamed garment, my first drafted-from-scratch garment, my first leather-work, my first time quilting… It turned out awesome!

  • P6171109-sls_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 10.16 PMby vicsguy2009

    Not too crafty. Maybe the patio furniture cushions were crafty.

  • Nv10a_523911_800x600__large

    Dec 26, 2011, 10.11 PMby netmyda

    A dracula costume, all by hand :)

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 10.02 PMby spool64

    Well, I guess it’s something that I knit. Maybe the cabled fingerless gloves that I made earlier in the year? Definitely need to step up my game!

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 09.44 PMby rstott82

    hhhmmmm…..a dress for my sister, or a table runner for my Mom. The table runner felt especially crafty because I didn’t have a pattern, I was just trying to figure it out as I went along.

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 09.32 PMby anneecharri

    That’s a hard one…hmmmm….every project feels like a crafty project…they all feel good to me but would always welcome an additional source to delve into for inspiration…this sounds like just the ticket~!

  • Dsc03784__b3_profile_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 09.23 PMby Laura Bolčina

    Prom dress for my sister.

  • Dscf3516rasp1n_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 09.11 PMby stephiaffi

    A dollhouse I made out of several bits and bobs around the house when I was a kid

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 09.09 PMby Paula Marksman

    That’s a bit like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. For a craft lover, each project has nuances that pull at the heart strings. The fairy costume I made for my daughter that was passed down to my grand-daughter, the dress shirt I made for my husband to wear to our son’s wedding, the bracelet I made to commemorate the birth of our first grandchild…the list goes on and on.

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 09.00 PMby pausznurek

    Bracelets crocheted from plastic bags :)

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 08.58 PMby thisdamselflies

    I feel like"crafty" means more than just sewing or knitting; to me, it’s making something totally new from mundane objects, so I would say my craftiest project was making paper beads for a friend of mine. The paper was lined notebook paper, and the beads ended up looking so cool, like they were dotted instead of lined.

  • 64265minniepaintedgardenstatue9990034950_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 08.37 PMby representativekelly

    Using old newspapers to make many 8″ × 6.5″ photo/picture frames. Fun to make the frames and good to read the news :-)

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 08.32 PMby valeriepg

    35 years ago, with my best friend we dressed in “four seasons” Iwas half spring and half summer, she was the other 2 seasons, and we were walking together handing a unique golden frame around our faces…..

  • Missing

    Dec 26, 2011, 08.26 PMby pamelahenry

    Crochetting and then felting a wool purse

  • Hpim0231_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 08.22 PMby dnembhard

    When I used to dance, I’d make Polynesian style headpieces and accessories with items available in Canada. I gave away my costumes, but I’ve kept all the accessories!

  • 42ec5829_large

    Dec 26, 2011, 07.53 PMby lpninpaingmailcom

    my best friends wedding. I helped with dress alteration and made all of the center pieces which were crystallizing palm wax candles in custom edged wine glasses. And yes I did the etching myself. Then I even made the unity candle in a custom made mold. I then made all the thank-you take home gifts by decoupaging the wedding theme on all the boxes.

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