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Welcome to Day 25 of our Holiday Giveaway! 5 winners will get a copy of Sweat Shop Paris! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Tuesday, December 27th to be entered to win!

The Sweat Shop Book brings the namesake Paris Sweat Shop founded by Martena Duss and Sissi Holleis to North America with more than 50 DIY fashion and home projects, including instructions and more than 200 helpful, inspiring full-color photographs. The first “café couture” sewing shop in Paris, the Sweat Shop was named to highlight the questionable nature in which store-bought clothing is sometimes made. Instead of rewarding dubious labor practices, the Sweat Shop and The Sweat Shop Book inspire crafters to make something unique with their own sweat equity and creativity.

Comment to Win: What is the craftiest project you have ever put together?


This giveaway is sponsored by Sweat Shop Paris

*Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/27/11] – Congratulations to members damanch, huddybuddy, thejam, rshelly13, and sewmyway for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 25!


  • Image230_large

    Dec 12, 2012, 06.48 PMby sticher63

    Defiantly my homecoming dress, I made up the pattern, and Me being the huge procrastinator I am, waited until about three days before the dance to start seriously working on it. Needless to say after dinner I had to rush back home to pin-up and sew all of the pick-ups, and finish the top edge of the bodice.

  • Missing

    Jan 2, 2012, 08.37 PMby initabermudezyahoocom

    I have four grand boys, they like to punch. So I made a four foot blue jean punching bag. They love it and it works.

  • Photo4_large

    Dec 30, 2011, 01.24 AMby cyndi-de-crafti

    My best friend who was planning her wedding was very particular in her wedding color. She likes everything handmade because that means something personal to her. As her Matron of Honor, she didn’t put me to work too hard. I just got my first sewing machine at that time, so she asked me to make her a ring bearer pillow after she searched through the internet and didn’t find the one she likes with the right price. It was a project that I put together with materials I have adding ribbons of her wedding colors. I enjoyed that project a lot because I didn’t copy anyone’s idea, I just utilized what I have and made the best out of it. that ring bearer pillow is now something she keeps as a memorabilia.

  • 573ac823c0f7cdf4720b8f5c5ad3b0d38e4a0724_large

    Dec 28, 2011, 12.15 AMby Vivat Veritas

    wedding dress i made for my friend!

  • Voxyloeqv_ouof7iykhawq_copiar_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 11.49 PMby hannacoutinho

    My latest project done, enjoy all the scraps of fabric that went into the trash and make wallets and bags kisses

  • Prof3_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 08.50 PMby creativecat

    An organza lamp shade. I hand embroidered green organza with free form cottage flowers. One the organza was covered with the tiny flowers I ruched the organza and stitched it to a wire lampshade I had sprayed with gold paint. The effect was a timeless, exquisite piece with dramatic affect.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 03.00 PMby crimsonbruin

    I put together an “ice cream social” gift for a friend.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.53 PMby megabyte24

    I knitted (am a guy, so this skill was something I learnt later in life, and didn’t come easy) a heart for my wife, for our first anniversary. I made it out of glow in the dark wool, which wasn’t easy to track down months after halloween, as I thought it would be sweet for her to be able to see as she goes to bed.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.40 PMby isabelbk

    Clothing I’ve sewn for my kids. Usually they are a mix of patterns and colors.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.23 PMby lindac

    Not being usually considered a crafty person I have to think. My first adult venture that I remember was something called a Mexican or Southwestern Christmas Tree, made of a series of different sized wooden dowels tied together with red yarn. I made god’s eyes at the junctions of the crossings where the dowels were tied together to look like a tree with branches. There were red tassels here and there also. I was so proud and asked a friend if she had ever heard of this project. She took all the wind out of my sails by replying, " I saw one once and it was the tackiest thing I ever saw." I still loved my tacky tree and had it for many years until it finally fell apart. (Maybe mice nibbled the yarn- or moths ate it.)


  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.18 PMby indiami

    Anything I’ve sewn for my daugters. Anything goes with kids. I love to mix crazy colors and add will embellishments!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.14 PMby kdschafer

    From recent projects, it’d be the purses I have made for my purses out of old jeans and embellished in each of their favorite colors. I’d have to say the craft I remember most from long ago was the weaving I did for a 4-H project. I had naturally dyed yarn and a really funky tree branch. Looked great and I got Grand Champion for it to boot!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 01.59 PMby matilda116

    The craftiest thing I have made was 28 miniture felt stockings for an Advent calendar.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.48 PMby photodoll

    I used to make dolls for my girl when they were little and the one everyone remembers is one that you use a baby sleeper for the body. it was terrercloth and it would streght as you stuff it it was about 2 to 3 feet long before I was done….my holly loved it had it for years….

  • Dsc00418_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.40 PMby DESPINA KARAGIOUMLEZI

    i made a hat

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 12.34 PMby Doreen Linehan

    I had to make a carrier for my boss’ electronic device quite some time ago. Well, it worked but now that these things are more popular and I have more experience I can see things I could have done that would have been better.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 10.08 AMby singultus

    Last semestre I made a dress with ribbons of silk over the back which were ment to look like musclefibres. As I didn t want any hems through the ribbons I cut them from ponge silk and ironed the edges to the inside – that was exhaustingly crafty!

  • Img_0005_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 07.11 AMby aerianaeve

    I know there`s something where I put sewing, embroidered, drew, collaged, everything, but right now all I can remember is a handy little caddy I made for work. I work at a greeting card store that did away with the aprons that were so useful when refilling cards. So I cut up some boxes and made a caddy with a spot for card clips and tools, plastic wrap, and the paper backers. I no longer have to walk to and from cash to put out cards and I can separate the recycling right away. I covered it with pretty paper and a few layers of packing tape, pulled some handles off a paper bag and threaded them through the box instead. It’s now my favourite tool at work. =)

  • Dscn2419_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.58 AMby cowlady1990

    I’m always doing something for gifts. But this year, I put together mattresses for my son’s daycare. Now, I’ve just got to figure out how I want to do sleeping sacks/sheets to go over them. . . Although the car garbage cans I did for Christmas this year were pretty fun . . . OH! I know. The monkey I made for my son’s second Christmas (when he was 1). The monkey still has no face, but he’s an awesome monkey! :)

  • Justoloco_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 04.38 AMby hwoodjusto

    the safety pin tuxedo shirt I made and posted…always more work than one expects:)

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 03.53 AMby adiel

    Oh, hard to choose! When I was a kid, I made a Japanese dollhouse from a shoebox. I made futons, quilts, a table and seating cushions, and sliding screens that had tissue paper glued between two layers of cardboard lattice. I think that’s one of my favorite crafty projects.

  • 31219_1315795494032_1205055732_30726993_1337203_s_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 03.51 AMby slj1224

    made a boys Christening outfit with 1 wrap around skirt and 1 tie on skirt out of a wedding gown. Also made a matching bonnet and made the bodice of the gown into a keepsake pillow for the bride. It was a lot of work but worth it!!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 03.23 AMby ernielajr

    I think the craftyist project I’ve ever done was to make a dozen skirts for my neice and then I rolled them at the waistband over a dowel and put them in a vase to look like a dozen flowers.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 03.19 AMby jix

    I build a bedside table from scratch with cherry and square aluminum bars.. I studied Industrial design, and for my senior thesis I built a bookcase/shelf from square aluminum tubes and it was complete with lights and little display boxes made out of one-way-mirror acrylic, so that when you shone the light on them you could see what was inside!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.45 AMby gericooper

    Homemade soap, baby care products handquilted runners, handknit sweaters, dolls, I’ve made thousands of crafty gifts. I almost never buy gifts!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.40 AMby moon0014

    Hard to pick one !! Think it’s a toss-up between a life-size man and dog made of clay pots , and a 6 X 12 foot Christmas village scene, complete with lights, trains and fountains.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.36 AMby tnjen

    Crocheted beanies made for my SO, friends, family and self.

  • Red_shoes_via_jordan_s_iphone_large

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.17 AMby AuntieQuiltie

    Difficult to pick the craftiest from so many crafty creations – I started creating when I was 7 with my first jumper (sweater) which was pretty hard for a little kid, to BOTH my wedding dresses and bridesmaids frocks (sigh), clothes for my Just The Four Boys till they got too big to bluff into wearing cute Mummy-made clothes (!), to hundreds of quilts, to my current phase having great fun knitting socks for my family. Being able to create has been the craftiest fun!!

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.16 AMby mismis777

    My craftiest project would have to be a union soldier costume I made for my nephew a few years ago…coat, belt buckle, kepi cap, etc. It was awesome.

  • Missing

    Dec 27, 2011, 02.09 AMby gdavid3039

    My mother’s dress for my sister’s wedding. Used all the tools, french seams. It was finished to perfection.

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