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Due to special regulations, we have been informed that today’s giveaway is only for U.S. members. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to all of our international members, and hope that you will participate in the majority of this month’s giveaways that are available to everyone.

Welcome to Day 21 of our Holiday Giveaway! Here is your chance to win a H|CLASS™ 100Q Sewing Machine by HUSQVARNA VIKING®! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Thursday, December 22nd to be entered to win!

Sewers everywhere can now enjoy their favorite HUSQVARNA VIKING® features wherever they go in the new compact and lightweight H|CLASS™ 100Q sewing machine. Just launched by HUSQVARNA VIKING®, a global leader in sewing machine design and manufacturing, the H|CLASS ™ 100Q sewing machine’s portable size and carrying case make it a perfect quilting companion for social sewers on-the-go. The computerized H|CLASS ™ 100Q sewing machine boasts more than a dozen time-saving features, including 20 quilting, utility and decorative stitches, HUSQVARNA VIKING® snap-on presser feet, speed control slide, and a start and stop button that allows users to sew without a foot control.

Comment to Win: Where do you sew? Do you have a dedicated sewing room?


This giveaway is sponsored by HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/23/11] – Congratulations to member Alicia DiRago for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 21!


  • Img_1230_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 06.06 PMby foliusdesign

    i sew on my kitchen table. It’s not the best sewing conditions, but it gets the job done!

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 05.58 PMby smn87

    I sew at the kitchen table. Someday I’ll have a sewing room, but for now, the kitchen is my “sewing room”

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 05.22 PMby joycewatts61

    I sew on a table in my living room. I call this room my “therapeutic domain”. The sunlight is always a welcoming addition in the day time. This small area is where I zone in and become one with the notions and potions in my sewing basket.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 04.33 PMby morkin13

    I don’t have my own sewign room yet. But I have a sewing table and a few drawers to keep things organized.

  • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 04.31 PMby nouvellegamine

    my husband and i have an office we share. my side has my computer, art supplies, and sewing machine.

  • Wonder-woman3_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 03.40 PMby simonewarrior

    I sew at home on our table, so when it’s meal times I have to put the sewing machine and everything away and then get everything out again. I currently use an old Kenmore 14 series which is pretty heavy to move. I don’t have my own room as our house is small but I get everything I need to do done, just sucks that it takes me extra long to get my projects done because of all constant moving :(

  • Marilyn_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.56 PMby lacyann87

    What an amazing machine! And this is an amazing website. I get more patterns and tips from here than anywhere else!

  • Lulamae_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.51 PMby jw72085

    My Mother and I are starting to sew again. She taught me when I was very young, but life happens and we have been involved in so many other crafts/hobbies. Now, we’ve decided to return to sewing for practical purposes. We are in the process of setting up our sewing room and this new machine would really be a great asset. Best of sewing wishes to whoever wins.

    Yes, I also have a queston: I love quite a few of your patterns and was wondering if you produce hard copies for sale. I have not gotten the hang of enlarging pdf versions of patterns. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  • Enlarged_hilarity-copy_edited_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.46 PMby Testosterone

    Dining Room be vanquished! It’s now a sewing room, and let me tell ya, it feels a whole bunch more “right”. What’s the attraction of furniture as dust collectors?

  • 7c71386596212a2f3973625ddfc034820b27f726_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.31 PMby digitalgeisha

    I have a sewing room all to myself… a girl’s dream come true. I bought an old china cabinet and store all my fabrics in there. My sewing room also happens to contain my computer so you can guess where I spend most of my time.

  • 103111_amandadavis_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.22 PMby primandpropah

    My man cleared a space in our master bedroom for me to sew. While it’s not totally ideal, we don’t have a bigger place so we make the best out of what we do have. He doesn’t mind that my idea boards are hanging in our bedroom so my creativity does not take a hit from lack of space. :)

  • Img_5077_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.21 PMby dewreb

    I just got a sewing room when we moved 2 months ago! I love it!

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.10 PMby Jeffrey Bruckwicki

    I have a sewing business and through that have lost all of my home machines to the business. Now, when I need to do a project at home I am out of luck until my next day at the shop. It would be great to have a home machine again.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 02.03 PMby Katie Wright

    I sew in my dining room. The table is large enough for most projects, but I sometimes need to spread out my fabric on the floor for the really large patterns.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 01.41 PMby Stitchgirl78

    I recently moved to a much smaller place, and no longer have a dedicated sewing room : ( I now use my dining room table. I really miss my sewing sanctuary.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 01.39 PMby missfaye

    I sew in a little corner in my bedroom.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 01.36 PMby charmingberry

    I have a small table setup in my bedroom for the sewing machine. Space for sewing is hard to find in our house. I do all my pattern tracing and fabric cutting on the bedroom floor. My husband wants me to get rid of the exercise machine that never gets use to make a larger space for my sewing hobbies.

  • Dsc01512_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 01.13 PMby downhighway61

    In my loft! It’s over the living room, which has the wood stove, so sometimes it gets hot up there. If I didn’t have a dedicated spot I would never get anything done.

  • P6171109-sls_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 01.07 PMby vicsguy2009

    I turned a 4th bedroom into a sewing room/office. I can close the door and the kids and dogs are out of sight, out of mind!

  • Profile_pic_3_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 12.43 PMby daughterfish

    I sew in a dedicated nook in my office space. I’m able to spread out when I need to. Sometimes I’ll cut fabric on our kitchen table.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 12.42 PMby meadowcreek

    After several years of sewing at the dining room table, and having to put things away when I was finished, I now have an actual sewing room. It is wonderful!

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 12.21 PMby photodoll

    I sew in the kitchen or in the living room or in the bed room… where ever I’m at for the day I will sew and cut with the pads and mats it makes so easy to sew where ever you are at….I even take the machine with me and if I have a project that needs to be complete I will sew on my lunch break in the break room….

  • Icon_for_fb_etsy_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 12.14 PMby rose2983

    I have a dedicated sewing/craft room. Unfortunately, my fabric and yarn stashes, along with my collection of antique sewing machines and accessories leave little space for actual sewing…

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 11.33 AMby earlyn

    i have a dedicated space that includes a sewing cabinet and a other rolling cabinet. its small but it works.

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 11.25 AMby sarahcw

    I have a (mostly) dedicated space for sewing. A place to sew is a requirement when we look for places to live — I have too much equipment and too many supplies to be able to get it out and put it away all the time. With young kids and a full-time job, I have to take any random spare moments to sew, so I need to be able to sit down for even just 10 minutes and get right to work!

  • Img_2117_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 11.16 AMby dyeabolical

    My new home I just purchased came with a sewing room already set up! Though it meant I have extra tables from my earlier set up in my basement that are now homeless….

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 11.12 AMby mhawthorne19

    I mostly just sew in my bedroom. Right now I’m stuck with hand sewing but I want a machine so badly! That’s all I can think about lately. Being a poor college student sucks :p

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2011, 10.58 AMby yayfun

    I do not have the luxury of a dedicated sewing room. I mostly wind up commandeering the dining table for cutting and sewing. I stash my fabric wherever I can find space.

  • Dsc_0306_large

    Dec 22, 2011, 09.54 AMby jojomac

    My sewing room is wherever I am! Being an international flight attendant, I always have a suitcase full of sewing notions and fabric to keep me busy :) Because I am a member of the flight crew, I can bring all sorts of sewing stuff with me through all those pesky security checkpoints…although, I don’t recommend bringing seam rippers with you to Tel Aviv. Mine almost got confiscated! At home, I take over the whole house. I cut fabric on my back porch. Store fabric in my bedroom and guest room. Sew on my machines in my guest room. You people know how it is…any available space is fair game! :) Honestly, this Bernina machine would be perfect for me because it is light enough to fit into my flight bag! I could make the world my sewing room…total sewing domination!!! :) :)

    1 Reply
    • Dsc_0306_large

      Dec 22, 2011, 09.57 AMby jojomac

      P. S. I’m in Madrid right now….any cool sewing stores I should check out? Muchas gracias!

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