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Due to special regulations, we have been informed that today’s giveaway is only for U.S. members. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to all of our international members, and hope that you will participate in the majority of this month’s giveaways that are available to everyone.

Welcome to Day 21 of our Holiday Giveaway! Here is your chance to win a H|CLASS™ 100Q Sewing Machine by HUSQVARNA VIKING®! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Thursday, December 22nd to be entered to win!

Sewers everywhere can now enjoy their favorite HUSQVARNA VIKING® features wherever they go in the new compact and lightweight H|CLASS™ 100Q sewing machine. Just launched by HUSQVARNA VIKING®, a global leader in sewing machine design and manufacturing, the H|CLASS ™ 100Q sewing machine’s portable size and carrying case make it a perfect quilting companion for social sewers on-the-go. The computerized H|CLASS ™ 100Q sewing machine boasts more than a dozen time-saving features, including 20 quilting, utility and decorative stitches, HUSQVARNA VIKING® snap-on presser feet, speed control slide, and a start and stop button that allows users to sew without a foot control.

Comment to Win: Where do you sew? Do you have a dedicated sewing room?


This giveaway is sponsored by HUSQVARNA VIKING®

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/23/11] – Congratulations to member Alicia DiRago for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 21!


  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.29 PMby busybunch

    We converted our storage room to a craft room. It is packed full, but fairly organized, and it’s all mine! And I can close the door on half-finished projects! and I have a US mailing address, THANKS for the chance at that wonderful machine! ourbusylittlebunch(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.28 PMby Miss E

    I sew in the living room, in front of the tv. :) My 2 machines are 60 and 40 years old, a little black singer portable and a bulky singer slant-o-matic, and I love them but it’s about time to upgrade!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.28 PMby mimistuddy

    I don’t have a dedicated sewing room. So where I sew depends on what type of sewing I’m doing. If its mending or alterations it is usually on my portable 60s era Husqvarna on the dining room table. Otherwise for larger projects it is in my bedroom on my old Necchi.

  • Lacey_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.23 PMby joen

    I am blessed to have an extra bedroom that when we moved in was designated as my sewing room. I spend every chance I get tucked away in this room!

  • Profile_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.23 PMby foursquarewalls

    I wish I had a sewing room. I have a tiny nook in the corner of my living room where my machine and fabric/notion stash is located. My tabletop iron is on my dining table, and I cut fabric on the floor. I sew everyday, so it’s always a mess in there!

  • Camillaakransmayatetter_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.23 PMby monstery


    Yes,my bedroom! Dedicated enough to sleep a foot away from my sewing machine named “Sonni”

    Happy Holidays!:)

  • Queen-annes-lace_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.23 PMby stefilu

    I used to have one but since our babay boy was born, I don’t have one anymore. My former craft room became a nursery so I moved to the table in the dining room :(

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.22 PMby Emily Miller

    I have a dedicated sewing room. It’s too small for anything but a small table with my machine and an ironing board. I do my cutting on the floor.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.21 PMby sward00

    I have my machine set up on a child’s kneehole desk. The kneehole is great and the drawers hold a lot of stuff.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.21 PMby alaskapsych

    I sew in my living room and sadly on a tv tray table. We live in a very small apartment, but hey, it works!

    I hope to win! yay! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.


  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.20 PMby rerei

    Since we don’t really use our dining room unless we have people over, it has become my makeshift sewing room. A giant dining table makes for a great place for sewing, cutting and laying out fabric!

  • About-1_1__large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.18 PMby shrimpsaladcircus

    I just finally finished my studio – it’s for DIY in general, but I finally have a dedicated sewing desk!!! :D

    It’s so nice to have a creative space, and it would be so much NICER with a beautiful sewing machine that’s not as old as I am! lol

  • About-1_1__large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.18 PMby shrimpsaladcircus

    I just finally finished my studio – it’s for DIY in general, but I finally have a dedicated sewing desk!!! :D

    It’s so nice to have a creative space, and it would be so much NICER with a beautiful sewing machine that’s not as old as I am! lol

  • Fairywithmoonpic_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.17 PMby chelmick

    I had a sewing room till my mother got really sick and i became her primary care giver, now i do my sewing at the dinningroom table good thing it huge and just us living here.

  • The_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.12 PMby aod810

    I have to sew at the kitchen table, which means cleaning everything off, doing the sewing, then putting everything away, and then putting the things that belong on the kitchen table.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.11 PMby januacoeli

    Unfortunately, I don’t have a dedicated sewing room. We are in transition now and I sew on my amish built table in the great room in front of many windows overlooking a field.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.10 PMby mcglen8

    I sew in the dining room and set up the ironing board in the kitchen. It’s difficult to sew when anybody else is home. Hopefully I’ll get myself set up soon in our “extra room,” which is a glorified garage.

  • Img_0022_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.09 PMby reLYME

    In my tiny townhouse, there’s a tiny room with a window. It’s actually the first room you see when you head upstairs. Anyhow, by that window, I have a table and there sits my pretty sewing machine. I guess you can consider that room my dedicated sewing room, but really, I have fabrics, and thread, and sewing books all over the house (and probably pins, too!), so I guess my entire house is my dedicated sewing room!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.09 PMby firstthingsfirst

    Alas, I’m not one of those people are lucky enough to have a dedicated sewing/craft space. My sewing takes place on the dining room table. But since it’s our ONLY dining room table, I have to temporary-pack-up everything at meal time.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.09 PMby suez

    Being an empty nester has its advantages. I am happy to have extra bedrooms, and one of those is my sewing room. It is a nice sized room, but I don’t know if there is every a room truly large enough for everything!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.05 PMby maryannetc

    I have a dedicated sewing room. It is my room no one else allowed. I also sew at ASG meeting and would love a machine to take to the meetings and charity events.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.05 PMby awil

    A few years ago, we finished our attic into “flex space” that includes a craft/sewing area for me. I love having a room where I can keep all of my sewing and craft stuff together (it used to be all over the house) and I can leave in-progress projects laying out (verses packing away to make room for dinner every night!). But I don’t get up there as much as I would like (toddlers, work, …). Occasionally I still bring my sewing machine down into the dining room when I want to work on something around my other kitchen/laundry activities.

  • 31a3d3dab9f12ff376e130492a6a89f07ca1a954_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 05.04 PMby bitterbunny

    i don’t have a dedicated sewing room, unfortunately, i share a second bedroom with my boyfriend’s books, vhs and dvds. it’s a pretty tiny room, so it’s a tight squeeze and plenty of moving stuff around when I want to use my cutting table :-(

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 04.59 PMby Maria Muscarella

    Wow! Fabulous giveaway!!! No, I don’t have a dedicated room… that would be lovely. I have a small table in my bedroom that has all of my supplies. Mostly, I sew things for my kids…. cute, quick projects.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 04.58 PMby ElaineClare

    I sew in my bedroom, storing supplies in my armoire. Or if I’m doing a big project sometimes I set up on the dining room table.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 04.57 PMby burda-user-913639

    i have a sewing desk tucked away in our tv room – it is practically outside! someday i’ll have a room!

  • 82dd01fc275b4a587482045b0190fe093d5babea_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 04.56 PMby uglybeat

    I sew because it gives me immense satifaction and I love vintage patterns. It’s hard to find affordable, awesome vintage anyway and this way I get to customize it. I have a bedroom dedicated to sewing that is a complete and total disaster. One of my holiday projects is to get it in order!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 04.56 PMby mtnskies

    My dining room is my dedicated sewing space. I don’t have a dining table in there. Instead I have a sewing table, a chest of drawers for fabric and shelves for all the goodies and notions. It’s always a mess when I’m in the midst of a project and it makes it hard to have my home presentable for guests. But I have good lighting!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 04.54 PMby Aerostitcher

    Due to limited space, my sewing and cutting table is set up in my bedroom. I use my bedroom closet to store my fabric and supplies. My sewing furniture closes up so it is very easy to put out of the way when not in use which is not very often truthfully. I long for the day when I could have my own sewing studio. We have been thinking of converting a section on our garage…maybe someday.

  • Pearl_reclining_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 04.53 PMby hayleyroper

    i sew in a corner of the living room, i would love to have a separate sewing area like a lot of people in this thread who are also living room sewers.

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