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Due to special regulations, we have been informed that today’s giveaway is only for U.S. members. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to all of our international members, and hope that you will participate in the majority of this month’s giveaways that are available to everyone.

Welcome to Day 20 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win an “OLFA Essentials PLUS” Gift Pack from OLFA! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Wednesday, December 21st to be entered to win!

This gift pack will include: OLFA 45mm Quick Change Rotary Cutter, OLFA 6” x 24” Non-Slip Frosted Advantage™ Acrylic Ruler, OLFA 24” x 36” Self-Healing Rotary Mat, and PLUSOLFA Rotary Circle Cutter

Comment to Win: How often do you cut using a rotary cutter in a given week?
0 times – I do not own a rotary cutter
1-3 times
4-6 times
7-9 times


This giveaway is sponsored by OLFA

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/21/11] – Congratulations to member saxysarah for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 20!


  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.59 AMby LindaNowakowski

    1-3 Times a week right now though a ROTARY cutter could really change the game.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.55 AMby lindac

    As of right now, zero times a week, but I would use it often if I owned one, or should I say them, as to cutter and mat.. What a really neat package gift —-I hope I win!


  • Raw_0468_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.45 AMby aluckmann

    Hmm, i wish I could say 7-9 times a week because I am always sewing and cutting new projects – but that would be more my daydream than reality. In truth, 1-3 times a week would be pushing it. I like to use my rotary cutting with most of my sewing projects, but I just don’t sew enough.

  • Alli_purplewig_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.45 AMby kuhkaw

    4-6 times. My little Olfa rotary cutter has been a game-changer! With this kit, you could call me the “OLFActory.”

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.40 AMby Jesus4Mayor

    0- I do not own a rotary cutter. I want one really bad. I have been keeping my eye out for some kind of bundle pack like this or just a good rotary cutter but I haven’t found any. If I had one I would definitely use it every day. The blade on it would be wore out before I was done with it. Do you know how many clothes and all kinds of different things this could help make! This would be SO AWESOME to have.

  • Corn_and_shoes_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.35 AMby mashka

    I enjoy using my rotary cutter for straight lines, but I tend to use my fabric scissors a bit more (I do not have a very large cutting mat, so cutting larger projects with the rotary cutter is tricky). So, on average it would be 0 to 1 time per week when sewing.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.32 AMby eliniker

    10+ times in a day, when I get a ‘whole’ day to sew…. which is usually once a week. I use my rotary cutter to cut out most things. It’s a great time saver!

  • 65b1224bafc6a8eaaa7e3f5032fed43e263d44e3_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.29 AMby lonelyacrobat

    I lost my beloved circle cutter when I moved out of my studio – I need a new one!!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.28 AMby Jkabana

    During a sewing week it is never put away, which translates to used daily.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.27 AMby befadee

    0, I don’t own one. But I would definitely use one frequently if I had one!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.23 AMby chrisalis

    The rotary cutter comes out daily and use it all day long while I’m in the midst of a project. 10+ times per week. It totally transforms pattern cutting and makes dealing with multiple layers a cinch. The self healing mat with ruler markings are perfect for keeping projects aligned. I just started using my rotary cutter last year. It had been in my sewing box for 2 years, unused. It is my cutting tool of choice now. Way happy ;-)

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.23 AMby quiltit315

    I try to sew at least 4 days a week. I use a rotary cutter to cut out all my patterns. I would love to find a tool that can really sharpen the spent blades

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.10 AMby multifaceted

    10+ for me! I use mine to cut out quilt pieces, sewing patterns, applique pieces… I even use it to trim things after I sew, as well as the long tails of threads that I forget to cut at the machine. I now hate using regular scissors.

    A circle rotary cutter is something I’m definitely going to look into, too… that’s the one thing I can’t really accurately cut with my own already!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.09 AMby mtnskies

    Definitely 10+. I wouldn’t sew near as much as I do if I had to use scissors all the time. Rotary cutters have definitely changed the sewing world!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.09 AMby grammaheh1

    I love the olfa rotary cutter and mat that I have, but they are both about 15 years old , so I could definitely use new ones!! When I sew, I could use them 15 or more times in a day! I probably average about 4 or five times a week. It would be wonderful to own a circle cutter!

  • Barbie_girl_012_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.07 AMby bethangil

    How many times per week would depend on how much I’m sewing. Probably about 2-3 times per week. I use a combination of rotary and dress shears when sewing garments, and could not function without my rotary cutter. And BTW— don’t ever leave your mat in a hot car. Ask me how I know ;)

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.06 AMby elzeen

    I use my rotary cutter 1-3 times a week and could really use some new tools!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 03.03 AMby Molly Kummerle

    0 – i don’t actually have one, but i desperately need one, they are awesome!! ;)

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.59 AMby Sherri Voebel

    Normally, I use a rotary cutter 2-3 times per week. My sewing stash was lifted in a theft and I feel so lost without it. I’d love to win! Sherri Voebel Naperville, IL

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.58 AMby itsmhuang

    I wish I had a rotary cutter because it looks so simple to use… but it’s all too expensive ):

  • Mersinger8_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.57 AMby missyiss

    10+ Love my rotary cutter!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.57 AMby Lea Bishop

    Depends on if I have a project going on. If I do then maybe 4 times a week. Enough that I need a new blade!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.56 AMby carole212

    i use a rotary cutter + mat for sewing projects, book projects, hand printing projects—-you name it.

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.53 AMby sewnuts321

    10+ Life has changed since adapting to using rotary cutting!

  • 707b1013f78069784623b77a1715c6c638e3c011_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.52 AMby lizro

    I do not own a rotary cutter but that would be cool to have!

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.52 AMby seelie

    0 times – I do not own a rotary cutter

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.51 AMby ldlakip

    I use a rotary cutter 1-3x depending on projects I am working on—sometimes more. BUT a circle cutting cutter would be auwsome as I cut alot of circles for many projects and have to do them all by hand. Olfa makes wonderful products!

  • D1c4e95bb5d9aebfc67283348dfb8502bec4b3de_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.38 AMby saang

    o times as I do not own one. Not only would this help in drafting patterns it would be a good assist in my design work. Thank you for this oportunity.

  • Howells_q125_005_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.36 AMby rltejkl

    10+ I use it to cut most of my fabric and I have a seperate one for paper.

  • 6a5a1827b20c45596245236b093f08e3cbe4c268_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.33 AMby dboswell

    When I’m on a roll with sewing for my grandchildren and quilting I’ll use my cutting mat and rotary cutter daily … basically, it can be from 0 to 10+ or anything in between.

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