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Welcome to Day 16 of our Holiday Giveaway! Here is your chance to win a Poly Sheen Thread Case from Amann Group Mettler! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Saturday, December 17th to be entered to win!

You will never lose thread with the Amann Group Mettler Thread Case.

– Minimal space requirement – great capacity. Up to 96 Amann Group Mettler thread spools may be stored and are clearly visible in the 39 × 35 × 9 cm small plastic box. And they are protected from dirt, dust and humidity.

– Ready to hand in seconds. Thanks to the optimal safekeeping system – each spool has his own place into the box – you get a good overview on the desired thread in no time. The remaining colors are guaranteed to stay on the spot.

– Handy to use. The Amann Group Mettler thread case finds its place anywhere, whether it is free standing or partially opened on the table.

– Use it at home or on the road. With the Amann Group Mettler thread case your thread spools are always secure and under control.

1x thread case offering space for 96 spools of Amann Group Mettler Poly Sheen (Art. 3406)

Comment to Win: Where did you learn to sew?


This giveaway is sponsored by Mettler

*Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/19/11] – Congratulations to member madrid64 for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 16!


  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 02.11 PMby photodoll

    My mom gave me fabric misses and pins and thread and needles when I was about 6 to make clothes for my dolls then when I was pass that she taught me to sew on a machine. Which she put a block on the foot peddle so I would not go to fast. by 9 I was making my clothes and dress for school…

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 02.07 PMby moorjenn

    First from my mother, as she stitched up our clothes and costumes when I was a child. After some experimenting in my teens, I turned to the Internet and books in my 30’s to learn some of the finishing techniques I needed to keep my garments from looking so home-ec. Without blogs and Burdastyle, I would never have been able to learn to fit my patterns correctly, or know the importance of a good pressing.

  • 271b6230d7f4cd766994d54d0c1222933059364a_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 02.04 PMby ghainskom

    On the internet, and that includes burdastyle.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 01.39 PMby miachan

    I got a very basic Brother sewing machine about a month ago.. not long after that I bought an online course from craftsy dot com. but i also got lots of helps from blogs and websites such as sewmamasew and youtube :))… i am still a newbie though.. would be very very happy to get this pretty giveaway…

  • Me_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 01.22 PMby Linda Edmonson

    I was pretty much self taught with lots of trial & error, practice, good books and encouragement from my mom. I’ll never forget when I got my first sewing machine as a Christmas gift!

  • New_crafts_426_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 01.18 PMby pinsandneedles

    I haven’t quite yet.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 01.08 PMby Jazmijntje

    I learned the first basics by myself. This was for sewing bags. Recently I started sewing clothing and decided to take some classes. Now I am learning tricks and sewing correctly ;-)

  • Woolenbmoor_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 12.58 PMby woolenwears

    I never had someone sit down with me and teach me…But I did watch my grandmother sew for hours, and was fascinated by the sound of the machine, fabrics, and the ability to create whatever you wanted. I guess something clicked!!

  • Img_0124_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 12.44 PMby Sippe

    By my self, with help from library books. Brought a sewing machine in the middle of the 80’es and went to the library, and bingo, I just got a new hobby. I started with patchwork, and added clothes later on.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 12.40 PMby babyjenn

    I am happy to say that my mother taught me to sew. And is still helping me all the time. SO happy to have her!

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 12.33 PMby anneecharri

    Still learning!!! Mostly from trial and error and keep practising – reading and absorbing all the wonderful blogs, tips, tutorials etc on the www :)

  • _2_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 12.27 PMby Liora Litman-Cohen

    by my mother,my school and by my common sence.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 11.52 AMby Margaret Hadam-Hay

    Surprisingly – my father :) My grandmother taught my father, in Poland, when he was a boy and my father taught me. I’d ask my mother questions though, since she was more patient.

  • Iphone_barbara_578_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 11.29 AMby barona

    I learned to hand sew from my mother, when I was a child. Two years ago I went to some sewing and pattern drafting lessons, I keep on learning constantly from internet. Tutorials and tips are priceless.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 11.22 AMby Wendy Christie

    From my Mum and lots of trial and error. I had plenty of time to spare then…

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 11.09 AMby egdirb

    At a desk in student halls with the machine instruction manual and lots of help from the internet.

  • Aibeiaiaaabdcivp8_6utmdjkcildmnhcmrfcghvdg8qkduxmzljmtbkmzi0zjq1yzbkzme5mtewmmqymtzjode3ymzindhmzjewacujhxjosiikms4lfglgsrd75kga_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 11.08 AMby Shira B

    mostly on my own (internet)

  • P1120443_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 11.02 AMby alyc

    At home, from Burda Magazine !

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 10.09 AMby kallie

    At home, from my mother.

  • 73d1bf970e4b23be45881163e39fbc819a318352_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 09.55 AMby queenvanilla

    By myself, with the internet as a guide.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 09.35 AMby KathfromOz

    I seemed to just know! I was apt to experiment on my own. I don’t remember my Mum actually showing me, but she did do a lot of home sewing. We were taught in primary school when I was about 10, just hand sewing the seams. The teacher had already prepared the skirt pieces ready to sew. I took proper dressmaking lessons at technical college, in my teens and as a young wife.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 08.59 AMby katesj

    I learned to sew at home with my Mom at first, then I sewed in school and then took classes one summer.

  • Me_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 08.45 AMby jessdunstan

    My mom taught me to sew by hand when I was about 5 or 6 years old and then I moved onto the machine at about 8 years old.

  • 9b6a2f8482f1e431b0a19a8ca8d654b3ccf1ed36_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 08.28 AMby pink-cornelia

    I am selftaught, but I had a lot of help from the internet. :D

  • 9b6a2f8482f1e431b0a19a8ca8d654b3ccf1ed36_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 08.28 AMby pink-cornelia

    I am selftaught, but I had a lot of help from the internet. :D

  • 9b6a2f8482f1e431b0a19a8ca8d654b3ccf1ed36_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 08.28 AMby pink-cornelia

    I am selftaught, but I had a lot of help from the internet. :D

  • 9b6a2f8482f1e431b0a19a8ca8d654b3ccf1ed36_large

    Dec 17, 2011, 08.28 AMby pink-cornelia

    I am selftaught, but I had a lot of help from the internet. :D

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 07.17 AMby stacystemp

    I leaned from my mom when I was young.

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 07.11 AMby ahkisha

    I learned to sew by myself freshman year of high school. I was very interested and just decided to go for it!

  • Missing

    Dec 17, 2011, 06.29 AMby becci

    I learnt to sew at high school in home ec. classes. And I taught myself to sew garments using Burda World of Fashion magazines. I’ve been buying them for over 20 years!

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