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Welcome to day 15 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win two thread collections from Coats and Clark! Comment on this blog article by 9AM (EST) Thursday, December 16th to be entered to win!

General Purpose Dual Duty XP Thread is a medium weight thread sized for most hand and machine sewing. It can be used on all fivers, knits and wovens. Dual Duty XP is a strong smooth thread for consistent tension and excellent stitch formation. New trap spool holds thread neatly and securely. The 50 spool collection contains a variety of colors including multicolors on 125 yard (114 meters).

Coats Rayon thread assortment contains 24 spools of lustrous rayon embroidery thread for decorative stitching, machine embroidery, monogramming and appliques. The 24 colors include basic neutrals, pastels and brights on new trap spools. Each spool has 225 yards (206 meters) of 40 wt embroidery thread.

Comment to Win: “National Sewing Month in September, is a time to indulge your passion for sewing and is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to the craft if you’ve never tried it before.”
What would you like the community of BurdaStyle to do, to be a part of National Sewing Month in September 2011?

Congratulations to momof11 who won the Notions Basket from Prym!


This giveaway is sponsored by Coats and Clark


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    Dec 16, 2010, 03.28 AMby weather

    nice giveaway! i think it would be cool if you all could organize ways for bloggera and followers of blogs to meet other seamstresses in their area.

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 03.27 AMby Phyu Myo Hlaing(Jasmine)

    I would love Burdastyle have a sewing contest in September 2011 to be a part of National Sewing Month. I would love to take part in it too.

  • Photo_on_2011-07-10_at_17_23_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 03.26 AMby cthuliz

    A contest to represent a certain era. I always love marveling at BurdaStyle creations, especially when era-specific.

  • Aa42fbf17b88b16bf325271472b87192dc1bcb48_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 03.01 AMby tklexi

    A series of beginner’s tutorial sewing videos, teaching techniques with upcycled projects, to get beginner’s into sewing, and demonstrate the proper basic techniques, without having to invest in large amounts of materials, doing something good for the environment, and still getting impressive results for such quick projects.

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 03.00 AMby dawnab

    This is a wonderful opportunity to ask members who are experts at a particular craft or style to volunter to pair up with members who would like to learn. A list of experts with a description of their craft could be organized and the “student” could contact them. This will not only encourage new skills but friendships!

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.51 AMby barbaralenore

    I would like ideas designed to interest youngsters in sewing, the boys and the girls.

  • 08589bdbb0c21078a39f2921064b87831e8d4804_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.51 AMby amyadoyzie

    BurdaStyle can have a contest featuring novice patterns created by its members. This is a great way to engage advanced sewers so that they can help to usher in more folks to the community with something they created.

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.49 AMby sewingelle

    I’d love to see designer patterns used as a competition: designer supplies patterns free on BurdaStyle, we all get to make them and enter a competion for best made, best interpretation, best quirky etcetc.

  • Self_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.44 AMby jsanga

    hmmm … have a theme and have members sew an outfit for that theme and then have a virtual fashion show? lol

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.43 AMby RebeccaKurz

    Since BurdaStyle is in the unique position of being one of the coolest sewing sites online, a multipronged approach is definitely appropriate. Many members have offered really great ideas, such as “Sewing for Change,” encouraging non-sewers to get threading, and varied skill level projects and advice for beginners (such as myself). I would propose three major events for the month of September. 1. Sew for Change: choose a charity and let’s all get sewing to make a difference 2. Sew for Expression: ask members to get one person (or a group of people, youth, etc.) to “feel” what the act of creation can do for the heart and soul and turn them onto the world of sewing (members can post stories and pictures). 3. Sew for the Soul: ask members to express how sewing makes them feel (maybe this is a specific piece that truly captures their feelings or self). This are just a few ideas. I love sewing and I LOVE this site, which I just found tonight. I don’t see why this site cannot do more than just be a website community. I’m absolutely going to make the Coffee Date Dress and tell everyone I know about this website. THANK YOU!!!! This is really amazing!!!!

  • Turq_bow_1_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.29 AMby moransa

    I like the idea of sew alongs on Burda style. they are a great way to get motivated and stay on track with a project.

  • 32f43ca31ede4eebe4ff12b8fbdfb7595969b30c_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.28 AMby wendyxo

    A really cool free pattern!

  • Pincushion-box_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.28 AMby classybroad23

    Free trial subscription or issue of Burda Magazine! :3

  • Profile_pic_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.24 AMby sariemclouder

    I think it would be nice to do a video blog-a-day with simple sewing techniques to get people started sewing who never have before – parts of the machine, how to thread, holding fabric, etc. plus patterns attached for easy skirts, shirts or bags with tutorials so at the end of the month you have something to show for your lessons learned!

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.23 AMby susankaye

    I also think that some simple free patterns for beginners would be a great idea. Especially something that would appeal to the younger crowd. I’m just beginning to teach my own daughter to sew and would love some great beginner ideas for her to do. And I LOVE the thread. It would be great to win it.

  • Headshot_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.23 AMby Sadie Fox Metter

    I think BurdaStyle should host blogger’s sewing tutorials in honor of National Sewing Month next year! I want thread!!!

  • Sarah3_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.20 AMby Paragonstudios

    Lovely idea, patterns for beginners! My granddaughter in Chicago is getting a singer from Santa this christmas. This is her first machine, she’s in high school and has her first job. She will be so excited and ready to learn, it would be great for her to have a site where she can learn the basics since she lives to far away from me for me to teach her.

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.16 AMby Erin McSorley

    I like the suggestions about helping to teach sewing in schools. A kid who learns how to sew learns more about economics, sustainability, and self-empowerment than is typically taught at school! Maybe Burda can team up with some of its sponsors to donate sewing machines and supplies to schools and host some workshops to get them started.

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.14 AMby celestem

    I think someone mentioned it before, but a street team or more marketing to younger audiences would be awesome.

  • 5cd5d8af848113a3b82298fb96b4e5d2d5c9dab0_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.04 AMby piperest

    Totes fab. I’d use the shiny rayon thread to construct some mad shiny dancin’ pants!

  • B60215e6ab65e211ee3b666b4b0d36ab3dd018ea_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.04 AMby scanloew

    I think Burda should create step-by-step on-line patterns for novices. It could be like a mini informational course for those who want to start, but have never created any real pattern!

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.03 AMby sewtocreate

    I would like to see added more free & simple fashion designer patterns so maybe younger generation would take the intest in sewing their own clothes & feel good about themselves. It would give them something meaningful to do with their hands & minds & get real passion for sewing.

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 02.01 AMby ggexpansive

    IT would be great if Burda held work shops at schools around the country to show how to sew a simple project. It would also be nice if a side part was on how to read patterns and take measurements, that i think would help new sewers not be defeated by their first projects. I would also love to see a online contest that month just for 1st sewing projects. also a free down load pattern for something easy like pajama pants. For others it would be nice to each week profile a designer and a main technique they use and show how to do it, then have a contest at the end of the month for best use of one of the techniques!

  • Img_0260_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 01.52 AMby ginasophia

    I need to find this for my 12yo sister! I am teaching her to sew this holiday season!!

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 01.51 AMby Robin Janz

    Perhaps Burda Style could post a free pattern each day of September, varying the degree of difficulty for those with differing skill levels. This would encourage everyone, no matter their skill level, to sew more, and perhaps give the total beginner the jump start to begin!

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 01.49 AMby daphne-1

    yeah, some sort of free demonstration type thing to younger kids to show them how to modify their clothes

  • 106_0684_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 01.44 AMby doobee

    Is it possible for a small group of us ‘Burda-fanatics’ to sew for others in need? Simple items like baby blankets, premmie clothing, bed items for the elderly, even blankets for at-risk pets in care. Easily one targeted group per month is do-able, with photos posted. Crafty knitting groups do it, so easily we could whip up simple items that will be well appreciated by those not as fortunate…….something to think about :)

  • 448dd87d25d5c5e2183b3bf28647e8ac07032493_large

    Dec 16, 2010, 01.42 AMby sondraleigh

    There are a lot of great ideas already posted about how to get more young people involved in sewing. I agree this should be the focus of sewing month.

    All that thread looks delicious! :D

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 01.42 AMby quailsareneat-1

    I like the idea of a (or multiple) sew-a-thons!

  • Missing

    Dec 16, 2010, 01.36 AMby suriah

    There’s a National Sewing Month? What a fabulous excuse to sew, sew, sew! Anyway, I think it would be fabulous if somehow I could have a sewing mentor. And perhaps, in turn, I could mentor someone who is completely new to sewing. Is there a way for BurdaStyle to facilitate this for the next National Sewing Month? Also, I’d love it if the demographics of the typical sewer were expanded. More projects for men? More projects for children?

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