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[Update: 12/13/2011] – Due to special regulations, we have been informed that today’s giveaway is only for U.S. members. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to all of our international members, and hope that you will participate in the majority of this month’s giveaways that are available to everyone.

Welcome to Day 13 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win a 5234PRW Project Runway™ Limited Edition Serger from Brother! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Wednesday, December 14th to be entered to win!

The 5234PRW from Brother is the first serger to be introduced into the Project Runway Limited Edition collection of machines. This serger will add a professional look to your next project with serged seam finishes. Garment seams lie flatter and look better with an overlock stitch. Plus, home décor projects often suggest the use of a serger for rolled hems and secure seams and differential feed. The included large extension table adds extra space for handling large projects and the free arm makes it easier to sew sleeves, trouser legs and other hard to reach places.

Comment to Win: What is your sewing background?


This giveaway is sponsored by Brother

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/14/11] – Congratulations to member Jennifer633 for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 13!


  • Lacey_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 04.04 PMby joen

    I have been sewing since I was in 3rd grade, thanks to a very patient Mom who taught me how to sew. I sewed all my clothes in high school (got voted “best dressed” as a result !) and later my work clothes. After taking a slight detour to raise a family and sew little girl clothes and doll clothes I am back to sewing for my own pleasure and enjoyment. My quest is to learn new sewing techiques by taking a few local classes, reading sewing blogs and books to increase my sewing “know how”.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 04.02 PMby megabyte24

    Entirely self-taught. One day decided that I wanted to make a pocket protector, and choose to do this on my Mum’s sewing machine. Has been a useful skill to use and develop through the years.

  • Baf6772168a6690547feae49da8eef928b72bc87_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 04.01 PMby captain-obvious

    I learned how to sew in the fourth grade. My first project was a circle. I continued sewing and here I am today, still sewing.

  • 5453090784_5a98f34607_m_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 04.00 PMby ahearta

    I’ve only just started sewing really in the past year. My grandmother’s both sewed, and my mother-in-law is a fantastic seamstress, so I’ve been around it my whole life, but it wasn’t until a lovely Christmas gift from my parents (my sewing machine) and a birthday gift from my mother-in-law (patterns and fashion fabric) that I found my love for garment sewing.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 04.00 PMby lindac

    My mother was very talented. She made me beautiful dresses, all by hand, before she ever got a machine. She made my graduation dress (7th grade) by hand, white organdy with white lace around the big collar.A white eyelet long dress for 12th grade——but, because my mother was so talented, I did not learn to sew. Mother was not a teacher—-she could do but not teach. I tried sewing in high school and, after almost a quarter of laying out the pattern having the teacher say, do it again, finally being allowed to cut, actually gathering a skirt for weeks (the threads kept breaking as I pulled them). Finally the teacher would say, “Why don’t you take it home and let your mother help you?” (She and I both knew that Mother would finish it).

    When I got married I had a friend and neighbor who had taught sewing and just watching her fearlessly sew inspired.I got a bare bones machine somewhere and start by doing little button over the shoulder dresses for my first daughter. In the summer thin cotton, in the winter corduroy. The button were sewed on for the effect at first, I sewed snaps underneath. From there I progressed to simple dresses and skirts for myself. I did not sew too much for my sons except costumes. We had wonderful Halloween costumes.

    I have not yet mastered knits which is why I need to learn to use a serger.


  • 250562_10150202153686396_567431395_7433008_542769_n_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.59 PMby plaidlinoleum

    I started sewing by hand around age 8 making things for my dolls mostly, and moved on to the sewing machine in junior high. My first big project was a dress for my school’s 9th grade Renaissance fair. My mom taught me the basics, and then I was mostly self taught after that. Now I do a lot of sewing for my puppet work, and make stuff for myself and friends in my spare time.

  • Sidney_and_me_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.58 PMby easbrooke

    Both my mom and grandma sew so I was always around sewing machines. I also had several homemade dresses and outfits growing up. I learned how to sew in home ec and my mom and grandma both have taught me various techniques and skills. I now have my mom’s old sewing machine that she used when I was growing up.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.57 PMby singultus

    My grandma is a tailor but a very bad unpatient teacher and every time she tried to teach me any sewing she ended up doing it herself. Later she gave me her sewing book from the 50s which she used during her apprenticeship. So when I got my own sewing machine at the age of 18, I learned sewing selftaught, with the help of the book and Burda magazines from the library – it took me hours to battle my way through the explanations without pictures but I learned a lot. Still I m not perfect and I work very slowly..
  • Boda2_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.57 PMby kittelisa

    I come from a long line of sewing women.My grandmother was a wonderful dressmaker. So my mum was born between fabrics and threads, and my grandmother taught her when she was a little girl. When I was a kid, my mother used to sew my dresses. All of them are lovely I keep them in an old suitcase. When I was a little girl I used to play with pieces of fabric that my mother and grandmother gave to me. My grandmother was bride dresses dressmaker, so when I was a kid I used to made bride dresses for all my dolls. :) Maybe one day I’ll sew my own bride dress with this great serger.

  • Screen_shot_2011-11-15_at_9_21_55_pm_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.57 PMby surbee

    i’m a novice but obsessed at the moment! i sewed when i was younger making scrunchies but had the itch to pick it up in a serious manner in the past year and i can’t stop now! i’m focused on making garments at present and am working off of a brother machine. in fact i’m wearing a dress today at work that i made. exciting!

  • Sxsw_fashion_show_chickclick_photos_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.56 PMby robiedodson

    Wow, what a generous giveaway Brother! I’m teary just thinking about the possibility of winning!

    My sewing background would not be accurately told if I don’t first mention my grandmother. She is the sewing matriarch of our family! She made every halloween costume, every dance formal, and almost every wedding dress for our family. At 95, she’s had to hand over her sewing machine..but I’m grateful to be able to carry on the craft. I’m not quite old enough to be considered the “Matriarch” yet, but I’m working on earning the title! (For me, I started sewing my first year of marriage as I realized how frugal (yet wonderful) my husband is! I knew the only way I was going to get nice curtains was if I could learn to make them myself. So he bought me my first sewing class – which was a tough decision for him – but it’s been 11 years, and I have NEVER put my sewing machine away! A great investment for a frugally fabulous husband! Thank you Memaw and Jonathan for giving me this gift!

  • Life_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.55 PMby ravenztarot

    My mother sewed, she past away after I finished college, sewing was something i hated! I helped her with much moaning and groaning. My mom could look at something then come home and make it. Now that is talent. My daughter recived that talent but it seemed to have skipped me but I am learning late in life and it has become my source of happiness. In fact I made 70% of all my christmas gifts this year! I wish i had taken an interest when my mother was there to teach me. Sometimes i think she < my mom> looks down on me and laughs when she sees me doing something dinky like sew myself to my projects!

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.54 PMby Victoria Callas

    My mother was a dressmaker so I grew up playing around threads and fabric scraps… I also learnt sewing basics at the very young age. However, I got into “serious” sewing only a couple years back. I guess I needed time for it to develop into true passion :)

  • 1_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.53 PMby madyb

    My first experience with sewing was through my grandmother,who taught me the basics,but mostly i am a self-taught sewer!

  • C74c33cb0fa288d12cf175183f78dfe556a5d163_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.52 PMby patalie

    I only started sewing five years ago, my mother doesn’t sew. Although I am sure my grandmother must know how to sew, having eight kids, she has never let on.

  • Foto_noe_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.51 PMby dobleufa

    I learnt how to use my grandmas pedal machine when I was 12. After school I studied fashion design. Nowadays I learn a lot from sewing websites and books.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.51 PMby innocentlyevil1

    I started sewing in my sophmore year of college. I couldn’t afford to buy new clothes so I take hand-me-downs and clothes that I find at the Goodwill and redo them. I bought about four books to help me with learning techniques and the dos and don’ts of sewing. It really helps because I can’t afford elaborate gifts but if someone knows that you made it yourself, it seems that much more special; so who said money is everything? lol

  • Queen-annes-lace_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.47 PMby stefilu

    I moved to the US 2 1/2 years ago, with no job at the beginning and looking for a hobby to fill my free time. I asked Santa for a sewing machine and I started sewing for the first time in my life. I’m self taught.

  • Feisty_girl_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.44 PMby ashleyraine

    I sewed with my grandmother when I was younger, but only in the last few years have I really dug in and completed projects myself. I still have to call my mom every now and then for advice, but I think I’m beginning to pass her up in experience! Heh heh.

  • B9d2cca99cbd44d16d3e10715346ddb1c53c5e69_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.43 PMby kallers

    I think I have a fairly typical story. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was very young (we used to sew an outfit for the first day of school every year). I sewed sporadically through highschool and then stopped when I started college. Ten years later, in 2007, I started sewing again, and haven’t turned back.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.42 PMby kdschafer

    My mom taught me to sew when I was young. I took home ec in middle school and they had us make things I already knew how to do. I sewed for one of my 4-H projects and made a fair amount of clothing for myself when I was in my teens and 20’s. Sewing took a hiatus, except for the occasional hem or button, until about 6 years ago when we bought a bigger house. I had lots of home decor projects and now my daughter is sewing for 4-H. She has made some really cute outfits and I and sure my mother is smiling down from heaven at her progress. I don’t own a serger, so it would come in handy going forward.

  • Lushavatar_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.42 PMby jenniferose7

    I’ve been sewing for 16 years now. I took my first sewing class when i was Junior in high school and I’ve been building on those skills ever since. For me, sitting behind my machine with some good music or a movie on in the background is a great way to relax.

  • Rina_avatar_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.37 PMby smith7387

    I started sewing my senior year of high school, when I decided to sew my own cosplay outfits (I had worn 2 before that I did no sewing on, getting help from others.) This past year I made my first full outfit from scratch and I’m finishing up making a yukata from scratch. I’ve only ever hand-sewed, but I’m hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas.

  • 14572972_10207359872182070_6980172418040017085_n_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.37 PMby Romanssi

    iw been sewing since i was really young, i used to sew with my granny barbie and doll cloths, also knit em. i had pretty long break from sewing after my granny died (i used to live with her and i didnt have sewing machine after she passed by. i wished sewing machine from my husband last year and he bought me one on present, its been on huge use, now im missing serger :P

  • 07d314f50fc1a09abe8a1649bb6a9678bae010f5_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.36 PMby dawnwich

    My father taught me how to sew. He came from a family where everyone sewed so he thought it was important we learn. He didn’t know sewing well beyond using a sewing machine, so I’ve had to learn a lot on my own through books and friends and online classes. But we made a quilt together, and he taught me how to use his old Singers. He used to buy old Singers and fix them up to sell. He was more of a mechanic than a tailor.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.35 PMby kganf

    I sewed a little bit with my Mom when I was a kid, but my sewing obsession truly took hold when my mother-in-law bought me a sewing machine for Christmas six years ago. She introduced me to quilting and home decor sewing, and I’ve since moved into garment sewing for myself and my daughter. Would love a serger to achieve that professional look!

  • Minoru-jacket3_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.32 PMby suzeb

    My mom taught when I was little: around age 9, I think. I’ve taken a few classes along the way, and have studied patternmaking at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC.

  • Headshot_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.32 PMby Sadie Fox Metter

    I come from a long line of sewing women. My great grandmother sewed on a treadle machine. My 86 year old grandmother still sews on the machine she got in 1960 and teaches others how to make doll clothes. My mother made lots of my clothes when I was a kid and my prom and homecoming dresses were all handmade. I don’t remember actually being taught to sew. I just sewed. I remember making Barbie clothes by hand and sitting down to make clothing in high school for myself on my mom’s machine. I now teach sewing at a local craft boutique in Denver and my favorite class to teach is the basic sewing 101. I love sending new sewers out into the world and taking the mystery out of using a sewing machine.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.32 PMby avisiblelife

    What a fantastic giveaway!! I have been dying to try a serger and I bet this one would be a wonderful start. Thanks so much for offering it.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 03.31 PMby wassidy

    My mother always sewed when I was growing up. My brother and I naturally started altering our clothes. It all just came from that.

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