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Welcome to Day 12 of our Holiday Giveaway! Win a Library of Sewing Titles and Canvas Tote from Random House, Inc.! Comment on this blog article by 10AM (EST) Tuesday, December 13th to be entered to win!

This prize includes a Potter Craft Fifth Anniversary Canvas Tote, a copy of The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook, a copy of Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, a copy of The Party Dress by Mary Adams, a copy of Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara, a copy of Simply Sublime Gifts by Jodi Kahn, a copy of Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal, and a copy of Sweet Stitches from the Heart by Anne Souhier-Fournel, Agnes Delage-Calvet, and Isabelle Leloup.

Comment to Win: Where do you find your sewing inspiration? What books or websites are your favorites?


This giveaway is sponsored by Random House

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy policy. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.

[Update 12/13/11] – Congratulations to member tsedai for winning the Holiday Giveaway Day 12!


  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 02.23 PMby sradecki

    I find my sewing inspiration everywhere. In stores, patterns, on Project Runway. I like to look at patterns from McCall’s, Butterick, and Simplicity. I look at their websites. I also like what if find on the Burda website. so much inspiration.

  • B6e8478911e32abbfa88924d28cbff1d359e089d_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 02.06 PMby atrinka

    Blogs, movies, old pictures!

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 01.54 PMby arwencayton

    My inspiration comes from my little girl. I look at her and what things she likes and try to make outfits that match her personality. I also like to look at old patterns from the 1800-1950’s to see if there are things that could be done with them to make it a more modern look but keep the over all look the same. When the fabric comes thru the door I have an idea, and go with it. Truly it is my little girl who makes me do what I do and I love her for it.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 01.53 PMby Monkee Boo

    I get my inspiration from this website, Burdamode magazine, Japanese sewing books.

  • Profilepic_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 01.25 PMby demarie

    I get a lot of inspiration from Burdastyle. This site is one of my favorites!

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 01.19 PMby craftynhmom

    I get tons of inspiration from sewing books, which I can never have enough of. The Budastyle website and Flickr are also great for ideas! I always keep a list of future projects.

  • Img_1007_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 01.06 PMby Purplerachel

    I get my sewing inspiration from different looks I see and love. I love burda style website.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 12.37 PMby oddduck

    I’m inspired by beautiful things that look like they’d have to be handmade or couture to get that effect. In sewing and knitting, it has to be unusual for me to make it worth my time to make it.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 12.11 PMby Julio Villa

    I usually get it from wallpapers or things I see in my mind and want to create. I don’t really read too many blogs or books. This website is one of the first resources I’ve started using since I was browsing through books at the shoppete on my base and I found the burdastyle book.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 11.53 AMby kallie

    Burdastyle’s website and japanese sewing magazines.

  • Amhb_sq_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 11.13 AMby adriprints

    my favorite websites for sewing inspiration are: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing, the Coletterie, Mod Cloth, Anthropologie (for knitting & crochet too)…. I also find lots of inspiration in real life from the people on the street. As for books, I have a few Simplicity sewing books from the 1970s that are pretty awesome… these books feature high-tech fabrics such as lamé. Yessss. :D

  • Picture_146_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 11.13 AMby squarebob

    glamour magazine, my sex and the city dvds, burdastyle obviously and general people watching- i drunkanly asked a random person at my chritmas party to take a picture of her cos i liked her dress..

  • 5b547b8a08fb6683c608f3016654d3903e7bd8b5_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 11.10 AMby erin

    I get my inspiration nature, there are so many different looking landscapes and citys and they include so great and most of all different colours! The most inspiring city I’ve ever been to yet is Edinburgh, with all it’s closes and old fashioned streets. Also I’m always inspirated from the traditonal clothing of different cultures, most of all my own bavarian culture with all that dirndls, but from other cultures as well. The most inspiring website is etsy for me I think and of course burdastyle, because of the vast number of people from different countries and cultures which all have their very own way of style :)

  • 68e375b12add746db86ff64186ed232b50021fd9_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 11.09 AMby alexus1325

    So many awesome crafty people inspire me every day on BurdaStyle and Craftster. I also love the stylish girls of the Top Model franchise, the Polyvore newsletter, and various blogs around the interweb (Outsapop, MPB, …love Maegan). Sometimes, though, the fabric tells me what it wants to be :D

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 11.08 AMby Wendy Christie

    I find my inspiration everywhere, obviously here, books, old pattern and just seeing what people are wearing when I’m out and about.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 10.56 AMby fkmarchefka

    My latest inspiration and time-eater is pinterest, but also Burda, sweing blogs, people in the streets, fabrics I find in stores… sometimes an idea comes out of the blue… ;-)

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 10.20 AMby photodoll

    I find the craft books at garage sale, resell shops, bargain stores and where they are selling old books I look for the craft books….They have the best stuff in them.

  • 2ec794ad0aab31308b80ae690170adc92f1f5e0e_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 09.22 AMby marmota-b

    All sorts of places. Blogs, pictures of vintage sewing patterns, street style blogs (most of the time it’s not my style, but every now and then something pops up that speaks to me). Films. Historical fashions (extant clothes, fashion plates, paintings).

  • Fabiana1_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 07.59 AMby Fabiana Mattos

    I love old sewing books as a source for inspiration, such as Adele Margolis’ or old sewing magazines like Manequim (from Brazil), for example.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.41 AMby selleck

    When I see the new lines of fabric arrive at the quilt shop my mind races with ideas.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.35 AMby Shannon Gruber Burchard

    I am inspired by a slew of website, but I think Sew Weekly more than anything really inspired me to get sewing again.

  • Img_1294_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.34 AMby emily-marie

    I’m inspired by movies, music and music videos the most. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration.

  • Missing

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.32 AMby taiwo .

    Burdastyle as well as when I’m randomly surfing the web.

  • Corn_and_shoes_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.31 AMby mashka

    I love the two sewing books by Amy Karol and the new book by Collette Patterns, very simple and easy to understand, plus great pictures! Besides BurdaStyle, I have not been on too many of the sewing websites that are out there.

  • 5453090784_5a98f34607_m_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.29 AMby ahearta

    BurdaStyle, Pinterest, Sewing Blogs, the media… there’s so much inspiration out there!

  • Anastasia_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.10 AMby rubyfox

    my insiporation comes from many places, but mostly out of necessity for clothes & not finding what I like at the stores (or not wanting to pay $$$). I get a lot of inspiration from the internet now. I have always loved Burda patterns, been buying the magazines whenever I see great pieces inside. Also, I follow updates from the Facebook page. I also Like Hot Patterns & Vogue Patterns for the fit, and vintage patterns from the 50s & 60s. I’m a member on Pinterest & find many unexpected ideas there. I’d have to say my favourite sewing blog is A Fashionable Stitch. I also knit, so I don’t have time to follow too many sewing blogs. Those are my main sources of inspiration, but sometimes it comes from the most surprising places.

  • 573ac823c0f7cdf4720b8f5c5ad3b0d38e4a0724_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.03 AMby Vivat Veritas

    I get inspired by everything around me! From nature, colors, scenery, art to fabrics, interior designs and fashion blogs. my favorite sewing book right now is “cool couture” by kenneth king.

  • Heathergreensmall_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 06.03 AMby globalgal

    Burda Style magazine, sewing blogs, Pinterest and Japanese fashion magazines (they feature clothes, clothes, clothes and not too much editorial, which I like because I want to see the details!)

  • Me_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 05.50 AMby jessdunstan

    I get inspired by fashion magazines particularly the Burda Magazine. I also love looking at sewing blogs and feel inspired by the people who write them all the time. I also love taking inspiration from television shows and from the city I live in.

  • Dsc01723_large

    Dec 13, 2011, 05.49 AMby Cynthia Froman

    Sewing bloggers, I find inspiration from my fellow seamstresses

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