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Grab some jersey or a knit fabric and dive into one of these great new sewing projects! See them all here.

Love ‘em or hate ’em?

Harem pants and leggings have made a comeback (or are just here for some reason). Slightly refined from the MC Hammer-look of the 80s, these have a skinnier leg near the ankle and drape in folds at the crotch with excess fabric. Would you wear this look? I have seen a few Japanese fashionista boys pull them off but… I don’t know. Take a stab at making your own Harem Pants! Photo: Lookbook.nu

What do you think about liquid leggings? In or out? What about floral? A good leggings pattern is a hot commodity if you desire to sew up your own— and this one is a great fit. Get your own leggings pattern here. Photo: Lookbook.nu

Jersey long sleeved top. Do you sew with jersey at all? If you loved CarotteSauvage’s jersey top, then this long sleeved jersey top pattern is for you. Cut it out in a silky soft jersey. Photo: Lookbook.nu

A cropped sweatshirt in a soft knit can make for a comfortable staple. Check out this new crop top pattern to make your own. You can go in another direction and make a sweatshirt mini dress pictured in the middle image! Photo: Lookbook.nu, burda style magazine, Lookbook.nu

What about leggings with a skirt attached? Paris68 makes an edgy pair of black leather leggings with skirt attached, they also make a gray jersey stretch legging with skirt overlay. Photo: Paris68 runway show, Paris68 from Elle magazine


  • Irhw_profile_pic_large

    Oct 23, 2011, 03.28 AMby ireallyhatewhen

    The Harem pants definitely look comfortable but stylistically, not so flattering :P

  • Small_large

    Jan 28, 2011, 12.04 PMby marrrija

    I like harem pants, but only on skinny people. Not on me. As for the rest of ’80 style.. no. Not my style. But, it can be a great combo: leggings and a mini skirt.. with some good blazer. :)

  • _dsc6087_large

    Jan 24, 2011, 04.50 AMby motownchique

    I love both leggings and harems. And yes, I remember wearing leggings the first time round. I think there is nothing wrong with rocking either of them if they work as part of your natural style. They are so versatile.

  • Missing

    Jan 22, 2011, 09.50 PMby fauvitza

    both leggings and arem pants are absolutely fabulous – worn the right way! neither compliment any figure, of course, but that shouldn’ be the issue for them to be in or out! but when either of them does match the figure and the other wear and jewellery, it’s perfect: elegant, yet sleazy-ish (leggings) :), inviting, yet indolent (harem), funny -cute(harem), sexy as hell (leggings with the right high heels and made from the right material), grounded and comfortable (harem). of course they would look funny on my grandma, but fabulous on my cousin – skinny type – ; and last but surely not least, it’s the attitude that makes for 80% of the outfit. the walk, the glances, the shoulder line… both are complex pieces of attire.

  • Missing

    Jan 22, 2011, 07.50 PMby odechan

    Harem pants- gross. I don’t see anything pretty about them. Just makes you look like you need pants to fit a diaper in them. I would never wear these kind of pants. Leggings are very essential. I love wearing them with a medium length dress (till about half the thigh). Not only do they protect your legs in the cold, they also add color and style with different patterns, which can change your look significantly only by changing the leggings.

  • Dscf6507_large

    Jan 22, 2011, 07.17 AMby urbandon

    Harem pants (drop crotch) are seriously cool. I own several pairs, my girlfriend several too. They are an edgy look- see Rick Owens/G-star/ Damir Doma…it’s called fashion.

  • Profile_pic_16th_octoer_2016_large

    Jan 20, 2011, 11.11 AMby Sabrina Wharton-Brown

    Who else thinks that harem pants look like the person is wearing a full nappy? The same when a man’s trousers are hanging too low! It must be uncomfortable.

  • Meee_and_kelseeey_bmp_large

    Jan 20, 2011, 05.09 AMby Kelsey Edwards

    liquid leggings are hot as long as you follow the ‘top covers the bum’ rule and i think they would look great with a long jersey, i love mixing loose and fitted clothing together and i would love to try it as a more casual look, thanks for the patterns!!

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Jan 19, 2011, 09.56 PMby wzrdreams

    I just bought the January 2011 issue of Burdastyle magazine. I think I’m going to give those harem pants a try since they look cozy and I can always wear them to yoga.

  • Missing

    Jan 19, 2011, 07.14 PMby ruthr

    Hammer pants….can’t touch this.

  • 12082009097_smaller_large

    Jan 19, 2011, 01.49 PMby ladyjoanne

    I really don’t like harem pants, they are unflattering on everybody. I like leggings but only under a skirt or long sweater or teeshirt.

  • Missing

    Jan 19, 2011, 10.04 AMby brax

    Well I lived in leggings oin the early 80s and again in the early 90s and I still love them now. To me they are the easiest, most relaxed clothing to wear, pack and look after. I think if you CAN wear them why not. I do wear as trousers tho never with a belt, I do wear with skirts and also under jeans in winter since I work outside. I can honestly say they are my favourite clothing item ever and I am so glad they came back into fashion. I wish they would stick around forever. Sorry everyone but I just love leggings. I am also now 46 and I dont care. I will probably wear at 86!

  • Pretty_large

    Jan 19, 2011, 02.27 AMby evelyn27

    Who wants a droopy crotch?

  • Me_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 11.18 PMby reliablechef

    love my leggings!! my ballerina daughter wears them much more than I as pants! I think harem pants look good if you have the right material and fit :) and am for anything jersy!!

  • Missing

    Jan 18, 2011, 11.13 PMby Alicia Maxie

    harem pants! yuck! I can’t believe that this style is being brought back. I am reminded of M.C. Hammer back in the 90s!

  • Missing

    Jan 18, 2011, 10.36 PMby hindy

    yeah, I say the same thing harem pants looks like an adult wearing a pamper, I still did not see a single harem pants worn by someone probably cause everyone hates it!!

  • 4b0baf013b18d4c34c8f097033869a5329edfb8b_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 09.45 PMby corinneski

    I try to go for style over fashion since I am a lady of, ahem, mature years. However, I try to incorporate a fashion detail to give my outfit a current edge. Harem pants – definitely not! I don’t think they’re flattering and we’ll look back in a few years and go, OMG!! Although I don’t wear leggings, I think they look pretty cool under a layered outfit that has a hem mid-thigh.

  • Blue_in_the_face_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 09.24 PMby purplecords

    Big thumbs down to Harem pants for me, the only reason one would wear them is to follow fashion and that is not a good enough reason for me. Fashion for me is interesting, fun and experimental but when it comes to things that make you lok daft, I can leave it on the shelf! Leggins, well, they seem to be sticking around, I vowed not to go back there after the 80s, now, I find quite a few have crept into my wardrobe – they are just so handy for sticking under stuff, especially if you like cycling, on there own though, hmmm not for me. Not sure why you would be tempted to actually attach anything permenantly to leggins, their strength is in their versatility, but then if we all thought like that the big, wasteful, fast-moving fashion industry would be up the spout a bit (good!). Jersey fabric I love but haven’t done much sewing with yet…

  • Missing

    Jan 18, 2011, 08.16 PMby samnicholas-

    I think harem pants are great on other people who are super edgy and can pull them off but I am not one of those people. I do however LOVE leggings but I love them as a thicker substitute to tights NOT on alternative to pants. Leggings are not pants people!

  • Ym_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 08.05 PMby yellowmae

    So, in all fairness I took the time to check out others Harem pants to see if they could possibly not be terrible.

    nope …

    I don’t want to resemble a pirate either. Well … ok I kinda do, but not in a Harem pant way.

    (I am stranded at home during a snowstorm. I apologize for my numerous remarks. I am highly amusing myself though)

  • Ce24c5c2e402abe875cdd011015629b958cb151e_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 07.44 PMby tinkerbellzcat

    All bad, why gamble with such a huge mistake? Totally unnecessary in my point of view, but hey I am no designer.

  • Cimg2316_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 07.07 PMby vinki

    I’m a bit skeptical about harem pants because it doesn’t really appeal to me how it looks like you’re wearing the entire thing back to front, but I like the fact they they look quite comfy. Sweater-style dresses are nearer to my style as they can be worn for most things, easy to get away with and are way comfy.

    1 Reply
    • Dahlnyc_1352392376_600_large

      Jan 18, 2011, 07.15 PMby alisondahl

      Yes, I think the cropped sweatshirt and sweatshirt dress patterns pictured above are pretty cute. Finding the right fabric to cut these looks in could be tricky though depending on where you live… You need a nice sweatshirt material or microfleece.

  • Leather_bow_large

    Jan 18, 2011, 07.06 PMby Sewing And Style

    personally I think on a female both these styles require a flawless bottom part of your body, pref. taller height too. Not for majority of us.

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