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1. Where are you from and/or where do you live?
I am a European girl. I come from Belgium and after a while spent in Ireland, I now live in The Netherlands, in Tilburg.

2. What was the 1st thing you made? How did you start sewing?
I have three first things… Does that count?

My first hand sewing happened when I was 4 or 5. My Grand Ma’ was a seamstress, and when she looked after me, I would look at her too. She taught me the basic hanstitch and I made basic Barbie dolls tube dresses (no hem, and a belt in old nylon from broken tights)

For 20 years, nothing. Then, last Halloween, I decided to make my Fiona dress (from Shreck) with green IKEA curtain fabric. I did two huge rectangles, sew them together, and then I pinched uneven darts on myself.

For a few months, nothing! After receiving my first sewing machine, I started my first project this April 2010. It is on this website. After ripping way too many stitches, I was really proud of the end result. And I still enjoy wearing that dress.

3. What role does sewing play in your life?

It is my first real passion and brings me so many things!

To start, I now live far from my family and sewing is something that brings me closer to my Grand Ma’. I love those moments when she tells me what I have to do, on Skype. Last month, I was finishing bridesmaid dresses at her place, and she helped a lot, handstitching the hem with her old damaged fingers. Of course, at moments, I wanted to strangle her, as she checked everything I did, and told me I should not do it my way, but her way… I managed to control myself.

Also, sewing is something I can get lost in. It relaxes me and helped a lot for the past monthes to make me feel good, when I was having a not so funny time.

Most importantly, it gives me the opportunity to dress, as I want, with no size restriction. I became an expert in pattern sizes upgrades.

4. What is your favorite and what is your least favorite thing about sewing?

I love the feeling I have when I wear my first muslin. It is the start of everything! When I write down the changes that need to be done, what to do with my fashion fabric, and the steps I am going to take next.

I hate, really hate ripping stitches. First, it is d@$*# annoying! Second, it (most of the time) means that I have done something stupid. And finally, it can damage the fabric…

5. If you could make something for anyone who would it be and what would you make?

Monica Belucci! I love her curves! I would go for something between white and golden. It would be a long draped dress that shows her shoulder and a little bit of cleavage.

6. What are you looking for on our site? What do you think should be improved and what do you really like?

I look for inspiration. I love browsing through the projects and see what other people create. I also really like the free patterns because they are such a huge help for newbies. What is great, is that Burdastyle makes me feel like I belong to a community.

Improvements? Well, I would love a more intricate search option (location, size, rating,…). I would also love it if more curvy women went out there and showed the community that they can sew great things that don’t look like potato bags (like in various shops).

7. What is your motto?

Have fun with it!

Follow laurwyn’s adventures in sewing on her blog.
Check out her top ten favorites slideshow.


  • Tinkie-_sewing_large

    Sep 19, 2010, 07.07 PMby malamae

    Bravo! Such great designs. Not only classy and feminine, but they breath with cheerfulness and optimism. I assume that comes from your character :-) Beautiful! Keep up the good work! …and surprise us with new designs soon :-)

  • Missing

    Sep 18, 2010, 05.25 AMby avisaustin

    Your style is so great and I love how you are not afraid to try something new and jump into the deep end.


  • 08-23-07_1917_large

    Sep 15, 2010, 02.22 AMby April Johanna Martini-Hester

    Hi Laurwyn, I just have to say that reading this article has inspired me! I have been wavering on making my halloween costume (Little Red Riding Hood), cuz after I got the pattern in the mail I was a bit intimidated, but after reading this I feel a bit more confidence. Your start was much like mine with the barbie clothes at a young age! ;) Thank you for sharing your journey!

  • 026_125_eves_a_singer_varrogep_preview_large

    Sep 13, 2010, 07.07 AMby hdk100

    Dear Lauwryn! Congrats!!! I understand how you feel like you belong in a community of sewers, I feel the same, since I don’t know many people around me who sew. This way I’m happy to belong to the same community as you, you’re so talented. I love seeing your new posts, because it doesn’t only show a pretty new dress, but it shows what this hobby does to you too: makes you happy! So keep on having fun with it!!!

  • Dsc09595avatar_large

    Sep 12, 2010, 06.25 AMby Ralf Schmitz

    dear laurwyn! i am so happy for you beein a featured member. As you are so inspiring and as well showing a lot of people who are afraid of starting to sew, that it only needs one decision in the beginning: YOU NEED TO START AT YOUR FIRST PROJECT! everything else is somewhat of a challenge, an adventure and can be highly satisfaying (especially , when the work turns out like in your case!)

    i love your chick and your esprit and that you show in such an easy way, how lovely you can dress, no matter what sizes you are! happy sewing, for now and forever!

  • Bttn_avatar_large

    Sep 11, 2010, 09.12 AMby bttn

    Congratulations Laurwyn! I already waited you to be featured! You are very talented and stylish and inspiring, I always wondering what will be your next project. I love your blog, too.

  • Pic_large

    Sep 11, 2010, 09.00 AMby Nessa *

    Like others, I also look forward to seeing what you and your sewing machine have been working on, and am always inspired. Being able to make perfectly fitted garments really is the best thing about sewing, for all sizes.

  • Pixeforburda_large

    Sep 10, 2010, 09.37 PMby pixelink

    great insight into your world, you’ve achieved and created so many wonderful creations in such a short while…BRAVO!!

  • J_s_painting_large

    Sep 10, 2010, 10.56 AMby lizajane09

    Yea! Congratulations! You have such an awesome sense of style.

  • Dsc03784__b3_profile_large

    Sep 9, 2010, 06.46 PMby Laura Bolčina

    Congratulations! :) I can’t wait to see your coat. ;)

  • Pic_large

    Sep 9, 2010, 05.35 PMby laurwyn

    @IroIro: I bet that you will be one very soon. Also, congrats on making almost every month the favorite designs list! @Mia007: I actually didn’t think I was going to be a featured member for a while. What is really fun is that 2 days before I received the e-mail, I told my boyfriend that I would never be… @Sokkenmonster: I also feel that my point of view about sewing changed a lot. My expectations are also very much higher (which is not always a good thing…)

  • Dsc00321_large

    Sep 9, 2010, 04.29 PMby sokkenmonster

    Hi Laurwyn, I always love to see your creations and also I am extremely impressed by the progress you’ve made in sewing the last months. And even though (or maybe because) I have an entirely diffrent figure, I love to see the choices you make in dressing (for example, I don’t think the ottobre dress wouldn’t do any good to my figure but on you it looked so well).

  • Cara_kiss_large

    Sep 9, 2010, 12.36 PMby caramia-made

    Congratulations laurwyn! I was wondering when you’d be featured on here. Your creations are wonderful and so chic! Congratulations again – job well done :)

  • Image_large

    Sep 9, 2010, 04.21 AMby rifka

    Thank you for sharing! I always enjoy seeing what your working on.

  • Img_7503b_large

    Sep 8, 2010, 09.54 PMby iroiro

    Congratulations on being the featured member! We are both pretty newcomers and it’s nice to see someone else progress alongside yourself. Your style is so great and I love how you are not afraid to try something new and jump into the deep end. Way to go! :)

  • Pic_large

    Sep 8, 2010, 08.43 PMby laurwyn

    @ k8b1982: Steal away! I would feel so flattered if people got inspired by me. @ isidore: Curvy girls rule! @ VioletSky: Altering patterns is not that hard… I think I will write a post about it this week. If you are not completely sure, try it on a very cheap fabric that you do not like. You’ll see, it will get easy! @ CarotteSauvage: Arno is such a great artist. I saw him once in concert, a boozy concert. It was very very nice!

  • Avatar3_large

    Sep 8, 2010, 07.03 PMby carottesauvage

    Yay! waving the European flag! Like one of your singer Arno would sing ‘p***** p***** c’est vachement bien, on est quand meme tous des europeens". Great blog, and creations!

    2 Replies
    • Orchid_large

      Sep 11, 2010, 09.04 AMby Sanne K. Astrid

      hehe, :D
      you really made me smile by saying that. :D

    • Avatar3_large

      Sep 11, 2010, 09.23 AMby carottesauvage

      He! He! I have a ‘soft tooth’ for Holland and Belgium!

  • Me2_large

    Sep 8, 2010, 06.47 PMby violetsky

    Laurwyn you have been a great inspiration for me. I’ve only got into clothes making in a big way these last 6 months, and seeing your projects push me to try harder things to increase my skills. I wish I had the same confidence to alter patterns that you do.

  • Missing

    Sep 8, 2010, 05.25 PMby Jamie DSC

    Laurwyn, your blog is great – I just added it to my reader. I can’t believe you’ve been sewing for less than six months. You’ve convinced me to sign up for this site and perhaps post some of my own crappy beginner work. More curvy girls need to represent!

  • Missing

    Sep 8, 2010, 04.04 PMby k8b1982

    Go Laurwyn! I recently found your blog and I too have been wondering why more curvy women aren’t showing off their sewing online, it seems the obvious option for those of us who can’t find anything we’d want to wear in the shops!! I can’t wait to follow your progress (and steal your ideas!!). :-)

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