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Where are you from and where do you live now?
My name is Morgan. I’m a 19 year old American girl. I’ve lived in the state of Georgia, outside of Atlanta all my life. I have finished high school and am currently working on getting my GED as I’ve been home schooled from 3-12 grade. I dream of someday going to design school or majoring in Fashion and Design. I started my own business last year selling handmade doll clothes online.

Little Morgan with her mother’s sewing machine

How did you start sewing?
My mom has encouraged me to sew ever since I can remember. I started out crafting with things out of her sewing drawers: like gluing beads and pins to a piece of lace, or cutting up old socks for Barbie dresses. She let my creativity run wild, even if it meant sacrificing some of the things in her stash. I used mom’s old Kenmore sewing machine for the first time when I was 4 or 5, to make a pink gingham doll picnic-blanket with some crazy decorative stitches all over it. I always loved fashion whether it was picking out my clothes, or looking at the pattern books in the fabric store with mom. When I was 15, I completed my first pattern and machine-sewn project, when I wanted to make my own Jack Sparrow pirate Halloween costume. Since then, I have been a sewing maniac.

It’s hard to pick the favorite project in my studio, but I guess I’d have to go with my Red & Blue Medieval Dress. While it isn’t the best-sewn costume I’ve ever made, I loved designing it. I made it for a costume contest. What’s funny about it is that I had planned an entirely different costume, even going so far as to buy yards of expensive dupioni silk for it: but it just didn’t feel right. So, a week before the deadline, I changed patterns, fabric, and design. I was in the fabric store for hours, trying to find the right fabric. I ended up choosing a plain tan linen and periwinkle blue broadcloth. Then when I got home, I dunked the linen in two whole bottles of red dye and dunked the broadcloth in gray. The colors I got were amazing (even if I drove my mom crazy with my hogging of the washing machine).

I was sewing in the dining room at three in the morning the night before the deadline. I watched vacuum-cleaner infomercials while setting in the grommets. Then I woke up the next day and went right back to furious sewing. Finally, my mom had to stop me and say: “If it’s not cosmetic, then stop doing it: because it’s sunset and if you don’t take pictures, it’s going to be dark!” I slapped on some makeup, my sister laced me up in the dress, and we ran outside to take photos. The result was a really beautiful picture with the red sunset shining on me. It’s a good thing I was so late! Then of course, the best part of the story was that after I submitted my entry, I was selected as one of 24 finalists, out of the hundreds of entries they had. I didn’t place, but that was okay; because even as a runner-up, I won a book, a free pattern, and a certificate for “The Outstanding Award for Creative Use of a Pattern”. That certificate made me feel so proud.

Describe your personal style in 5 words or less
Vintage, Fantasy, Detailed, Indie, & Historical.

Do you have a style icon who inspires your sewing projects? Where do you go to get inspired?
I have so many style icons that it’s impossible to narrow it down to just one, so I’ll name a few.
Classic movie stars inspire me. Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, Basil Rathbone, Barbara Stanwyk, Norma Shearer, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman are some of them.

Bette Davis is a big icon, because her style is so chic and easy. She might wear a pair of jodhpurs and a nice blouse, with oxfords; or just as easily, an evening gown with a thousand sequins and a two-foot train. Everything she wore was so detailed, and so edgy. That red strapless dress in “Jezebel”, or the coming-home party dress in “All About Eve” with the split sleeves, fur cuffs and pockets: every outfit was a stand-out outfit.

Another icon is Lauren Bacall. She owned the slinky side of 1940’s style. Like in the film “To Have and Have Not”, when she wore a satin evening dress with big shoulder pads, a stick-skinny skirt and a bare midriff… Bacall: “Give her my love.” Bogart: “I’d give her my own if she had that on.”

Really anything from the 1940’s is great, even though I love all different periods of style.

Retro inspiration

Movie costumes in general are very inspiring. I love the fantasy/period costumes in Star Wars, The Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Caribbean, Ever After, First Knight, Emma, Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, etc.

Cinema inspiration

Of course, historical costuming has a huge influence on my style: whether it’s the 15th century, the 18th, or any other period. Four years ago, I got “The Kyoto Institute’s Fashion” book for Christmas, and I’ve been educating myself in costume history ever since. Because it’s something I really enjoy, I’ve been able to absorb a lot. I can look at something and tell what era it’s from just by the cut and style: and I love that so much. I want to know everything there is to know about it.

Very retro inspiration

What’s your sewing experience like?
I usually sew in my room, using the small dresser beside my bed as my sewing table. It sits in front of a big window, and I like to look out when I’m sewing. I have a computer nearby, and I like to look at design/fashion images on it, for inspiration. Usually I cut out paper patterns on my bed, and cut out fabric in the open floor space. While I’m sewing I either listen to radio shows, or music from my iPod (which can vary from movie soundtracks, to alternative rock, to classical, depending on my mood). I keep an ironing board open at the end of my bed (which has really become more of a catch-all surface—a place to keep fabric, scissors, or extra buttons).

My Siamese cat “Scarlett” is also a player in my sewing experience. She’s a fabric-loving kitty. Whenever I lay out fabric on the floor to cut it out, she runs in from where ever she is and plops right down on it. She loves to rub her face on it and roll around on the material (especially if it’s soft like fleece or flannel). My family calls this ritual “christening” the fabric— like she’s giving my project her blessing. Maybe it’s good luck, because whenever she does it, everything seems to sew together better!

Scarlett the cat

How long have you been a member of BurdaStyle?
I’ve been a member of BurdaStyle for over a year, and I’m hooked. I love the community and the inspiration I get from everybody. It’s a positive place to share what moves you, and every one is so encouraging. I visit the site everyday: sometimes multiple times a day. Some people obsessively check their email, or face book… I check BurdaStyle.

What is the most frustrating thing about sewing for you? What is the most rewarding?
The most frustrating thing about sewing is having to learn things through trial and error. It’s terrible when you have an image of something in your head, and what you sew together doesn’t match. It’s hard when you make a bad mistake, or when the pattern you use doesn’t fit right. Sometimes I get so fed up with a project that by the time I finish it, I hate it for a few days. Then I have to put it away and take a step back until I can overcome the frustration over it not being perfect.

The most rewarding thing is when you learn something and improve your skills without realizing it. When you make something, and you look at it, and you’re like: “Whoa… that looks really good. I can’t believe I didn’t screw that up!” It’s great when you look back at your learning progress and realize that you have been getting better and better. Sewing your own clothes is so rewarding, because you get to express just what you want to, and you get to bring your creative vision to reality.

Someone once put me down, telling me that I was just a “homemaker” and basically implied that I was no good for anything but “sewing or whatever”. That person had been suppressing my creativity for a long time, and had been pulling me away from doing what I enjoyed. When I removed that person out of my life, I began to grow my wings; and slowly I became comfortable with doing what I wanted again. Now looking back, I regret those years I wasted trying to fit in, by discounting my interests. My advice to everyone is that no matter what someone say to you (even if they are supposed to be your friend), if you have a God-given talent or gift, don’t let them stop you from fulfilling that. There is nothing worse that living your life as somebody else.

Mini costume replicas from Chronicles of Narnia and Star Wars!

Check out her top ten member project slideshow!


  • Missing

    Aug 3, 2011, 03.59 AMby iiuva

    Truly inspiring work.. so proud of you.. wish you all the best!

  • Dscf1081_large

    Aug 1, 2011, 02.34 AMby Sarabeth Cash

    have you ever been to dragoncon in atlanta? if not you have to go…you would love it. great work by the way. love the light saber shirt.

    1 Reply
    • Me_steampunk_avvie_large

      Aug 2, 2011, 08.48 PMby lanternwaste33

      Is it like a costume conference? I think I’ve heard of it, but I’ve never been. Haha, thanks for the compliment. Lightsaber high five! (… wait, that might be dangerous…)

  • Lgst4522_audrey-hepburn-scarf-and-glasses-audrey-hepburn-portrait-poster_large

    Jul 31, 2011, 04.42 PMby retrochic

    You have a groovy style… I am inspired by movie costumes, too. And I totally love your retro style. I love retro style, too… (if you couldn’t tell by my lingo :)) And being a big comic book nerd, I especially LOVE the Robin outifit… That is the BOMB! lol. Your creativity is off the charts, but the best thing is that you can actually take your imagination and turn it into reality… I’m still only a novice, so I can’t quite do that…. YET. I hope to, though. I could learn a lot from you… thank you for being groovy!! =D

  • Dscf6507_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 01.15 AMby urbandon

    Congrats on being featured. Love everything you make.

  • Missing

    Jul 21, 2011, 03.30 AMby pogotown

    You go, girl! Awesome style!


  • Cara_kiss_large

    Jul 21, 2011, 02.23 AMby caramia-made

    Wow you are SO right when you say there’s nothing worse than living your life as someone else. I hope you stay true to yourself and keep on creating! Good work!

  • Missing

    Jul 20, 2011, 01.57 PMby bethanywalker

    Way to go Morgan. Your sewing life sounds very much like mine but I am a little further down the road…(33 with 5 kids that I now homeschool and teach to sew:)) Keep up the awesome work!!! It just gets better and some day you will have your own sewing room:) I just got mine! You can do or be whatever you want just stick with it and keep your feet on the ground. Stay humble and remember it IS a God given talent!!!

    1 Reply
    • Me_steampunk_avvie_large

      Jul 20, 2011, 07.55 PMby lanternwaste33

      Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. You sound like you’re pretty much where I want to be in the future. :D God bless!

  • Roni_sundress1252_small_large

    Jul 20, 2011, 04.08 AMby RoniBarr

    Wow, very awsome costumes! I love your work and it was a pleasure reading about you. Keep up the good work and keep posting! :) Rock on!!

  • Missing

    Jul 20, 2011, 01.38 AMby chenzi08

    Wow! The "robin’ outfit is creativity at its best. Congratulations, and wishing you many more beautiful ideas to come in the near future.

  • Avatar_1_large

    Jul 19, 2011, 06.58 PMby Anne Wagenhauser

    Great stuff!! Keep it up!

  • Dsc00261_large

    Jul 19, 2011, 04.09 PMby Rea Alfaizhie

    you’re so awesome.. i like your style and sure you make me so envy wif you :’D

  • 9ea300614a3421df473f4ee5d290dd398b9d967a_large

    Jul 19, 2011, 03.44 PMby bodicegoddess589

    Oh man, you sound like me! Or I sound like you! It’s like we could be fashion-sensibility twins.

  • Rosa_roja_large

    Jul 19, 2011, 10.40 AMby rosasnegras

    :) fashion wewk

  • Dsc06629_large

    Jul 19, 2011, 09.53 AMby kelerabeus

    I love the picture of little you with a sewing machine, so cute! And the story of Scarlett’s habit of “christening” the fabric made me smile, my cat does the same thing :) Congrats on being featured!

  • 382748_327745717240354_810573976_n_large

    Jul 19, 2011, 09.24 AMby asperge11

    Congrats on being featured member ! I looove the fact that you were home schooled; me too, i’ve never been to school in my life !!!! :)

  • Me_steampunk_avvie_large

    Jul 18, 2011, 11.46 PMby lanternwaste33

    I’m so excited about being featured! Thanks everyone who has read it, or commented! And thanks to Burdastyle!! :D

    1 Reply
    • Profile_large

      Jul 19, 2011, 02.35 PMby rachelnyc

      You rock!

      -Rachel @ BurdaStyle

  • Ghetto_girl_goes_to_colo__large

    Jul 18, 2011, 07.48 PMby turtlegirl00

    great feature! I love your costumes!!! so creative and fun!

  • Burd_large

    Jul 18, 2011, 06.47 PMby NeederMoo

    Awesome, sis!

  • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

    Jul 18, 2011, 05.57 PMby nouvellegamine

    delightful costumes!

  • Me1_large

    Jul 18, 2011, 02.47 PMby fashionfreek

    Your work is great. Thanks for the lovely read about how you started out. Keep up the good work.:-)

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