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Where are you from and where do you live?
I grew up in the country part of Victoria, Australia and moved to the crazy-beautiful city of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 11 years ago. Melbourne is a city made up of an exciting mix of art, music, hidden restaurants and amazing coffee, and is magically able to produce four seasons in one day.

A baby JuliaBobbin.

“My brother Genaaron, myself and my mum. I still pull that ridiculous face.”

What do you do other than sewing?
My fabric and sewing addiction is funded by my full time job at the U.S. Consulate, where there’s never a dull moment! When I’m not at work or looming over my sewing machine like a modern day Phantom Of The Opera (with the cape but minus the mask), I like to hit the salsa dance floor with my husband, read a good book or twenty, eat more food than I can burn off with exercise and have a good old ‘chin-wag’ with my good friends and family.

“Me and my handsome husband Robin.”

If we were to come to your town, where would you take us?
If I got to play host to a BurdaStyler, I would take them out through the hidden lane ways in the city, where magic (great food/wine/coffee) happens mixed with live music and a excellent range of top-notch cuisines from all over the world. We would then catch a tram to visit one of the many markets in Melbourne, where stalking through the stalls makes you forget time. Victoria is the Garden state of Australia, so we would then trek off to the Royal Botanical Gardens for a bit of ‘oohing and aahing’ and a frolic in the grass.

I would also have to take you to the famous suburb of St. Kilda for coffee and cake, and then salsa dancing outdoors at the Sea Bathes along the beach.

St. Kilda Beach

Coffee and a good read.

After we are fed and watered, we would head off to the very many amazing fabric stores that Melbourne has to offer. A few of my favorites are Tessuti Fabrics, Clegs and The Fabric Store.

How did your sewing journey begin, and what keeps you coming back to it?
The first time I sat down at a machine and sewed (incredibly slowly) two pieces of fabric together was August 27, 2009. I turned up to my first sewing class held weekly on a Saturday morning from 9-11am and I was nervous and ridiculously excited. The class was (and still is) with the incredibly talented Vikki Leigh Martin who is relentless in teaching the correct couture techniques. Two hours a week of sewing however was not enough, and so I soon started experimenting and exploring at home using the Internet, blogs and instructive sites, such as BurdaStyle, to aid my learning and inspiration. Before I knew it I was sewing more than 10 hours a week and my hunger for sewing and learning grew more and more intense!

I first decided I wanted to sew after being fed up with clothes not fitting me properly. Like most of us, each part of my body is a different size and so commercial clothing has never properly fitted my hourglass/pear shaped frame. I was also desperate for the types of beautiful vintage inspired clothes that you just never seem to find in stores to purchase. Inspired by my grandmother and my mother, who both knew how to sew, I decided it was time to give the art of sewing a go.

“My grandmother Betty. What a spunk!”

I had always been into arts and crafts and dabbled in many different hobbies, but I was completely taken by surprise at the depth of which I fell head over heals in love/obsessed with sewing. I didn’t see it coming! In fact it seems the more I sew the more intense my desire to sew becomes. I knew I’d finally found my true passion, which is an amazing feeling. I always have something to look forward to and get excited about!

My greatest sewing achievement so far, which I’m still pinching my self over, is when I won the 2011 Tessuti Awards! I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about the moment that I learned that I had won the awards! I’m almost certain that I’ve permanently damaged my vocal chords after screaming/hyperventilating/crying hysterically when finding out I had won. I had entered the competition to set my self a challenge to push my sewing skills.

I spent oodles of time looking through the Tessuti Fabric store and obsessively drafting and re-drafting billions of ideas for a dress. Winning the Tessuti awards is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me and will be something that will always make me feel warm and fuzzy, even when I’m old, hobbling around with a walking stick and starting sentences with ‘Now when I was your age…’

Where do you find inspiration?
I am constantly inspired by many people rather than one particular person. I am inspired by classic cuts and shapes that emphasize the female form. Because of this, I am obviously quite influenced by vintage styles, as they seem to capture the essence of a female shape. I love three dimensional shapes and subtle details like pleats, ruffles and lace. Every day when I look in a magazine or on the internet I am inspired by new ideas and features, whether it be the pretty sleeves on an otherwise not exciting dress or the placement and style of buttons on a celebrity’s winter coat. I am very inspired by fabrics and colors. A lot of times the fabric comes first and the design second. I can stand in a fabric store for hours staring at one print while my brain starts buzzing with ideas.

Some of JuliaBobbin’s inspirations.

What’s your sewing secret weapon?
One of the techniques I try to always follow (mostly) is to force myself to make a muslin first before making a garment so that I can get the fitting just right. It takes extra time, but it ensures a great fit.

The common thread (get it?!) with most of my dresses is that I add a lace trim on the lining hem. I love adding extra little pretty details on the inside of a dress that are just for me.

Tell us about your sewing experience.
I live a very busy life with work, friends and love, and so I have a set time when I do my sewing. I always sew on Friday nights after work, and all day Saturday. Whenever a social event collides on one of these days (which is quite often) it takes all my effort not to throw a tantrum. My sewing time is sacred! On Friday nights, I sit in silence in my sewing room (why does that sound creepy?) and sew until my eyes feel like they’re bleeding. I then usually sit in front of the telly and do my hand-stitching.

“Me getting my first ever sewing machine (wearing the first dress that I’d ever made) and my sewing room.”

On Saturday mornings, I attend a sewing class which is made up of six people and goes from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. This is by far my favorite way to sew. I love my sewing girls; we sit and talk about all sorts of inappropriate things that shouldn’t be talked about at 9 in the morning. After that, I drive home and sew some more until my husband comes home from work, and if I’ve finished an outfit, he so kindly takes the photos for me. The man has skills!

“One of the many piles of fabric in my sewing cupboard.”

Ultimately, my most productive sewing time is in the morning, when the sun is shining through my sewing room and my brain is actually functioning at some sort of normal speed. I find I do most of my unpicking and mistakes in the evening when my brain starts turning to liquid.

“‘Betty and Bobby’ in my sewing room”

What is your dream sewing project?
My dream sewing project is a full bodied, time consuming old style Hollywood glamour gown. You know, the one’s that make you want to slowly descend down a grand stair case while a randomly placed (and well dressed) large crowd below ooh’s and aah’s at your entrance. Something that involves a ridiculous amount of time, numerous sewing techniques and an embarrassing amount of fabric. A gown that would make you want to feature it in a glass cabinet in the lounge room (how very Miss Havisham!). It would give me such pleasure to create such a beautiful gown and take my time on it. Highly impractical, as I’d probably never have the chance to wear it, but I could always look back at it and go ‘wow, I made that!’

How long have you been a member of BurdaStyle, and what keeps you coming back?
I have been a member of the BurdaStyle family since March 14, 2011 and have stalked the website obsessively every minute of every day since. The first time I logged into the site I couldn’t stop flicking through other peoples projects and patterns. My ears practically started smoking from the sensory overload!

“My first ever BurdaStyle post!”

I love how connected the site makes me feel to the rest of the sewing community. It is such a relief to be surrounded by supportive, like-minded people, and I get such a thrill out of seeing people’s comments on my projects. Many of my garments have been inspired by projects that I have seen on Burdastyle, and I have also learned a lot about sewing through the Burdastyle community, as well. BurdaStyle makes my obsessiveness with sewing feel normal, and gives me a platform to indulge my inspirations and creations.

I also love looking through other members projects, especially looking at the projects from when they first joined BurdaStyle and seeing the progression of the projects they are now posting as their knowledge and skill sets increase. You get to witness other people’s sewing journeys, which never ceases to amaze me.

How did you choose your username?
I chose my name JuliaBobbin easily enough; my first name is Julia so that wasn’t exactly incredibly imaginative of me, and I’ve always loved the sewing bobbins in my machine. They are the little quiet underrated achievers that hold our stitches together, and look so pretty all lined up in my little bobbin holder.

What is the most frustrating thing about sewing for you? What is the most rewarding?
One of my biggest disciplinary problems is when I approach the end of the construction of a garment. Being obsessed with dreaming up new projects, by the time I’m almost finished a garment, I’ve already made a list of about three new things that I’m desperate to start sewing. Because of this, I find it really hard to completely finish a garment, things like sewing the blind hem on a skirt, sewing down the final buttons and slip-stitching pieces on the inside of the garment. To avoid me rushing onto the next project and missing the vital parts, I try to do as much of these fiddly bits before I’ve finished putting the pattern pieces together whenever possible. This means that my final action on an outfit is something like sewing on a sleeve.

I also find I have to constantly remind myself to make sure I sew a muslin first. I know it’s the right thing to do, but when I get excited about a project it’s so hard not to just zip straight into the real fabric and get started!

The most rewarding part of sewing is finishing that garment, trying it on and doing a nerdy little dance in front of the mirror when you realize you’ve done a good job and it looks good! When I’m particularly happy with how something turned out, I usually put on an upbeat song on my iPod and dance around the room to it in my new outfit. Big geek-out. My husband’s pretty convinced I’m nuts or at least headed that way.

And of course, my favorite sound in the world: the sound of a jaw dropping when someone comments on your outfit and you tell them you made it.

Random Person (RP): “I love your dress, where’d you get it?”

Me: “What this old thing? (false modesty) Oh thank you, I made it!”

[Sound of jaw dropping]

RP: “No way!”

Me: “Way!”

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  • 1_copy_large

    Feb 2, 2012, 10.11 AMby dottty

    Julia you are truely truely gorgeous, I love the things you make, you look absolutely fantastic in them jj:)x

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Feb 8, 2012, 01.43 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Dotty thank you so much, that is such a pleasure to hear and I really appreciate it :)

  • Family_237_large

    Jan 29, 2012, 05.23 PMby zoeope

    i find i have a lot of things in common with you, like how i started learning to sew, a lot to learn from you. you inspire me. i also want to say it that i know, i am definate that you are going places with your sewing. just keep dreaming big and you will achieve it. this is only the begining.

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 30, 2012, 07.04 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words! It is such a wonderful thing to hear :)

  • 270460_10150348137253272_695958271_9967575_3213856_n_large

    Jan 18, 2012, 02.14 PMby bellamabella

    you totally rock…

    1 Reply
  • Ghetto_girl_goes_to_colo__large

    Jan 10, 2012, 05.43 PMby turtlegirl00

    i was so excited to see you are featured! i love following along with your creations and your fun photos of them. you are very inspiring and i love your style and commentary. CONGRATS!! :)

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 11, 2012, 11.46 PMby JuliaBobbin

      You are wonderful, thank you so much for your kind comment :)

  • Princezica_large

    Jan 9, 2012, 07.49 PMby mokosha

    congrats on being featured, julia.. was really fun reading about you.. and you made me grin all the time reading this interview.. great work, lady.. i always look forward to see what you gonna come up with next

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 10, 2012, 07.22 AMby JuliaBobbin

      That’s a huge compliment coming from you! Thanks so much!

  • Paper-doll_large

    Jan 9, 2012, 05.52 AMby Another Dress

    I have loved reading your interview, but most of all seeing all the wonderful clothes you have made!!! You really are talented! I can’t wait to see what you make next :)

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 10, 2012, 07.22 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Thanks for reading! xx

  • Nmwed_large

    Jan 9, 2012, 04.33 AMby neenkster

    You’re an (my) inspiration!! Your dresses are absolutely divine! It reminds me why I started sewing; to make dresses for myself. 5months later and I still haven’t. I’m only making baby gifts for all my friends. Thanks for waking me up and inspiring me! :)

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 10, 2012, 07.21 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Thank you so much for such a wonderful comment, you’ve brightened my day! So happy that you like my dresses! Good luck with juggling dresses and baby clothes!

  • Missing

    Jan 8, 2012, 08.48 PMby Thedizzylizzy

    Just joined burdastyle. Your dresses are so gorgeous and you mentioned Tessuti., I knew about Clegs and the fabric store but that one is new to me and I can hardly wait to visit. I am hopping in the train and coming down to Melbourne ASAP. Thanks a heap! PS. Do you know any other fabric shops easily reached by tram or train from the city.

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 10, 2012, 07.19 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Oh my goodness you are going to LOVE Tessuti! I still remember the first time I walked in there, it makes my skin buzz just thinking about it! There are quite a few other fabric stores in Melbourne, but they’re in the suburbs and not the city. However you should be ok getting there if you catch a train! If you visit this website, they have a whole list of fabric stores in Melbourne on there http://www.designerstitch.com.au/fabric-shops/vic.html
      Another store of note is ‘Rathdowne Remnants’ http://www.rathdownefabrics.com.au/ You’d need to catch a tram down Lygon Street to get there.

      Good luck with your shopping! How exciting!

  • Image_large

    Jan 8, 2012, 09.56 AMby tannaz

    Hi Julia, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your interview. It is just the kick that I needed to really get stuck in. I have loved sewing but been quite lazy as I can’t find any good part time lessons in my neck of the woods. After reading your story I am going to stop making excuses and get going and I hope that one day I will be half as good as you!

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 10, 2012, 07.13 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Such a lovely compliment, thank you so much! Thank you for reading and good luck with your sewing this year!

  • Dsc_0065_large

    Jan 6, 2012, 12.17 AMby sewtessuti

    Julia’s such a talented and gorgeous lady! Congratulations on such a wonderful feature!

    Your personality and passion for your sewing shines through beautifully.

    I’m a huge fan! xxx

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 8, 2012, 01.52 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Forever grateful to the Tessuti Awards and how it has kick started my learning and ideas and given me such amazing opportunities. Thanks so much :)

  • Vogue_large

    Jan 5, 2012, 05.17 PMby croustinath

    Your sewing is awesome. Your truly achieve what most of us yearn to do: sew garnments that actually FIT us perfectly for everyday life. Your work is inspiring, hopefully one day I will stop making kids & baby clothes and follow your path. Congratulations!

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 8, 2012, 01.47 AMby JuliaBobbin

      There’s no need to stop making children’s clothes, just do both! It just means that you’ll have to either give up sleeping or eating to fit them both in! Ha! Thanks for your kind words :)

  • 2_large

    Jan 5, 2012, 02.17 PMby KazztheSpazz

    Oh you are a wonder Julia what a fantastic invite into your sewing world. From one Melbournite to another! congrats to you on being a featured member.

    1 Reply
  • New_image_large

    Jan 5, 2012, 01.49 PMby efh1687

    Hi Julia! I really enjoyed reading this interview because the way you feel about sewing sounds exactly like me. I am incredibly impressed by all of your projects and your talent. I have used a few of the same patterns as you and have been inspired to add a few more patterns to my list of projects after falling in love with your versions. I have been a member of Burdastyle for just a few months and have only added a few of my many projects, but it is so enjoyable to step into a community full of people like you who share my love for sewing. I just wanted to add to your many well-deserved compliments and let you know that I am always excited to see your work.

    1 Reply
    • Applehead_large

      Jan 8, 2012, 01.45 AMby JuliaBobbin

      Thank you so much for your comment and welcome to the sewing community. It’s so nice to meet others that are just as sewing obsessed as me! Good luck with all your projects for 2012 and beyond!

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