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Where are you from and where do you live now?
I live in Lodz, it’s a large city in the center of Poland. I have love and hate relationship with this place, it’s depressing and inspiring at the same time. I am currently attending University majoring in Psychology.

How did you start sewing?
My mum can sew (she is really good!) and growing up in my home we always had a sewing machine. She stayed at home when my brother and I were younger and she was making a lot of clothes for us. The sound of a sewing machine is one of my childhood memories. My first “creation” was a dress for my plush elephant. I was about seven when I made it. I distinctly remember sewing way too fast, neglecting every rule and braking many needles.

Later I gave up sewing for a long time and came back to it around 2006 but I wasn’t motivated to develop my skills so as you can guess progress wasn’t extremely fast. In 2010 I bought a new sewing machine from my own money, and it really helped. I was working hard during part of my holiday, missed few good parties and had to wake up early because of that so now I just have to use my machine.

aniomatronika with cool hair even as a youngster!

Describe your personal style in 5 words or less!
Simple. One word is enough.

Do you have a style icon who inspires your sewing projects? Where do you go to get inspired?
I don’t have one style icon. I prefer to take a little bit of everything interesting around than focus on one person. I think that people who do something with passion are most inspiring no matter what exactly they do. My sewing projects are inspired with sewing, street fashion and personal style blogs, BurdaStyle members creations, runway shows, burda mag patterns…. Sometimes when I see fabric or piece of clothing I know what exactly I want to make out of it.

Inspirational images courtesy of hel-looks.com, style.com, love-aesthetics.blogspot.com, agatiszka.blogspot.com, thesartorialist.blogspot.com, hanneli.com, childhoodflames.blogspot.com and vanillascented.freshnet.se/

What time of year do you find yourself most creative? Why?
I don’t think that in my case it depends on time of year. Maybe seasons changing in general makes me creative, I discover that I don’t like most on my things anymore and I need new clothes. And I’m ALWAYS the most creative two hours before going out for party when I have nothing to wear :D.

What’s your sewing experience like?
Listening to music for me is a must. The most often I choose old rock bands or my fav radio channel. I also need to have big cup of coffee near my desk. I don’t have one favourite moment of the day but I prefer to sew when I can spend more time on it. I’m really scatterbrained and focusing on one thing takes me some time, so sewing for half of an hour doesn’t make sense.

Her sewing space

What is your dream sewing project?
I would love to sew really interesting, well made jacket. I have few ideas and I want to start working at this project in August. I’m going to make muslin for the first time in my life and all that serious things that I always neglect. Another dream project is a nice dress for my mum. Sewing a gift for someone who’s a better sewer than you doesn’t sound like a best idea. But one day…

How long have you been a member of BurdaStyle?
It’s half funny and half embarrassing… I registered at BurdaStyle for the first time in 2007. Unfortunately I forgot my password… and I forgot my old mailbox password… So my new beginning was in 2010. Now I visit BurdaStyle site every day or almost every day. The best thing about the site is possibility of discovering people who sew from all around the world who I wouldn’t “meet” in any other way. I also like reading articles from the BurdaStyle blog. And feedback from other users is really motivating.

What is the most frustrating thing about sewing for you? What is the most rewarding?
The most frustrating thing is when I have picture of PERFECT garment in my head and do my best, I reap every seam that’s not perfect and sew it again (and again), read instruction carefully… and in the end let’s say it’s no so perfect. I called it “I could make it better” syndrome because it’s only me who think that this item is sewed terrible and doesn’t fit.

Most rewarding is when I like thing that I made, wear it often and feel good in it.

Check out aniomatronika’s top ten member projects slideshow!


  • Princezica_large

    Aug 26, 2011, 04.01 PMby mokosha

    really enjoyed reading more about you.. congrats on being featured.. and keep up the good work, your creations are amazing

  • Aiw_large

    Aug 7, 2011, 08.45 PMby polishcurl

    Hi! i was in Łodz two days ago and i could say the place has a soul. i love the architecture of MANUFACTURA. that biggest or largest mall in europe. I was looking for a fabric shops around the area but to my dismay i found none. And of course, thought about you since i am a fan of your blog. I am a foreigner here in Poland who loves to sew. I am planning to go back to Łodz sometime soon…hope to meet you. yey!

    i love ur style actually..so individualistic.

    1 Reply
    • Logo_large

      Aug 25, 2011, 06.34 PMby aniomatronika

      Hi! Maybe you can write me an email when you will be planing to visit Łódź again, we can meet :)

  • Unted_large

    Jul 28, 2011, 03.45 PMby fefi

    the sound of my mom sewing in the background is also one of my childhood memories! i really like your work, it’s very original and you look comfortable and confident wearing it, which is very important

  • Missing

    Jul 28, 2011, 01.53 AMby pogotown

    SOOOOO stylish! Nice to “meet” you online.


  • Missing

    Jul 27, 2011, 11.23 PMby BeYou TiFul

    Your creations are interesting. Keep up the good work!

  • Missing

    Jul 27, 2011, 10.28 PMby jophoto26

    I’m kind of jelous you live in Łódź… It’s such a great city for resoucing fabric… But I know It can be desturctive as well. I really like your work, and wish to see a lot more in the future.

    1 Reply
  • Angorashortiepromo1_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 03.17 PMby wendio

    how initiative..congrats on being featured!

  • Dscf6507_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 01.02 AMby urbandon

    Have always loved your style! Congrats on being featured- and it was nice to learn more about you.

  • B597bb04049d8f628b673a553cf9480e54bd346b_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 12.22 AMby lalunanueva

    love your stuff. congrats

  • 10382002_10104918397578633_1797306030231074038_n_large

    Jul 27, 2011, 12.16 AMby madebymeg

    your stuff is soo interesting. caught my eye as soon as i saw it. you have impeccable style!

  • Zdj_cie066_large

    Jul 26, 2011, 11.08 PMby skwarynia

    O widzę że w końcu wyróżnili kogoś z Polski, jak miło:) Aniu fajny styl, taki minimalistyczny, i uważam że powinnaś się pojawić w tej rubryce o wiele wiele wcześniej:) Pozdrawiam

    1 Reply
    • Logo_large

      Jul 27, 2011, 08.33 AMby aniomatronika

      Wywiad czekał dość długo na publikację, poza tym ilość dodanych rzeczy tutaj też nie jest oszałamiająca. Dziękuję, dziękuję, pozdrawiam również :)

  • 3eb239ca7dbfc2ada376b1c8c78c199c9ddefc5e_large

    Jul 26, 2011, 08.22 PMby betsyboop

    My teenage children would correct my use of the genre…you are so hip!

  • Ghetto_girl_goes_to_colo__large

    Jul 26, 2011, 02.50 PMby turtlegirl00

    i love your refashions!! excellent! unique, creative and inspiring.

    1 Reply
    • Logo_large

      Jul 28, 2011, 07.08 AMby aniomatronika

      Thank you! I like making them so it’s nice that someone likes them too

  • Avatar3_large

    Jul 25, 2011, 02.56 PMby carottesauvage

    You style is real cool!

    1 Reply
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