Favorites: Blazers 104 and 131 from Burda Style October 2023

The editorial team's favorite models

Two blazers, for mother and daughter, in the October 2023 issue of Burda Style

Get ready to make a statement with our elegant and versatile blazers. The tennis stripes add a touch of sophistication that complements a wide range of outfits! Adult blazer no. 104 is an exceptional piece with its four stars for difficulty, requiring advanced sewing skills for a flawless result. The triangle-shaped pocket flaps add a unique couture touch to this model. Wear it for a retro romantic look or to shine in a professional setting!

As for child blazer no. 131, it offers a simpler approach while ensuring optimal comfort. Little girls will love its comfortable fit, keeping them at ease throughout the day. Whether you're looking for sophisticated elegance or casual comfort, our blazers are perfect for any occasion!

Feminine with a Masculine Touch

Feminine masculineFeminine masculine

Blazer no. 104 in tennis stripe viscose embodies the perfect fusion of masculine rigor and feminine softness, creating an exquisite balance! This piece excels in the art of sewing, especially with its pointed pocket flaps reminiscent of origami folds, adding a unique touch of elegance. The tennis stripes and its double-breasted design give it a straight-laced air, but you can instantly transform the piece by adding a pop of vibrant color! Pair it with tennis stripe pants for a trendy and sophisticated tailored look.

Find the pattern for blazer 104 in your Burda Style magazine of October 2023 or in PDF format on our website: 

Blazer for Little Miss

Miss BlazerMiss Blazer

Blazer no. 131 in tennis stripe viscose gives little girls the opportunity to follow the trends of the grown-ups but with a welcome touch of simplicity. This piece prioritizes comfort and flexibility with its notch collar, practical pockets, and rounded hem edges. It's a truly charming piece, perfect to be worn over a little romantic dress, creating an elegant contrast between sobriety and fluidity.

Find the pattern for blazer 131 in your Burda Style magazine of October 2023 or in PDF format on our website: