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BurdaStyle fans, we have exciting news! This fall, we’re introducing the first ever United States edition of BurdaStyle magazine.

BurdaStyle US is packed with 30+ patterns, plus all the features sewers love—think runway-ready DIY, sewing how-tos and tips, and BurdaStyle fashion collections for every occasion. The magazine will also feature beautiful editorial spreads, thorough sewing instructions for included Burda patterns, and full size pattern inserts for original Burda designs. You’ll want to collect every issue!

At launch, the US edition will be available exclusively on newsstands. Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter, and be the first to hear when new issues are available. The premier issue hits stores October 2013, just in time to make the season’s hottest trends.

Enter your email address to sign-up for our newsletter and be the first to know! Newsletter sign-up can be found on the right of our homepage

We’ve got a couple of ways for you to access the magazine:

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle US online using your credit card click here..

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle’s US edition via mail or phone:

  • Call Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Or send a check in US Funds payable to BurdaStyle to:

    PO Box 433289
    Palm Coast, FL 32143

    Include your full name, postal address and email address.

    Get 4 issues for only $29.99, 50% off the cover price!
    Canada: Add $9 postage. Other countries: add $20 postage.

    Do you have questions or changes to be made to your subscription? Contact Subscriber Services:

    Call toll free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Email burdastyle@emailcustomerservice.com

    You may also sign into your subscription account online to

    - make a payment
    - renew your subscription
    - change your address
    - update your email address

    Just log in at: https://ssl.palmcoastd.com/07644/apps/LOGINSSO

  • For international issues of BurdaStyle magazine, click here.

  • For subscriptions in foreign countries:
    Phone: +49 – (0) 8382-963180
    E-mail: burda@guell.de

    For specific inquiries regarding your BurdaStyle magazine subscription, please find the appropriate contact below:

    -International distribution in English, French, Greek or Dutch, e-mail abos.burda@abopress.fr
    -International distribution in Spanish, e-mail suscripciones@ovejer.com
    -International distribution in Portuguese, e-mail assinaturas@marcopostal-epp.pt
    -International distribution in German or Russian, e-mail burda@guell.de

    -Distribution within the USA in English, Russian, German, Dutch or French e-mail info@glpnews.com
    -Distribution within Canada in English, Russian, German, Dutch or French, e-mail info@gcnews.ca

    Happy Sewing!


    • Anne_large

      Jul 26, 2013, 03.06 AMby beenta

      I also have reservations about this new version.Burda Style in English versus American Burda. Reminds me of Verena Stricken when they tried English “American Edition” Sadly a massive flop which failed. I expect fewer patterns and with “detailed sewing instructions” a magazine that will become too expensive and unrealistic to produce. Good Luck. I will be sticking to the international English edition or switch to the French or German version.

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 29, 2013, 08.51 PMby Denise Wild

        I can’t wait for you to see what we’re working on, and I look forward to your feedback on it!

    • Dscn0826_large

      Jul 26, 2013, 12.41 AMby ruthw

      I am with Mirela here. I buy the Turkish version of Burda Style Magazine and have just about every issue for the last three years (since I discovered it). I don’t want this new simplified US version to affect the magazine I love so much. I don’t need more instructions, thanks. I like lots of patterns and less chit-chat and I LOVE the low price for all those patterns. I sincerely hope that the regular Burda magazine (with millions of satisfied customers) doesn’t change. I am happy if it fills the “gap” in the market for those who want English instructions and fewer patterns, but if it affects my beloved magazine, well, I suppose there’s always Ottobre or Manequim….

      4 Replies
      • Anne_large

        Jul 26, 2013, 03.08 AMby beenta

        I agree with you. Just as well that Burda speaks other languages.

      • P1010200-rs_large

        Jul 26, 2013, 01.12 PMby aegd784

        I couldn’t agree more. I’m in the U.S. and the jargon used to describe what this new one will be here, terrifies me as I see visions of it being what “Burda Easy” was this year which to me was bad! I love Burda and am willing to see, just hope the UK version is always available to those of us who don’t want it stripped down and fluffed up.

      • F4809a7d4cdf21c9854fd027babe7b6911c6639b_large

        Jul 26, 2013, 11.27 PMby christine

        Yes, this is my fear too. As long as I have the patterns I don’t have to have instructions. And as much as I hate to admit it, the increased price is going to be a factor for me. I get the impression I will still be able to get the UK version.

      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 29, 2013, 08.50 PMby Denise Wild

        We’ll still maintain the advanced patterns in addition to intermediate and easy patterns in order to make sure everyone is challenged as well as inspired!

    • Missing

      Jul 25, 2013, 06.40 PMby dolphindancer30

      I see the US version is going to have 30+ patterns, which seems like fewer patterns than usual. So, are you decreasing the number of patterns to make room for the better instructions and mysterious new content?

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 29, 2013, 08.47 PMby Denise Wild

        lol. Yes, that’s exactly it. We are fleshing out the instructions so they’re more thorough, more detailed, and easier to understand. And we’ll be adding in new content. The magazine itself will still have the same (if not more) number of pages, but we’re hoping to increase value through what we’re adding in.

    • Missing

      Jul 25, 2013, 06.34 PMby petunia65

      Where can the new US edition be purchased in Canada? I currently get my BurdaStyle through GCN in Toronto as there are no bookstores, news stands or craft / fabric stores that sell BurdaStyle where I live.

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 29, 2013, 08.45 PMby Denise Wild

        I’m in Canada, too! Worst-case scenario, I’ll run it over to your house. :) lol Just joking! Likely Chapters/Indigo, Shoppers, Michaels, etc.

    • P1010200-rs_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 05.45 PMby aegd784

      Sorry my previous post was a question and failed to mark it as such, which yes makes me a doof! Just trying to understand long term implications to U.S. subscribers and whether or not we’ll lose the UK edition option.

    • P1010200-rs_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 05.40 PMby aegd784

      Denise – you are doing a fab job at answering all of us who are either worried or excited! Can you disclose whether or not it is the long term intention to cut off the UK version from being distributed to U.S. subscribers and switch just to this new version? I think there are a lot of us long time subscribers in the U.S. that are somewhat terrified by this annoucement at least in the long term! LOL, I know, silly but we love Burda as it is now. I’m all for new changes as long as things don’t get lost in the process. = )

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 29, 2013, 08.44 PMby Denise Wild

        lol! Thanks! :)

        Yes, you are correct about the long-term intention. I don’t want you to be worried, though. We will be increasing the frequency of the US magazine each year, and we’re following suit of the German magazine, so we’ll be including all their gorgeous spreads and all their gorgeous patterns. Think of a magazine like “Hello!” It’s offered in so many different countries, each catered to its own market. And then international versions (if you still want access to the UK edition down the road) will be available either through the website or through international vendors and distributors.

        I’m so thrilled to hear how much you love the mag as it is now. Be sure to keep me posted about the specific things you love so we can ensure the US mag has all the same great things! :)

    • Img005b_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 05.19 PMby sewzgud

      Oh yes, I see there IS a subscription option!

    • Img005b_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 05.17 PMby sewzgud

      I’m really looking forward to these. Will there be a subscription option?

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 29, 2013, 08.39 PMby Denise Wild

        Yes, we’ll eventually offer a subscription option!

    • Mother_of_pearl_buttons_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 04.11 PMby reginaanne

      Since the summer issue is released in October, will all future issues be one season behind it’s release?

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.37 PMby Denise Wild

        That’s just a mock cover. The image you see above is a mock cover that we created, which is why it says “Summer”. We want to SURPRISE you with our first-issue release!! :)

    • 737396a886c9d55ff843663350911ea36bb1c012_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 02.11 PMby katedid

      Well, I live in West Virginia- where will the closest “news stand” be?

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.38 PMby Denise Wild

        The magazine will be available at bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, etc) and craft stores (Michael’s, Joann’s, etc.).

    • Summer_breeze_top_thumb_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 01.42 PMby 1sewingprincess

      I hope that new US instructions will be hopefully be used as a starting point for foreign language translations or that subscribers who understand English could also get those in electronic version. That would convince me to subscribe again for sure!

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.39 PMby Denise Wild

        That’s exactly what we’re hoping also! :) Thanks for the support!!

    • Missing

      Jul 25, 2013, 10.17 AMby neeme

      I wanted to subscribe for the magazine, but will probably wait for the US version. Just a quick question; is there any way to receive back copies of the magazine (I’m in the UK)?

      1 Reply
    • Image_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 04.01 AMby JillStraw

      Yes! …I’m looking forward to instructions written in English, not simply translated (although yes, they can be funny at times, I’ve also wasted many hours trying to figure out the simplest instructions because the translations leave a lot to be desired at times!). I admit I’m a little bummed at my subscription won’t be switched to Burda US automatically since it expires in May. I’m certain I can deal with that, though.

      I love all of the new changes and offerings on the site, and now from the print side of Burda as well. Keep up the great work Burda team!

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.34 PMby Denise Wild

        Thank you so much for your input. I’m thrilled to hear you’re enjoying all of the new things we’re adding and doing. Do keep us posted of what else you want to see!

    • F4809a7d4cdf21c9854fd027babe7b6911c6639b_large

      Jul 25, 2013, 01.45 AMby christine

      “Enter your email address to be the first to know!”

      Where do I enter my email address? Somehow I’ve missed where to do this.

      ETA: Thanks, ladies. So it’s just the newsletter I am already subscribed to. Sometimes I don’t see what is right in front of me lol

      2 Replies
      • Cimg1165_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.09 PMby candiluts

        There is a link in the article, directing you to the homepage.
        Just did it myself. Don’t want to miss out either!

      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.34 PMby Denise Wild

        Yes, candiluts is right. Head to the homepage (http://www.burdastyle.com/) and enter your email address in the top right corner.

    • Nerida_img_1581_bw_large

      Jul 24, 2013, 10.45 PMby purplegoat

      The “literal” german translations are part of the charm of the UK Burda. I often laugh out loud at the descriptions of the garments they can be really hilarious! ie Pants – cover your legs….. or the quaint 1950s style descriptions that accompany the photoshoots.

      I’m guessing the US version isn’t going to be that much different to the UK version (except that it is an opportunity to gain more advertising dollars with localised ad-spend). I’m in Australia so either magazine will be sold at “import” price. Will the “additional” US patterns be available online?

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.33 PMby Denise Wild

        Yes, everything will certainly be available online.

        Lol regarding “part of the charm”. :)

        It will be similar to the UK, although it will have some styling, more sewing info/articles, fleshed out instructions, etc. The minimal advertising that will be included is a fraction of the standard ad:editorial ratio seen in major US publications, so I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with the content!

    • 405a_large

      Jul 24, 2013, 08.58 PMby MojoHollz

      I am so excited to hear this! I have been thinking of subscribing but now I will wait until the US version comes out! Do you have price listings for the new version subscriptions yet? I would like to know what to ask for for my birthday :)

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Jul 25, 2013, 04.29 PMby Denise Wild

        We don’t have pricing yet for the full subscription. But the single issues will likely be $14.99. So glad to hear that everyone’s so excited!!

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