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The royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, has caused quite a stir, and many of us are excited to see what Kate will be wearing whenever she’s captured on film. This week I’ve put together a collection of eclectic patterns fit for a Duchess. See the looks!

And the looks:

The young Duchess certainly loves her blazers over dresses and skirts— This look features a simple ivory blazer with a flowing skirt: Try our lightweight Blazer with curved lapels pattern and pair it with our glamorous 8-layered wrap skirt.

Kate shows a pop of color and warmth in a red double breasted coat for Fall: Try our Wide neck coat pattern in your favorite medium-weight fabric in a bold color.

A white dress with an a-symmertric ruffle looks fashion-forward: Try this Long sleeved dress pattern with front ruffle for your own version.

Looking lovely in a body conscious magenta gown: Try this Rusched gown pattern in a stretch fabric for your own rendition.

A sharply tailored blazer is the perfect cover up for looking smart and staying warm: Try our Blazer pattern in a crepe wool or gabardine and pair it with a simple, like High-waist skirt pattern.

A black cape with white accents looks very minimal and chic: Try this Long cape pattern for your self!

I love the look of a full skirted coat or a gathered hem, especially in a bright color for Fall: Check out our Tikva trench coat pattern for your new statement coat!

Many of you would say that your jeans are your favorite or most worn item in your closet— Kate may indeed be on the same page as you: Try this romantic Blouse with peplum pattern in a fresh floral gingham or the Ute Blouse with Peter Pan collar (which has 2 variations included in the pattern download).

An unlikely look for the girl who usually wears a suit— Kate looks great in this sweet shirt dress: Try this button-down shirt dress pattern in a washed silk or rayon.

Kate looks young and cool but very put-together in a chic ensemble of a matching black blazer and skirt: Try this Cropped blazer a la Chanel pattern and pair it with a feminine and sleek pencil skirt.

So what do you think about these hats? Are they amazing or ridiculous? Weigh in!


  • Image_large

    Apr 1, 2014, 06.45 PMby calatrava92

    I love this idea keep it up! Great job! And to those who were expecting exact matches, buy the original!!!

  • P1350704_large

    Aug 16, 2011, 01.00 AMby tinapickles

    I love Kate’s style. However, I was a bit disappointed that most of these were a bit off the mark (a cape… for a graduation robe?) Pencil skirts and blazers are fine (and frankly a staple of nearly any woman’s working wardrobe) but would have much preferred to see some of the more iconic pieces—the blue wrap dress, for starters, some more jackets (such as the brocade jacket) etc.

  • Mypicture_large

    Aug 15, 2011, 07.21 PMby Cristina Haines

    That red coat is to die for!

    2 Replies
  • 730d638158c26447c24930a5e398b4110fc0d510_large

    Aug 15, 2011, 04.07 PMby ememtee

    As a TruBrit, I love that we have the Royal Family, but I really can’t understand all the interest in the Duchess of Cambridge. She’s OK, but if you want to see a real beauty, take a look at Zara Phillips, the Queen’s granddaughter, especially on her wedding day. She is quite stunning, and although she likes to dress casually, she can also give Kate a run for her money in the style stakes. And yes, I too had to snigger at the (no doubt hired) graduation gown being mistaken for a cape.

  • Missing

    Aug 15, 2011, 11.48 AMby allimar

    The duchess looks amazing, as usual…and good work matching the styles. I would LOVE to see Burdastyle share a wrap dress pattern to match the blue wrap dress Kate wore for their engagement announcement. Apparently that dress flew off the shelves in hours. No wonder…it’s gorgeous! I’d certainly buy the pattern, if it was very similar to Kate’s…

  • Missing

    Aug 13, 2011, 09.54 AMby Marie Waller

    I think Burda have done a wonderful job at matching patterns from there range with the Duchess’s outfits all it takes is a little imagination to tweak the patterns for an exact copy of the outfits worn by Kate if that’s what you want, Well Done Burda! By the way there are over 60 million people living in the UK and we don’t all where hats ;)

  • 100_0467_large

    Aug 12, 2011, 05.48 AMby Sara Swinea

    I think you did a good job taking pattern from burda that are similar to the outfits pictured. I guess several people expected burda to have patterns that look EXACTLY like her outfits!

    1 Reply
    • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

      Aug 12, 2011, 04.18 PMby nouvellegamine

      i thought they were great too :D

  • Gina3_large

    Aug 11, 2011, 01.44 PMby ginasnotquiteright

    WTF? None of the patterns you show match the duchess’s outfits at all!!!

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Aug 11, 2011, 05.58 PMby Michelle Crocker

      I agree, totally was saying that to myself throughout the whole article, the trenchcoat is the MOST disappointing as I’d love to make one like Kate’s

  • Fullsizeoutput_11ea_large

    Aug 10, 2011, 10.48 PMby sew4my3

    The Duchess has such a wonderful eye for fashion and so do you Alison. Thanks for the wonderful ideas on patterns!

  • 1uawbyoiaaaed3ctfilhudisb_128_large

    Aug 10, 2011, 06.59 PMby LimeSoda

    I think The Duchess has great heart and I love her smile and kind manner but to be honest her style of dressing isn’t all that innovative or inspiring for me. The clothes are more or less dowdy. I like to see her in “Mad Men” type clothing has 50s/60s clothes at least would add some curve and kick.

  • Missing

    Aug 10, 2011, 03.40 PMby Patricia Watts

    Can the author of this post please contact me??…I run a site that like the Duchess’ style, but who are petite (under 5’4") I would love to discuss some things with you

  • Missing

    Aug 10, 2011, 02.14 PMby tovef

    Ummm .. .doesn’t the writer realise that’s a school robe, not a fashionable cape? Kate didn’t choose it, it is a uniform. And it’s not fashionable. I don’t know about anyone else, but that light cream blazer that is two sizes too small doesn’t look like much either, except a testimonial about what wearing things too tight does, even to a very lean figure like the Duchess’. It’s wrinkled in the second pic, and looks like it came from the laundry bin. I would much rather have seen patterns similar to her blue wrap dress and some of the other things she’s worn that would flatter any figure. But then, that’s just me.

  • 2248651388_b7dff371cd_large

    Aug 10, 2011, 01.07 PMby victors

    I can’t understand peoples’ fascination with the royal family

    1 Reply
  • Profile_picture_by_ielle77-d5exs9y_large

    Aug 10, 2011, 12.50 PMby ielle palmer

    While i’m super excited that we finally have some patterns for kate’s style, you guys do realize that the pic with the “cape” is actually her school robes (think harry potter) and she’s not being very stylish there, she’s wearing what everyone else is wearing, just with the front open. That isn’t to say a nice robe wouldn’t look good or that the pattern is terrible or anything.

  • Missing

    Aug 10, 2011, 03.29 AMby ecrameri

    Love them. Just wish I had time to sew!


  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 08.55 PMby flowergirl22

    It usually is the traditional lady’s day at ascot,, at the races to show off your latest purchase or as one of the above pictures in white she wears,, a red maple leaf hat for Canada day.. this is most royals way of showing how much you appreciate the cause you are trying to support ,, she loves Canada,, so what better way for her to show it as a hat,, I admire everyone who can show of the great hats,, I have no head for one,, even a baseball cap looks out of place on mine,,


  • Sushi_party_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 07.19 PMby notdeadredhead

    I do admire her sense of style, but I fear that all of that will have to wait until I’m out of the college scene. Can you imagine going to class in those? X^D I’m amazed that more people haven’t looked at the royal family’s sense of fashion, but I am glad that they’re getting at least a bit of privacy on that front. Random question: Has anybody else been jealous of Kate’s hair? I’ve got to admit that I’ve been jealous since pic 1 came out.

  • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 06.59 PMby nouvellegamine

    lovely fashion choices & lovely young woman :)

    i love the sweet button up blouses. such a nice change from the ubiquitous t-shit.

  • Tea_party_qui_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 06.31 PMby jacquipardue

    hehe, i think it speaks volumes of her style that she could make a graduation cape look so good!! :) wonderful article!

  • Tea_party_qui_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 06.07 PMby jacquipardue

    LOVE the yellow dress, thank you for the pattern suggestion!! not so fond of the graduation cape… ;)

    1 Reply
    • Dahlnyc_1352392376_600_large

      Aug 9, 2011, 06.15 PMby alisondahl

      Haha! Aren’t you smart— I (obviously) didn’t even realize that was a graduation cape! That’s a bit embarrassing! I’ll keep it up there for laughs :)

  • Svpply_large

    Aug 9, 2011, 05.03 PMby postmodest

    why do they always have those funny headpieces? it’s Ridiculous, not Royal. I think it’s one of the questions that will never be answered.

    2 Replies
    • Family_pictures_may-july_11_055_large

      Aug 9, 2011, 09.40 PMby Saeriu

      I think the hats a little silly too. I wonder if it’s supposed to be a mark of a lady or something? Or, like in some religions, it could be a sign of respect to a higher power? Just a thought anyway…I’m sure what the deal is. :)

    • Missing

      Aug 12, 2011, 01.59 AMby texasdawn

      Brits wear hats and fascinators. It is the pop to their otherwise conservative fashions. Try to show a little cultural awareness before you tell us what is Ridiculous and/or Royal.

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