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Meg's Magazine Mash Up 09/2018: Reveal (Influencer Takeover!)


Hi Everyone! It’s me, Sharadha, again! I’m so excited to share with you how my ribbed cuff shirt from the September issue turned out.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 09/2018: Part 1(Influencer Takeover!)


Hey Everyone! Sharadha here, from SweetShard – I’m so excited to be taking over this month’s mashup for BurdaStyle! It’s been a busy summer of sewing, so I’m really happy to take on #102 from the BurdaStyle’s 2018 September Issue. This is a very simple make, which is perfect if you feel the need to create, but don’t want to spend too much time on it. Don’t believe me? There are only 4 pattern pieces!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 08/2018: Reveal


As soon as I finished up sewing and wearing my August issue Mash Up – my first fall pattern – there is a heat wave throughout the city! I really do love how this garment turned out, and here I paired it over a simple black T-shirt and nude booties for the canvas jumper’s summer look! I can’t wait until the leaves turn and fall so I can wear it over all my turtlenecks for sweater weather. Read on to see more pics, and links to my tutorial posts…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 08/2018: Part 2


My waistcoat bodice dress is coming along great and I love the fun leopard print! I can’t wait to wear it over various sweaters and T-shirts depending on the weather. This week I finished up sewing the bodice complete with buttons, and then attached the skirt and inserted the invisible zipper.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 08/2018: Part 1


So it’s been a couple weeks since my last Mash Up reveal and I finally had some time this week to start my August Mash Up! I was busy prepping and traveling to film some segments for It’s Sew Easy TV, which was totally fun and I made an awesome bikini – so read on to see a backstage pic as well as my first steps in sewing my leopard jumper from the 08/2018 issue…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 07/2018: Reveal


My multi-wear “Mash Up” dress is complete and I’m in love! I know I always say that about every project I finish making, but that’s a good thing right? The extra pleats and the printed fabric really make this almost overdone style of dress really feel different and unique. Read on to see all the ways I can wear my new dress.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 07/2018: Part 2


This week’s post is all about sewing the skirt pieces and then attaching to the bodices! The back skirt pieces are sleek with fitting darts and then the front compliments the bodice with lots of gathers and fullness. That’s what I love about this specific multi-wear dress pattern as it is more than just some rectangles sewn together that can tie together different ways – this one fits better and has dimension to it. Read on to see my next steps in construction this dress…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 07/2018: Part 1


How is it July already? I took another break last week from my Mash Up after my June Reveal to work on a bunch of sewing samples for another film trip I have coming up next week, but I managed to start my July Mash Up which I revealed in our Burda Challenge Round Up post. It was difficult to decide on which pattern I wanted to “Mash Up” from the July issue, but ended up falling in love with Burda’s version of an infinity dress. Read on to see my fabric selection, drafting modifications and first steps in sewing this dress…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 06/2018: Reveal


Very excited to debut my finished bodysuit today – and I love how you can wear it so many different ways! With jeans, shorts (like I did), skirts, or even matching wide leg stretch pants to create a faux-jumpsuit. The knot was a bit tricky to figure out in the beginning, but once it clicked everything came together so easily and I sewed up this entire bodysuit in just a couple of hours from printing the pattern to wearing the finished suit. Read on to see more pictures and links to each tutorial post…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 06/2018: Part 2


This week I sew up the bottom portion of my bodysuit and then attach it to my knotted top as well as set in the sleeves. I’m loving how this bodysuit is turning out and I can’t wait to wear it all summer long! Also at the end of my post I have a special announcement…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 06/2018: Part 1


Sorry for the delayed start to my June Mash Up, I was super busy prepping for our next sew-along which I’m filming soon – and make sure to register for our current one here before July 4th to get in for free! Last month was a jumpsuit, and this month is a bodysuit. Just can’t seem to escape these one piece wonders that BurdaStyle are releasing. As soon as I saw this bodysuit I knew it had to be my Mash Up, and this week I get it all started and finish the front knot…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 05/2018: Reveal


My jumpsuit is complete! This week I finished it up by sewing and adding on the hem bands from my contrasting printed fabric. I’m totally obsessed with this jumpsuit and want to wear it to every special occasion this summer. I also secured the back straps by sewing them to the lining to avoid any topstitching. Read on to see my final steps and more project pics…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 05/2018: Part 3


This week I worked on the pants portion of my jumpsuit and then sew it all together with the invisible zipper! I love how this jumpsuit is coming together and I also go over hand stitching the bodice lining in place. Who else is sewing this jumpsuit pattern from the 05/2018 issue?

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 05/2018: Part 2


My jumpsuit is coming along so well, and I’m so happy I went with the corset jumpsuit pattern for my Mash Up! This week I finish up the corseted bodice of my jumpsuit including the back, side seam boning, lining, and straps.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up 05/2018: Part 1


It took me a while to decide which pattern from the May issue I wanted to sew for my Mash Up since I literally loved so many patterns in the issue – I mean, all those dresses are just amazing. But since I already have a new fabulous dress from my last Mash Up I ended up going with the jumpsuit pattern. Read on to see my first steps in sewing this corseted jumpsuit…


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