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It’s day 12 of the BurdaStyle Daily Deals for the Holiday season! Each day for the next 12 days, revisit this blog post and click on the numbers below starting with 1 to unlock your gift! Patterns, kits, bundle, and courses will be included. Unlock Day 12 now…

Deals by Day:

DAY 1- Free Dress Pattern!

DAY 2- 30% off Black Wardrobe Essentials Bundle (reg $29.99, now $20)

DAY 3- 50% off Unmentionables Kit (reg $19.99, now $9.99)

DAY 4- $1 a pattern! Get the this 8 piece pattern collection bundle for $8 (reg $28.99)

DAY 5- 50% off Workout Wear Course Registration, use code HOLIDAY50

DAY 6- Free Pleated Skirt Sewing Pattern!

DAY 7- 30% off January Best Sellers Bundle (reg $11.99, now $8.50)

DAY 8- 50% off September Magazine Kit (reg $19.99, now $9.99)

DAY 9- Free Plus Size Shoulder Cut Out Dress!

DAY 10- 75% off Velvet eBook (reg $9.99, now $2.50)

DAY 11- 50% off From Sketch to Pattern Kit (reg $19.99, now $9.99)

DAY 12- Free Pattern Collection Bundle! (reg $18.99)

*Click on the appropriate day below to access the deal. The deal will be accessible only for the day of the deal indicated on the post! Price will go back to normal once next deal is revealed.


  • Avajac_large

    Dec 25, 2017, 06.37 PMby LittleHead

    Thank you, Burdastyle! Happy holidays to all!

  • 3a5adff36b34b4df920a0498edd1de560652fb88_large

    Dec 25, 2017, 05.28 AMby mad14kt

    Thank you for once again for bringing forth these gifts!!!

  • F2fbc76df812433b7d2d74a662893fa11f633fea_large

    Dec 25, 2017, 03.10 AMby lakaribane

    Thank you so much for this Advent promotion. I liked the mix of freebies and reduced price items. But most of all, I’m glad you remembered the Non-North American members! Joyeux Noël!

    1 Reply
    • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

      Dec 26, 2017, 03.44 PMby Cristty47

      Totally agree!!! I’m from Colombia and love Burda Style but can’t find their magazines or other material here… So I always come here and buy kits and courses etc… I loved that Burda remembered us!!! We are loyal clients too yeah baby!!!!

  • Screenshot_20171114-185920_large

    Dec 25, 2017, 12.33 AMby Michelle Jonsson Long

    Thank You so much. I am so excited about the awesome pricing and Free Gifts that you offered during this Holiday Promotion.


    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  • Missing

    Dec 24, 2017, 09.09 PMby jeankat

    Wow, just beautiful, and what a great holiday present! Thank you so much for all of these deals. I had a lot of fun waiting in excitement and checking back each day to see what you were going to come up with next. Happy holidays!

  • Missing

    Dec 24, 2017, 08.20 PMby sewbaby11

    Thank you for this beautiful plus size collection! I love every piece in it!

  • Missing

    Dec 24, 2017, 07.47 PMby dharma

    Fabulous collection! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas and a very happy New year to everyone at BurdaStyle and all Burdastyle fans!

  • Missing

    Dec 24, 2017, 06.34 PMby hadassah53

    Way to go Burdastyle!!! Saved the best for last. Plus size too, for us not so young and not so skinny members. A very nice Christmas present! I love these annual specials!!! Thanks a million!!

  • 405a_large

    Dec 24, 2017, 06.28 PMby MojoHollz

    Thank you BurdaStyle! These have been great deals! Looking forward to sewing!

  • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

    Dec 24, 2017, 06.11 PMby Cristty47

    Ohhhh what a Christmas Gift!!!! Eventhough I am not a plus size I hope I can addapt those patterns to my actual size!!!!!! They are beautiful!!!!! Thank you Burda!!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

  • Missing

    Dec 22, 2017, 11.03 PMby Mustafa Toema

    Hello, where can I get the link of the free pattern please?

    1 Reply
    • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

      Dec 23, 2017, 04.10 PMby Cristty47

      Each link works only for the day it was released… We are entering to day 11 and we are still in day 10 whivh is a 70% discount on the Velvet Ebook…

  • Missing

    Dec 21, 2017, 06.40 PMby jeankat

    Thank you for the beautiful and versatile plus-sized dress pattern! I happen to be a lucky size 44 who can use almost all your women’s patterns. Yay!

    5 Replies
    • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

      Dec 22, 2017, 05.49 AMby Cristty47

      Wonderful!!! I am a petite size 20 and 21… Do you think I could try to sew a plus size modell and it could fit me? I have always have that question… Sometimes I find such beautiful modells in my pattern collections in plus size…

    • Missing

      Dec 22, 2017, 08.32 PMby jeankat

      Hi, Cristty47 – I am very close to the height that Burda drafts its regular (and plus sized) patterns for (66 1/4"), so I don’t have any experience shortening patterns. I know that Burda does sell a few patterns drafted specifically for petites (63") and going up to US size 20. I think you could probably shorten a lot of regular plus sized patterns to fit, but I’m not sure Burda indicates shortening lines in their patterns. At least, I didn’t see any in the free dress pattern they gave us yesterday. I would take a look at the size charts, both regular women’s and petites, and see where your measurements fit best, including for length measurements (e.g. sleeve length, back length, etc.). Hopefully that might help you figure out if a particular Burda pattern will work for you. I have a very experienced sewing instructor that I can work with on specific issues. Maybe you could find someone like that, get them to help you take your detailed measurements, get their advice on pattern selection, and as needed, their advice on how and where to shorten the pattern for a good fit. Good luck!

    • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

      Dec 23, 2017, 04.21 PMby Cristty47

      Hello Jeankat thank you very much for your answer!!! I really appretiate it. I bought a kit that explains how to shorten regular patterns to petite sizes… So I think I can shorten the pattern… And also as I am right now a pettite 21 size… That is the equivalent to a regular 42 size… So… I will try to cut the pattern pieces for a 42 size and shorten them for a petite size 21 and see what happens… I need an experienced sewist to help me with some doubts I have… It takes me a lot to make each decision each time I am cutting the patterns lol because I still have many questions but I am learning in the process. Thank you for your advice and I like to hear that you have someone to guide you when you have a question… I will look for a good sewist… That really is the way!! Have a beautiful day and thank you again!!

    • Missing

      Dec 23, 2017, 06.55 PMby jeankat

      You’re welcome! That’s great that you found that kit. After you shorten your pattern pieces, you can make a quick version in muslin to check the fit and adjust the pattern again if needed. That way you can get the fit dialed in just right before cutting into your good fabric. It’s more work, but it takes some of the decision-making pressure off, and you won’t end up with a garment that doesn’t work for you.

    • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

      Dec 24, 2017, 03.39 PMby Cristty47

      Dear Jeankat yes I’ve been thinking of making muslim version mostly of those patterns that use a lot of fabric… It is better to make corrections over a cheaper fabric until I get what I really want

  • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

    Dec 21, 2017, 03.59 PMby Cristty47

    Wow that plus size dress is adorable… Eventhough I am not a plus size I think it is beautiful… Also if you want you can modify the skirt and give it a new look… That’s great… I wonder if this pattern can be modified for a petite size 20 or 21…

    3 Replies
    • F2fbc76df812433b7d2d74a662893fa11f633fea_large

      Dec 23, 2017, 11.22 AMby lakaribane

      Here is the guide:

      I’m also Petite but in the regular sizes and I have even used a Tall pattern with simples lines to make it Petite, LOL! Good luck!

    • F2fbc76df812433b7d2d74a662893fa11f633fea_large

      Dec 23, 2017, 11.29 AMby lakaribane

      Also want to mention that Burda has had, once in a blue moon, Petite Plus patterns in the magazine but not in the last decade or so. Maybe the last one was 2005? Something like that. And of course there were the Petite Special Issues that lasted maybe 10 years.

    • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

      Dec 24, 2017, 03.45 PMby Cristty47

      Thank you for your answer Lakaribane. I will look at the link and put it into practice. Also your information about petite sizes and burda is very useful!! I am still learning to sew but slowly I am learning things each day that give me more confidence in the practice of sewing.
      Have a blessed day and Merry Christmas

  • Missing

    Dec 20, 2017, 07.05 PMby greenist1

    Thank you for the lovely pattern bundle! :-)

  • Img-20171219-wa0030_large

    Dec 20, 2017, 04.59 PMby Cristty47

    Dear Meg. Sorry I put my finger over a thunder sign accidentally and marked your comment as Innapropriate…. I am so sorry!!!!!! OMG!!!! It was an accident!!! LOL!!!! Latelly I am having those kinds of ACCIDENTS… Sincerelly I am sorry… I can’t undo that action… Can you plase erase that? I am really sorry…

    1 Reply
    • Meg_healy_burdastyle_90_90_large

      Dec 20, 2017, 06.57 PMby MegH

      Haha no problem!!! I’ll reverse it :)

  • Missing

    Dec 20, 2017, 01.49 PMby fljamerson

    The link to previous post are not working.

  • 1118172120a_hdr_large

    Dec 20, 2017, 04.33 AMby BBananas

    The links are not working for me

    1 Reply
    • Meg_healy_burdastyle_90_90_large

      Dec 20, 2017, 03.27 PMby MegH

      Hi there! The link for only the day of the promotion will work. So now it’s Day 8, so the 8 link will work and you can get that corresponding promotion. You’ll have to come back daily to unlock the corresponding day’s link!

      Happy Holidays!


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