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Sonia Tay launched New York-based Snoozer Loser back in 2005 out of an art collective of the same name. She takes an environmentally conscious approach to fashion by hand-printing materials with eco-friendly pigments, using vintage overstock fabrics, and producing her lines on a made-to-order basis.

Until Tuesday, March 22nd you could one of two selections of the prints featured above. Featured in their Fall 2010 collection, each print is made using organic cotton fabric, and is hand screen-printed by the Snoozer Loser artists in their rural upstate New York studio.

To enter, answer the following question in the Comment section below, or via Twitter : What is your favorite season and why? If submitting an answer via Twitter, be sure to include the @BurdaStyle tag and the hashtag #comment2win.

For a bit of icing on the cake, Snoozer Loser is also offering 10% off from their Spring 2011 line, exclusively for BurdaStyle readers! Visit their online store, then enter the code “BDSTYLE” at checkout.

Good Luck!

- David @ BurdaStyle


  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 07.28 PMby lemonianta

    My favourite season is winter – I’m so deathly pale that in the other seasons I look ill. Anyway, in the winter, there’s always the threat of snow which means I can stomp around in it like a little child and not feel stupid, whilst wearing as many layers as I can possibly get on to keep me toasty warm.

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 05.26 PMby tievoli

    Every season is my favorite. There is something I love about each one and it seems that about the time I start to grow weary of the current season , I see signs of the next one coming along. I guess that part is my favorite – the time between the seasons when everyday is new. I do not mean to sound all sappy poetic about it all, i love them all for what they are. Tievoli

  • Hair_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 05.09 PMby Adaydreamer

    I love the winter! In Florida, winter is more what fall is everywhere else. _ I love the cool weather, light sweaters, scarves, layers and drinking a fresh pot of tea.

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 05.03 PMby wzrdreams

    Spring, definitely. I love shedding my winter wardrobe and enjoying the sunshine on my skin.

  • Feisty_girl_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 02.32 PMby ashleyraine

    Spring, no doubt! Flowers, trees — I actually want to get out of bed in the morning! And in NYC, it’s that little window before summer that the weather is nice but the garbage on the street hasn’t started to stink yet!

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 01.43 PMby SewTall

    Fall is it for me! Opening all the windows when the cool breezes come is heavenly when the sun is still fighting for control. Mostly, I LOVE the warm autumn colors!!!!

  • T_b_amazon_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 01.22 PMby kaitw

    Definitely Autumn. I love when it’s cool enough for a big, comfy sweater… I also love to layer and that always works well in the fall.

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 01.22 PMby momob

    Summer! No heavy clothing to bog me down! Shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops and the way I want to live. Send me to the beach! I vowed I would never have to see snow again, and moved to Florida so I can be a summertime girl all year ‘round. Sunshine and palm trees, a cool drink with an umbrella in it, an ocean breeze, and I’m in heaven.

  • Image_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 12.15 PMby loyl8

    ohh soo rough I love them all for different reasons!! I think spring comes out on top though. Love, flowers, orange blossoms, birds, colors, babies, cool enough in the evening to cuddle but warm during the day to swim or wear your fantastic new clothes. And I love opening the windows!!

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 11.15 AMby belit

    Autumm! Love the light, colors, perfect temperature and this special smell in the air and of course is very romantic season

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 10.08 AMby lthor

    Fall- maybe because it’s my birthday, or maybe it’s because school is just starting and the students are still good without trying, but there’s something about the smell of cooler air I just love!

  • Erika08_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 10.01 AMby daisylynn

    I love spring, because it’s the time I can get my pretty summer dresses out of the basement!

  • C54e5c0b26e03082b34fe57eb07dc3c3675ad923_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 09.18 AMby makurochan

    def. fall, the temp is perfect for layers/long sleeves, and the colors are so pretty _

  • Profile1_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 09.07 AMby Kuko

    I love the smells of fall—burning leaves, pumpkin pie, leaf piles, etc. Getting out the sweaters is fun too.

  • Label_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 08.56 AMby anneeza

    Raining season. Everyday is a cozy-cozy day :)

  • 67f2c04548980ff46226d7497d8692937bd29f9b_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 08.03 AMby dare

    What I love most is the feeling that the seasons are changing. The days you can smell that the wind has changed or that a storm is coming, or when you get ‘Four Seasons in One Day’.

  • Ja_010_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 08.00 AMby veronika33

    Spring and fall. Fall for the magnificent colours and spring because everything awakes back to life.

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 07.27 AMby Anita Merrill

    I love Summer! The sun is shining, the garden growing and it’s gloriously warm!

  • 0cd3727fe41a14c7f27f70a7ed9fba52b6b685fb_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 06.57 AMby escorpio

    Spring. I love how everything is coming to life and we can shed more and more clothing.

  • Burdastyle_001_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 06.51 AMby kaikatsu

    Fall is my favorite season. Its not too hot and not too cold. I love the colors of leaves and its a season of holidays.

  • Purple-hat6_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 05.44 AMby misslivia

    Summer! It’s the best part of living in Seattle – the weather is just perfect for wearing about any creation!

  • Snowdrops_005_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 04.46 AMby sewknitful

    Definitely spring. Living in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of rain and this winter seems to have been particularly wet. I so look forward to the days warming up, wearing skirts and dresses and not having to bundle up, sitting outside on the patio, BBQ’s, pretty gardens – I love it all!

  • 982d3cab714e460aa7f149ea4a429fe23a93664d_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 03.39 AMby snowpants

    As much as I love Spring and as much as I am looking forward to it right now after our long cold winter, fall is still in favorite season! I love the cooling temperatures after a hot, hot summer, Halloween, and my birthday.

  • Burda_023_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 03.03 AMby runningwithscissors1

    Ahhh, spring! After months of snow, it is nice to see green again! And to shed all those layers.

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 02.37 AMby fxysouljah

    I’m definitely a Spring baby, but only spring down south. You can feel the warmth of sun during the day and you can still accessorize in the evening with a cardigan or jacket

  • E7cdf92f097247ffcd17dffa75d8104e4d3bc395_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 02.15 AMby karasumegami

    Summer. I love the heat, the swimming, the hose fights, the bikinis, the sunshine, the thunderstorms, the light and airy clothes, and the shirtless men ;D

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 02.08 AMby marisal

    Spring is my favorite season for sure. It starts mid-February and lasts until June here at the coast. Everything starts to bloom and fabrics get lighter and softer!

  • Img_7296_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 02.04 AMby tonierenee

    My favorite season is Spring because you get the chance to wear cool and warm weather clothing. I love to start my day by wrapping in a soft cozy sweater and take my coffee out side to listen to the birds sing while I watch the sun rise over the trees. Then in the afternoon it could be warm enough to not have to hide your outfit under a coat.

  • 1a08109201f8ddd6007b41e727b8a296641e1750_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 01.51 AMby sunquistadora

    Definitely Fall! I love the colors and it’s the most comfortable temperature for me!

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 01.38 AMby cuppiecakes83

    My favorite season is summer. Being in the Seattle area, we have rain, rain, rain, then a bit of sun!

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