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Sonia Tay launched New York-based Snoozer Loser back in 2005 out of an art collective of the same name. She takes an environmentally conscious approach to fashion by hand-printing materials with eco-friendly pigments, using vintage overstock fabrics, and producing her lines on a made-to-order basis.

Until Tuesday, March 22nd you could one of two selections of the prints featured above. Featured in their Fall 2010 collection, each print is made using organic cotton fabric, and is hand screen-printed by the Snoozer Loser artists in their rural upstate New York studio.

To enter, answer the following question in the Comment section below, or via Twitter : What is your favorite season and why? If submitting an answer via Twitter, be sure to include the @BurdaStyle tag and the hashtag #comment2win.

For a bit of icing on the cake, Snoozer Loser is also offering 10% off from their Spring 2011 line, exclusively for BurdaStyle readers! Visit their online store, then enter the code β€œBDSTYLE” at checkout.

Good Luck!

- David @ BurdaStyle


  • 20120128154939_large

    Mar 28, 2011, 06.55 PMby Vanessa Leigh

    autumn because it is gorgeous, vibrant earthy colors are everywhere, sunny windy days and cool evenings, light sweaters and scarves…summer fades away but all is new again come autumn….

  • Missing

    Mar 23, 2011, 05.32 PMby dewa

    Winter, its so romantic. Love being warm and snuggly by the fire indoors.

  • Missing

    Mar 22, 2011, 09.13 PMby ravenjasmine81

    Spring. All my daffodils and irises bloom, and it’s not so sweltering hot.

  • Missing

    Mar 22, 2011, 07.28 PMby Jkabana

    Fall, the crisp air, amazing scents and glorious colors make me feel so alive.

  • Marilyn_large

    Mar 22, 2011, 05.48 PMby cinzibininzi

    Summer! Winter in this part of Italy is horribly cold and foggy! And in summer u can dare more with clothes colours too..

  • 31a3d3dab9f12ff376e130492a6a89f07ca1a954_large

    Mar 22, 2011, 02.37 PMby bitterbunny

    i love AUTUMN! when you feel that first cold front come in after that long, hot, summer (i live in TX)….it just revitalizes me!!!

  • Missing

    Mar 22, 2011, 06.56 AMby nilset

    Winter, because it’s rainy so i get to sit around inside cuddled in my comfy clothes and SEW ALL DAY!

  • Missing

    Mar 22, 2011, 04.36 AMby taiwo .

    Spring and Fall. I love the blooming trees of spring and the colors of Fall.

  • Missing

    Mar 22, 2011, 12.55 AMby jocel

    I love both Spring and Autumn because with them comes changes. We all hope for Spring when the weather is cold and we all hope for Autumn at the end of the hot months.

  • Screen_shot_2016-03-01_at_18_41_26_large

    Mar 20, 2011, 02.23 PMby fairyprincess

    Winter because it gives the most challenges on how to be warm and stylish at the same time. I really enjoy trying to get the balance correct.

  • Img_4043_large

    Mar 20, 2011, 08.21 AMby psychorat

    Spring! I love to see, how everything comes back to life again. I am very active and creative during that time of the year.

  • Missing

    Mar 20, 2011, 08.00 AMby theeraserdust

    I love winter! Layering and being able to wear fun colored tights; drinking hot apple cider or cocoa by the fire and snuggling to keep warm.

  • 1_large

    Mar 19, 2011, 08.01 PMby galatina

    Spring! It has the best of all the seasons – sun & frost and all the flowers start to make everything so colourful. It also means that you can have a completely different wardrobe from day to day – perfect!

  • J_avatar_large

    Mar 19, 2011, 12.14 PMby jenyjenny

    I love fall, because I feel swept up in the physical changes in the environment. A little breath of chill in the air, leaves falling, blazing blue skies.

  • Missing

    Mar 19, 2011, 04.25 AMby Christi Woglemuth

    My favorite season is spring! It is my favorite because things are starting to grow and winter is finally over! Also, my birthday is in spring so that makes it a lot better than any other season, and I can start wearing shorts, sandals, flip flops, skirts, and dresses!

  • Dscf6496_large

    Mar 18, 2011, 11.53 PMby loutracey

    winter because you bundle up and get warm if you’re cold. a certain amount of clothing is required for summer, no matter how warm you might be :)

  • Missing

    Mar 18, 2011, 05.29 PMby karenadd

    My favorite is fall, but this year I am especially happy to see the start of spring!!

  • Bttn_avatar_large

    Mar 18, 2011, 02.16 PMby bttn

    Fall is really my season, when I feel myself alive.

  • Dscf6507_large

    Mar 18, 2011, 06.36 AMby urbandon

    Winter here in Sydney gives me the opportunity to wear all the coats and scarves I own. I can have the layered look for a few months at least.

  • Img_2129_large

    Mar 18, 2011, 04.22 AMby maryvangeffen

    I love summer when I get to wear summer dresses at night like that gorgeous one in s-l’s collection. Gorgeous

  • Spain_2007_065_large

    Mar 17, 2011, 02.26 PMby nellyvdb

    Mmm, I’m torn between Summer and Fall… I was born in a tropical city in the Mexican Gulf Coast, therefore I am used to high temperatures and humidity, and I actually feel the prettiest and most comfortable with myself in the Summer time, but I think Fall beats Summer only because of the beautiful tree colours in Canada, my current home :)

  • 73d1bf970e4b23be45881163e39fbc819a318352_large

    Mar 17, 2011, 08.17 AMby queenvanilla

    Summer! Right now I long for it! Here in Sweden it’s still quite cold, even thougt the snow is gone.

  • 30601_429514920714_512925714_6029551_6308609_s_large

    Mar 17, 2011, 01.09 AMby Holly Paddock

    I love every season except mud season (which is generally the rainy parts of spring and fall). But I especially love early summer, in part because dressing becomes more about preference than practicality.

  • Pearl_reclining_large

    Mar 17, 2011, 12.24 AMby hayleyroper

    autumn definitely, love to get the boots and sweaters out and to see the leaves changing colour

  • Bc2d938ca4077639b4a74a97e2459f594f8f987e_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 11.39 PMby balduffington

    It’s a toss up really between Spring (for the optimism of budding flowers and trees and the joy of mild temps and sun) and Fall (for the changing colors of trees, the ‘back to school’ feeling, and the crispness of a slight chill in the air). OK, Spring just won…

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 09.41 PMby fuzzyg

    Spring, definitely. Those buds, that tender green, the first warm breeze… I also like Fall, leaves and crisp days, but then I remember what it leads to, and I remember that Spring is better because it only improves. Day lengthening is a much better state for me.

  • 15857032_1__large

    Mar 16, 2011, 09.15 PMby lotty

    My favorite season is always the one just approaching at the time. It’s always been too long since I enjoyed it for all it’s qualities :) I’m always happy I supose!

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 08.49 PMby Erica Larsen

    Fall is my favorite. Cooler, drier weather and around here it is just gorgeous.

  • 1a782239bacc076eefb6a41bcd5565c80c67da21_large

    Mar 16, 2011, 08.32 PMby euma

    Spring, beautiful flowers and warm weather.

  • Missing

    Mar 16, 2011, 07.56 PMby michpitts

    Fall – comfortable temperature and beautiful colours on the trees.

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