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[Updated 12/1/2011] – Congratulations to diediedarling, who was picked at random to win this giveaway!

[Updated 11/22/2011] – The winner of this giveaway can now choose to receive either the small or medium "My Double Deluxe dress forms!

We’ve got one more fantastic dress form from Dritz to give away!

During the past two weeks we have shown you three cool projects and techniques that can be done using Dritz products (see them here, here and here). This week, Kasia (member postmodest) wows us with a fun and in-depth project variation, “Kasia’s Lovely Blouse,” using the 09/2011 Jumpsuit pattern. She used and incorporated Dritz products into her variation with stunning results.

Here are some of the products she used. Visit her project’s page for the full list. Also, check out her two super-easy ways to embellish a garment using Dritz products.

From Left to Right: The Mighty Travel Iron, Sewing Gauge, Large Seam Ripper, Fray Check™, Rotary Cutter (28mm) and Tailor’s Marking Set

Now, until Monday, November 28th at 12 p.m. (EST), Dritz is giving away one of their amazing “My Double Deluxe (Small)” or “My Double Deluxe (Medium)” dress forms. Here are all the great features it has:

- Designed to fit pants plus all other types of garments (gowns , dresses, suits & skirts).
- Off-set center pole for hanging pants
- Shaped hips -bottom & thighs for fitting pants
- Longer pole to accommodate taller women – wedding dresses & evening gowns
- Extended shoulders for supporting & setting in sleeves
- 12 Rotating dial wheels at bust – waist & hips
- Adjustments can be made in precise increments
- Adjustable back waist length
- Adjustable neck with pin cushion
- Pin Hem Marker
- Foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning & marking.

Sounds cool, right?! To enter, answer the following: What must-have tool do you need and just can’t seem to find?

Good Luck!

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.


  • Yo_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 02.17 AMby Lucila Dominguez

    Since I started sewing 1 year ago, I found burdastyle and been amazed about how many helpful items there are but then I always feel disappointed, because I live in Mexico and most of the tools are really hard to find but lately I’ve been really trying to find the beeswax and at this point I am about to give up on that tool

  • Missing

    Nov 23, 2011, 02.10 AMby Helena99

    I would love to be able to find an affordable pair of pinking shears

  • Missing

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.50 AMby ggexpansive

    I would say a sewing tool i need but can never find would be the marking tool shown! I am so tired of my chalk block .

  • 1b5be228efe43fa6929bc25d16614ae895d4f683_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.49 AMby nadinewoods

    I would love to find a flexible rule in a 5/8 inch width to use for adding seam allowances to traced BurdaStyle magazine patterns. Also extra long very fine (silk) straight pins with glass heads would be awesome to have. Perhaps you could make the glass heads a different color than the finest ones you sell now.

  • Missing

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.48 AMby biff0082

    I have a suggesstion for eerieturnip… For a cutting table I bought an ironing board that collapses and then attached a large piece of wood to the top of it with some nuts & bolts = large table that is height adjustable and then folds flat to store against the wall.

    In terms of tools, well the list could go on and on… I would love a dress form of course, but I would also love some kind of programmable laser cutter that can read my mind and cut fabric exactly how I want. Too much to ask??

  • Bee_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.39 AMby Seeks Corey

    It is never so much that I cannot find a tool that may answer my needs, as I can never remember what tool I need most at the time I have money to buy them. I would like to get a french curve set and a seam allowance sewing gauge. And, like many, a tape measure that doesn’t run.

  • Img_1066_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.37 AMby proploft2012

    The one tool I can’t seem to find, and I really need to find, is my seam ripper. I have searched everywhere for my lovely seam ripper for the last 5 months. No matter how hard I look, how much of a mess I make digging for it, how many times I prayed to St. Anthony, or how many dreams I have of finding it, it still has yet to show its lovely face. I have spent way too much time trying to make do without it and use my scissors instead. The scissors are an acceptable interim seam ripper, but having my lovely seam ripper back would make me dance all day and all night. I also really need to get a dress form so that I can start making more fitted clothes for my self and maybe make some stuff for my friends or for the plays at my school.

  • Missing

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.29 AMby somethingcute

    Nice scalloped shears (similar to pinking shears, but it makes little scallops instead). I have a vintage pair, and Fiskars had made them for a brief period.

    I’d really love to find a pair that cuts a fairly large scallop (but is sharp enough for fabric! Paper scissors with scallops seem to be pretty common thanks to the scrap booking craze).

    Also, nice pins and sewing needles are hard to find! So many that are labeled as “fine” or “silk pins” are way too thick and dull for even regular fabrics. I actually love it when I find vintage pins and needles since the quality tends to be vastly better than anything I can find new.

    A good scissor sharpening service would be great too. I have a hard time finding anyone who can put a properly sharp edge on my sewing shears, and since I sew full-time they get dull pretty rapidly. I’ve been disappointed with the edge on a lot of new shears too, maybe I am just too picky! I had a pair of Kai scissors that I loved and they stayed sharp a good long time but I haven’t been able to locate a replacement for them!

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Nov 23, 2011, 01.33 AMby somethingcute

      (And obviously, a dress form would be great too!)

      Its just so hard to find really good supplies, not many people seem to care about real quality, they just want what cheap without realizing how much extra work it will create for themselves! Good, smooth, sharp, needles and shears make work so much smoother, faster and neater than their cheaper, duller, coarser counterparts.

  • Missing

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.26 AMby kimpe

    wow, what can’t I seem to find but can’t live without. More time to constantly be creative. I love my sewing space and if I can’t be found anywhere else you will find me there. I recently lost a ton of weight so a dress form would be great until I get used to sewing for a new body. My can’t live without’s are my iron, my scissors and for some reason no matter how many I have sitting around finding my little ones when needing to snip threads as I absolutely hate them hanging around I can never seem to find them. Between my sewing machine, serger and ironing board they are always running in a circle. I’m a stickler on pressing and snipping. Don’t want anyone to know it’s homemade now do we!!!

  • Moi_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 01.22 AMby florean-fortescue

    I want a tiny ironing board that would fit under anything anywhere for tricky to iron garments and then it wouldnt be a hassle to get out the big ironing board. Also want scissors to cut the edge of seams so they won’t fray – that seems to be done on lots of old garments I have and seems pretty effective

  • Imga0007_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.56 AMby carolyn101

    I dream of sewing elves who come and finish hemming my garments and add closures etc ….ugh I hate that, so boring! But back to reality, a tool for scribing seam allowances at diff depths would be great and also a way of transferring pattern markings to fabric accurately.

  • 196582_10150103338001916_685676915_6792817_2293590_n_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.55 AMby corarae

    I want a button-hole guage! Seems like I can’t find one & read a great article about all the good uses for one.

  • Dsc_4606_copy_2_2_2_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.36 AMby esewell

    An adjustable dress form would be ideal! I would be to make adjustments so that garments fit me exactly the way they should.

    A tool I can’t seem to find is fashion tape for marking draping on a dress form. (The kind of tape they use on Project Runway.) This would be a great tool to use on a Dritz “My Double” Deluxe Dress form.

  • 20150117_152733_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.34 AMby mlssfshn

    A sewing Gnome who picks up after me,cut out things for me to make, and keeps my sewing room clean and in order! I really need a clapper and a good sewing ham. I’ve been wanting to make some wool garments!

  • Missing

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.28 AMby 123Bianca

    Some sharp scissors that don’t magically disappear every time I need them would be great, I have about 6 floating around the house and I’m still always frantically searching for them. Also, an invisible zipper foot would be great, but they’re not too hard to find.

  • Missing

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.22 AMby janers41

    The one thing I need but just can’t find is a dedicated space for all my sewing stuff! I had a sewing room but then my daughter decided she needed her own bedroom instead of sharing with her sister. Right now my stuff is kind of piled into a corner and I have to go on a treasure hunt to find anything.

    I don’t suppose you can help with that, but winning a dress form would help appease me somewhat. ;)

  • Photo_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.20 AMby mckenzieclark

    I would love to have a French curve but cannot seem to find one (or at least a good one) in the big fabric stores. A dress form would also be great to have!

  • Picture_261_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.16 AMby Phamburger

    A tool that I must have but I can’t seem to find… hmm… a tiny iron to iron out those small things!

    & a dress form… haha

  • Ruffled-shirt_large

    Nov 23, 2011, 12.11 AMby eerieturnip

    A magical table that is huge for cutting but compacts down to live comfortably in my tiny flat. Cutting out on the floor can get so painful.

  • Missing

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.55 PMby colleen chapman

    what I really need is for someone to come and clean up my sewing room, Im sure that all my lost tools are there somewhere. Then I would have a place for that beautiful new dress form.

  • Img_1411_large

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.55 PMby roodles

    I can’t seem to find a double tracing wheel.

  • Img_0702_large

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.52 PMby juz

    I have limited space, and finding a sewing table that is both small and practical is proving very tricky!

  • Cimg0390_large

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.40 PMby MadeleineAB

    I know that I can’t find them because they dont exist, but I can’t seem to find pins that are prickly when they go in, but not when they’re in the fabric on the model!

    My friends are getting extremely annoyed with pin pricks! If nobody can invent this, could they just send alcohol this way to relax my friends.

    Thanks guys!

  • Iusa_75x75_719019_large

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.27 PMby electronshells

    I spent a long time looking for a smaller iron for smoothing out wrinkles on small sewing projects. After awhile I gave up, but that Mighty Travel Iron might be just the thing I have been searching for.

  • Missing

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.27 PMby bike6564

    Bobbins (does that qualify as a “tool?”). I only have four and every time I check at my fabric store they’re out of the style I need. Also my Mark-B-Gone pens have a way of disappearing when I need them.

  • Img_2821_2_large

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.24 PMby lisa g

    the tool i can’t find anywhere is a twin needle that works with my machine! mine apparently takes some obscure left shank needle… countless online searches have not turned one up yet!

  • Dscn2036_large

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.22 PMby carlachan

    adjustable dress form and a fasturn

  • Missing

    Nov 22, 2011, 11.19 PMby Stitchgirl78

    My measuring tape!

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