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[Update 11/21/2011] – Congratulations to nellyvdb for winning this contest!

After receiving such an amazing response from their previous Comment to Win, the kind folks over at Dritz is offering another one of their cool dress forms.

We love using Dritz tools and notions, and gave some to member Sara Moskovitz for her to try, as well. Take a look at her mitered corner tutorial, made using the OmniEdge Ruler, Tailor’s Chalk, Petite Press™ Mini Iron and Omnigrid® Mat (18" X 24").

Now, until Monday, November 21st at 12 p.m. (EST), Dritz is giving away one of their amazing “My Double Deluxe (Small)” dress forms". Here are all the great features it has:

- Designed to fit pants plus all other types of garments (gowns , dresses, suits & skirts).
- Off-set center pole for hanging pants
- Shaped hips -bottom & thighs for fitting pants
- Longer pole to accommodate taller women – wedding dresses & evening gowns
- Extended shoulders for supporting & setting in sleeves
- 12 Rotating dial wheels at bust – waist & hips
- Adjustments can be made in precise increments
- Adjustable back waist length
- Adjustable neck with pin cushion
- Pin Hem Marker
- Foam-backed nylon cover for easy pinning & marking.

Sounds cool, right?! To enter, answer the following: What was your very first sewing project, and how old were you when you tackled it?

Good Luck!

Please note: If selected as a winner, any personal information you provide to receive your prize in this giveaway is subject to the sponsor’s privacy rules. These may differ from BurdaStyle’s rules, so please review the rules before entering your information. BurdaStyle is not responsible for the handling of your data in connection with this giveaway.


  • Dscn1908_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 06.07 PMby thejam

    My first sewing project was a hand sewn apron I was 8 years old.

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 06.02 PMby wzrdreams

    My first sewing project (with a sewing machine) was to make a doll quilt with my grandmother. She taught me how to choose fabrics, cut straight strips, sew with the machine making even 1/4" seam allowances, and then piece the quilt to the batting and backing. I was 8 years old.

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 06.00 PMby somethingcute

    My first sewing project was a vest for a stuffed toy rabbit I had when I was 4. I even added a little hole in the back for the tail to fit through! I loved being able to make something for myself!

  • Wenlanskirt4_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.53 PMby elisabetsy

    In about the sixth grade, I made a full-circle skirt from a slubby linen-look material that was bright watermelon pink. I remember my mother helping me pick the pattern and buy the fabric, but I tackled the project independently and whole-heartedly and wore it to death!

  • Lrm_profile_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.41 PMby lrm

    My very first project was… a pincushion! Not too exciting, especially since I was in my late 20’s getting started, but I still use it now. My first garment was a pair of pants with a not-so-flattering fit. That said, I think I could really benefit from a dress form! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Crackerhouse_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.31 PMby crackerhouse

    I think I made something in grade school, but I really didn’t start sewing until I was out of college, which unfortunately is almost 20 years ago! My first real project I can remember was a quilt.

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.27 PMby Erica Larsen

    My first sewing project when I was 10 was a pillow with gathered corners from the 4H sewing manual. It’s still in my old bedroom at my parents house and it’s actually pretty nice. First clothing (same year) was a truly hideous elastic waist shorts and vest outfit.

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.17 PMby bookgeekgirl

    I only learned to sew about 3 years ago. My first project other than just sewing pieces of fabric together to practice was a basic cover for my sewing machine. :-)

  • Dscn1801-es_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.16 PMby libra-s

    When I was about 7, I started to make cloths for my dolls using my mum’s scrap fabric!

  • Marzi90_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.16 PMby MadeByMarzipan

    My first sewing project that I did by myself was a crib set for my first baby boy. It turned out TERRIBLE, LOL!

  • Jme_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 05.00 PMby littlejay

    I was one of the last groups in our junior high school to have the benefit of home economics classes, so I learned how to use a machine and how to hand stitch when I was twelve. But I didn’t try to tackle a project until I was fourteen. I told my mother, “I am going to make a pair of pants.” She looked at me skeptically. She told me that I would need a pattern and I would need to know about things like interfacing and facing. She didn’t exactly offer to help me. So I went to the fabric store and bought some slightly discolored blue corduroy from the discount bin. (I didn’t want to spend too much in case things didn’t work out!) I got home and looked at a pair of pants that I already owned that I liked, and I copied the shapes. I was totally winging it! But amazingly, and much to my mothers surprise, the pants turned out pretty well. I wore them to school and actually received compliments! The discoloration on the fabric actually looked like an intentional subtle tie dye effect. I’m glad I had a little bit of beginner’s luck to get me through the later disasters!

  • Lulamae_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 04.52 PMby jw72085

    I’ve been sewing, in one form or another, since I was very young. My love of creating new pieces is still fresh. I’ve been inspired by this blog to create my own to showcase all of what I do. Thanks for the inspiration you’ve given me and to many others.

  • Blackandwhite_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 04.49 PMby GeraldineRead

    My first project was when I was 11 making a pair of elasticated trousers with the my grandmother. They were made fom a really pretty indian style fabric that came from the vast fabric hoard belonging to my mother. My grandmother insisted we use a size 12, and disaster, they were far too big!

  • 267619_10150240216071864_592951863_7584678_5036718_n_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 04.34 PMby Priscilla Folley

    Although I say I started sewing in March this year (that’s when I started taking sewing lessons), my very first sewing project was tackled about 2 years ago, when I was 25. It was around November, Christmas was coming and I wanted to impress my mother-in-law. I made her a complete kitchen set: place mats, an oven mitten, an apron, some dishtowels… I thought it was the cutest, most well-made thing I had ever made. In July this year I went to her house for a visit and happened to see the apron I made, in her kitchen. Oh God. I surely have improved since then!

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 04.33 PMby guenthecat

    I was in the 9th grade, so about 14 or so when I sewed my first item. It was a Shakespearian doll’s dress for extra credit in my English class. I remember my Memama was so concerned about me sewing on her prized possession Bernina that she only let me sew the straight lines. She insisted on putting in the sleeves. I got a ton of extra credit for that project and I also ended up inheriting that sewing machine when she passed years later. I don’t even know where that doll’s dress is anymore, but now I’ve sewn many Period pieces of clothing on that machine. And I always know my Memama is looking over my shoulder when I do so.

  • Darth_side_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 04.14 PMby slythysophia

    I don’t remember how old I was when I made my first sewing project, but I must have been pretty young…Around five. I used an oversized plastic needle and some baby green acrylic yarn that was lying around in the craft basket to sew paper towels into a doll. Stuffed with cubes cut from an old foam mattress that was also lying around and decorated with facial features done in my favorite scented markers, I felt pretty proud of my project, which I had come up with and executed completely independently. I proceeded to make many more dolls using a similar formula, and I think my mom still has a shoebox full of them lurking somewhere in the basement. Now, of course, I’ve moved on to a sewing machine and real fabric, but I still have fond memories of those lumpy handsewn paper towel dolls :)

  • Autokaja_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 04.13 PMby cayetanca

    Sewing for my dolls when I was about 8 or 10. And an apron at school:)

  • Miniman_wants_love_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 03.28 PMby boppygreen

    I come from a long line of seamstresses and tailors. I was born with the “sewing bug.” The first big project I can remember was a hand sewn wrap-around skirt. I was 13 and taking my first home-ec class. The teacher commented on how tiny and precise my stitches were. Before that, it would’ve been Barbie clothes made from fabric scraps from my mother’s projects.

  • 028_6__large

    Nov 15, 2011, 03.22 PMby puffling

    I started sewing by hand and on my mother’s Featherweight when I was 6. My first wearable project was at age 13: I made a two-tiered jersey skirt. I still have the pattern! (Simplicity 6102 from 1983, although I have no idea why, since I’ll never be that size again. Guess it’s nostalgia.)

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 03.10 PMby janers41

    I was 10 years old. The mother of a friend taught a group of us to make a peasant blouse and long skirt. All elastic at the sleeve ends and the waist of the skirt. I was very proud although my skirt was probably the worst thing ever! The print was directional and we folded the fabric to cut both back and front at once, so the print was upside down on the back of the skirt. Thankfully I had a growth spurt soon after and was no longer able to fit into the outfit! My mom cut everything up and made some doll clothes. They looked a lot better than what I’d made!

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 03.05 PMby lhartup

    I was 11 or 12. I took a home ec class, and we had to sew pillows that were in the shape of our initials. I didn’t really get hooked on sewing, though, until I audited a design/sewing class in college. After that, I couldn’t stop!

  • Vintage_lady_resize_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 02.56 PMby vintagegal

    I was 8 years old. I made a jumper, from a red cotton with an apple print. It had a zipper in the back, and armhole and neck facings. Ambitious! It was for a Girl Scout badge, I think. I used my mom’s sewing machine (she wasn’t much help, because she didin’t sew!)and I do remember I could never get the tension right, so my stitches were all wonky! But, I was hooked on sewing just the same, from that moment.

  • Dsc_9266_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 02.44 PMby Oana F.

    When I was 18 or 19 years old, my father bought me a sewing machine and I tried to sew a skirt. I didn’t know anything about patterns or sewing. I just cut out some rectangular pieces of fabric, sew them together and keep on wondering why doesn’t it have any shape. It was a disaster and I never really finished it.

  • 486043_10200326557759449_664517254_n_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 02.26 PMby heidilea

    I believe my very first project was a handbag and an apron done for girl scouts. I was about 7 or 8 and it was a total piece. No one really bothered to show us how to sew properly. My mother had attempted when I was six, by giving us little strips of pink bias and different color threads to practice a basic running stitch.

    My first “real” project was at 24, when I bought some rayon to make a pair of baggy salwar for Belly Dancing class. I hand sewn it in an afternoon, I was so exicited. It has a lot of mistakes, but are still wearable for comfy situations around the house.

  • _mg_9130_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 02.08 PMby wildcatspow

    I was 9 years old, and made a skirt for 4-H. It was a knee-length elasticized-waist dealy made from light blue chambray. My mom made me a matching shirt and helped me make a headband to “accessorize”!

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 01.56 PMby dgporter

    I was in seventh grade, age 12. Way back then, public schools taught “Home Economics.” It was a course covering cooking and sewing. In the Sewing class, my very first project was a white cotton slip: I can still picture the ugly thing, very unfashionable. However, I completed that project well enough — with proper encouragement from the teacher and my mother — to continue sewing, which is now the creative love of my life at age 73.

  • Cimg2425_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 01.32 PMby Redsonia

    I was 14 when I bought my first Burda and got sewing bug. I remember sewing pants on my grandmother’s Russian machine “Chaika”.

  • 68e375b12add746db86ff64186ed232b50021fd9_large

    Nov 15, 2011, 01.05 PMby alexus1325

    The first sewing project I did completely by myself was a pair of pants in grade 9 (when I was 15), based on the pajama shorts pattern I got in grade 8 Home Ec. I used my mother’s 1930s Singer to make twill Real Tree knock-off pants with the left front panel made from black velour. I ran out of the twill, and the velour was in my mom’s costume fabric stash (the only things she ever sewed!). I was immensely proud of them, despite the fact that my family members thought they were hideous and the legs were hemmed unevenly. I wore them to school, anyway :P

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 01.01 PMby renatap

    I wasn’t so young when I sewed for the first time. I was around 16 and sewed a doll sized kimono by hand. My first sewing machine project was a long sleeved knit shirt when I was 17.

  • Missing

    Nov 15, 2011, 12.58 PMby MotherOfMany

    School sewing! Blah! It was a lawn petticoat……a half petticoat made of a fine white cotton with a horizontal tuck just above the hem. We were all very proud of our efforts but it didn’t do to admit this to our classmates. So we all poo-poohed our petticoats and wore them on the quiet. A secret society of petticoat-wearers.

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