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This week we bring you a bright and cheerful pattern collection from burda style magazine’s July 2013 issue. These lovely plus size sewing patterns are just in time for summer sewing fun! As color goes, the more, the brighter…the better. From neon green and pink to turquoise and red, these patterns won’t go unnoticed. Try sewing these patterns for yourself this summer. A nice knit lace or shiny satin will work just great!

Just imagine…a skirt without zipper, facing or waistband. This Skirt is just that, plus it has a great flare. The top is finished off with lining and an elastic is sewn to the waist seam allowance to hug your waist perfectly. What better to pair this bright skirt than an even bright Gathered Satin Shirt.

This classic style Dress is made from stretch lace and has nice fitting darts at the bust. The 3/4 length sleeves makes this dress extra flattering and perfect for those cool summer night activities.

This fitted Top sewn in lace has extended shoulders and asymmetrical gathers under one bust. We love it in this vibrant green too! Try wearing it casual with a pair of cut-off denim shorts or long sleek trousers for a more polished look.

This shimmery Dress is sewn in sequin fabric and has a very unique gathering feature on the bust and opposite hip. The other bust is fitted with a simple dart.

This embroidered rhinestone halter Dress is just to die for! It is made in beautiful satin, and can also be shortened into a lovely top. Did we mention that WOW red color? Perfect for those summer outdoor cocktail parties.

Some days just call for 3/4 length sleeves…just make sure to apply sunscreen to those forearms! This Shirt has fitted bust darts and a facing on the neck edge that really gives a polished look.

This lovely Dress has a cowl neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. Since it is sewn in jersey it is incredibly comfortable to wear!

This Tunic is super stylish and flattering. It has a high empire waistline with gathers and a cool shoulder line that makes your neckline the center of attention!

Happy Sewing! Which color and style is your favorite?


  • Test_large

    Mar 25, 2014, 07.12 AMby ginaminton

    Jersey Cowl dress is awesome!

  • Missing

    Jan 4, 2014, 09.21 PMby SaucySewist

    I’m new to Burdastyle and am looking for some size advice, especially after reading comments about the sizing being too small on the download patterns. I’ve used printed Burda patterns that you can buy in the store and have no trouble finding my size in those. Are the download sizes smaller than Burda’s commercial print patterns? Haven’t tried making anything from the magazine yet to check for size in comparison to the printed pattern sizing. Would love to hear from those of you who’ve made garments from all three pattern offerings-downloaded, magazine and printed and how these compare in size.

    I just started getting the plus size magazine and using this website. I’m really pleased to see the plus size woman being presented as a well-dressed woman rather than a frump in tents. Would love to see more plus size clothes that fit an active lifestyle outdoors with features such as gusseted crotches for doing things like climbing onto a motorcycle, scooter or horse, xc skiing, bicycling, hiking etc. I love the office clothes you show, but not being an office person, I have no place to wear them. I’ve loaded up my cart with all these scrumptious dressy clothes, but haven’t pushed the buy button because I have no place to wear them.
  • Photo_me_large

    Nov 14, 2013, 01.16 AMby Regan Mackenzie

    Absolutely love this range, the vibrancy, plus size patterns and the models are so wholesome. They come across shining with happiness and liveliness. There is a humongus population out there with Marilyn figures, please keep up the good work. perhaps releasing twice or thrice a year a range as you have done here, we would all (thousands of us full figure dressmakers) have it in our calendars waiting in anticipation. Thank you so much. An inspiration. As a well oiled tailor/dressmaker I will start posting all my fuller figure creations, some of which I will post how to push out some of the bustier/hippier areas on your standard patterns. Will start this 2014 when I can do full time. Keep posted girls on my new sewrmaciwi.wordpress.com in 2014. thanks. Regan

  • Missing

    Aug 14, 2013, 03.12 PMby Amarita

    I live in Grayling, in Kosovo, in my town there Burda magazine sales. A few days ago I went to Serbia with a desire to buy this issue but the seller told me that all the numbers returning when not sell.I was disappointed. I bought new number Burda,but I not found this model, which I loved so much that I have. I would like to newspapers not return, but you can buy other month. Greetings.

  • Missing

    Jul 11, 2013, 12.20 AMby heidiq

    I agree with other posts, Burdastyle, you need to start making your regular patterns in plus sizes. There are a LOT of nice regular sized patterns that would go up in size very nicely. Your selection of plus sized patterns is small and does not include nearly as many nice pieces. I don’t understand with today’s digitization why it would be at all difficult to make your patterns available in all sizes.

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2013, 08.09 PMby cealy

    I absolutely love this collection and your plus size bridal collection; however, I wonder when you will actually use the sizing which is comparable and accurate to the measurements given. I would normally wear a 44-46 top or in US and Canadian sizing, 24-26, and in the bottoms I would normally wear 26-28. None of your patterns fit me! Your models are beautiful but they don’t represent many of us, they are model perfect, no lumps, bumps or heavy arms! When will you use models that are gorgeous in ALL sizes? We want to see what our body type will look like in your patterns not how they look on the models! For instance, the red halter dress, I don’t know a woman who would wear a 52 that would have the confidence to wear a halter anything! There is no support and the only support given is resting on the neck. If you are at all heavy in the arms you don’t normally wear halters because they make you look even heavier! As for the double styled dress and top with the dart and the gathers used to bring definition to the bust, what is with that? I will be adapting the sequin pattern to make a dress for myself but using the dart side and ditching the gathering on the thigh-not where I need to add extra attention!

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2013, 06.33 PMby PrairieWoman

    I like the halter dress but wonder what would be the correct size, given how baggy these clothes are in the photographs

  • Image_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 05.17 PMby Jana Duplantis

    I totally agree with the themisstress – my daughter usually wears a size 10 and she can wear the smallest of the pluses sometimes. My daughter-in-law is a size 14-16 and she is in the higher plus sizes. That’s ridiculous! I wear a 26/28 and don’t even come close to fitting Burdastyle’s plus sizes. To add to my earlier comments – I do like the halter dress but the “new” designs are wacky and the rest are just basic patterns – nothing wrong with them just nothing new! Why not call the blog – make old patterns look new with bright fabrics – or something like that. Don’t make it sound like something new!

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Jul 10, 2013, 09.35 PMby dorothydaschund

      I think your point about..“….old pattern bright fabrics..”..very true……and werent they awful?! However some of the basic shapes could be useful.

  • Missing

    Jul 10, 2013, 02.52 PMby natureislelady

    This collection is better than the last one but I really don’t understand the need for the gathering under one bust in the tops. I don’t think plus size women need that extra attention. I think burda should keep it simple but stylish with the plus size patterns.

  • _96077c98-85c4-4d78-906b-8fb0b4944b9f_-rommie_photos_006_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 01.40 PMby Rommie Gerber

    I think these designs are unflattering and frumpy. We larger girls would like smart and sharp designs not baggy cover ups.

  • Img_2020_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 11.15 AMby Deanna31

    I think it must be hard having a deadline to come up with new patterns every month. When I sew, I love to reeeeaally love a design and then just go for it like a ninja! But it usually takes a while for me to be inspired with a design like that.

  • Img_2020_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 11.03 AMby Deanna31

    I think the asymmetrical top is fantastic!! Chop the pattern in half straight through the center… and you have 2 tops for the price of 1 :)

  • 12a6955e673a5916bae0065277af32abe24edbe0_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 09.36 AMby lizhonnun

    Disappointment once again. :-( Why not make the “normal” collections in bigger sizes ? It’s a mystery to me…..

  • Fb2227aaf242c0d041dbcd583baae4e4ccfba73d_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 09.11 AMby loulourosa

    No, I don’t like this collection. I wear a size 46 and I’m sure these clothes wouldn’t flatter my figure at all! Everything looks so BIG! Why not have the normal patterns in all sizes, everytime I have to rescale the patterns to fit my size. In some issues of Burda I’ve seen patterns been printed a second time in plus sizes but in a later issue, so you would buy the magazine twice?

  • 20140528_084630_resized_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 05.48 AMby tika1210

    Good design is not constrained by size and given that this is a web site designed to sell us patterns I am constantly taken back at the failure to recognize that the bones of a good pattern are good design. I too like ruching but in the case of the purple dress I fail to see the point of the ruching all over the bust because in my opinion it makes the bust look bigger. The satin top with the flapping piece is a bit of a mystery to me as are the colour choices for the fabrics. At the end of the day I have to assume that Burda is not attempting to sell to me and guess what in this case I am not even tempted to buy.

  • Badvetday_large

    Jul 10, 2013, 03.05 AMby cathylsnyder

    I love the red dress and the skirt!

  • Ccf41396e7c170b9dd8b773ffb80d7886eb347cb_large

    Jul 9, 2013, 11.08 PMby nerdgirl80

    Hmm. I’m with everyone else on the asymmetrical bustline top. I think the dress version is better though it IS way to big for the model (wow, a dress that’s way too big for model??? That’s a first! LOL!) However, overall the lines of many of the patterns are nice. The ruched dress is fabulous (I can see a lot of women in that design, whatever size). The shift dress is not so wow, but it is a solid basic pattern that would wear well to work or as a base pattern for other dresses (the basic bodice with long armscye darts looks a lot like the base to 1920s “magic dress” pattern that is very classy, classic, not boring look). Cut off at the waist and you have a solid pencil skirt pattern. I actually like the satin tunic, though that style is hard to dress in terms of underwear (it’s hard for smaller framed women too), but could be adjusted by simply adding to the sleeve, and if you don’t like the sash, you don’t have to add it. I should also note that this collection probably would not jive so well with a lot of my “plus” sized friends either in terms of styling. Unlike many here though, I think that it looks much, much too much like the things that Burda style comes up with for women of smaller frames. What is fun for me about dressing “plus” sized women is that you can use bold patterns and wild prints in ways that overwhelm smaller frames. There are some wonderful joyous things that thinner women cannot wear, and I think Burda might really benefit from searching out what voluptuous women buy off the rack (I mean what they’re willing to pay serious bucks for, not basics, and go beyond Europe) when designing these patterns. Still, this is a bit better than some of the past sets. Anyway, that’s my two cents added to the pile.

    1 Reply
    • 11258216_10206641305901111_7249394459930650298_n_large

      Jul 10, 2013, 02.04 AMby nouvellegamine

      “What is fun for me about dressing “plus” sized women is that you can use bold patterns and wild prints in ways that overwhelm smaller frames.”

      That is such a great point. I’d say the biggest difference in what looks great on my plus size friends and looks terrible on me always has to do with the neckline.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2013, 10.05 PMby dorothydaschund

    What an unflattering collection….it looks like you have no idea about plus size…we just want great NORMAL patterns scaled up.‘….BURDA ’….’. I am very disappointed ..

  • Desktop_photos-211_large

    Jul 9, 2013, 09.42 PMby tausha49

    I cannot see mixing the two bustline treatments otherwise, I liked the collection.

  • Christinewebsquare_large

    Jul 9, 2013, 09.04 PMby cloff

    On a scale of 1 to 10? Zero! Plus size women don’t want to wear bags. :(

  • Meme_large

    Jul 9, 2013, 08.01 PMby bubbieone

    the halter dress is nice, but come on……………plus sized women do not have to look weird. The ribbon on the turquoise top says look at me I’m need more things to flop all over and draw extra attention. The asymmetrical dress and top is just wrong, wrong wrong ! I have lost confidence in your plus size clothing

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2013, 07.10 PMby periwinkle

    I am flabbergasted at this plus size collection. You are doing women a great disservice. No one needs lopsided boobs. Rushing is great but why show it in a satin with all that shine? Your staff either needs to get in touch with this market or be replaced. I’d gladly volunteer my services.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2013, 06.51 PMby themisstress

    OK, these have just gone down in my estimation. Why can’t “plus” mean plus? Why don’t these ( or almost any other of your patterns) come in the biggest sizes – and please don’t insult us with " when you get to bigger sizes, it’s too complicated ….." etc, etc. I’ve been sewing for 30 years and know about fitting plus sizes. If I can make a pattern to fit, your trained and qualified staff and their fancy computers should be able to do it! Rant over!

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Jul 14, 2013, 02.42 PMby Stitcher75

      i completely agree. i don’t have nearly as much experience as you, but I’ve had to learn how to size up patterns because even plus size patterns don’t fit some of the people i sew for. when i pick out patterns with the women, we can usually find only one or two that are something they might want to wear, but i always have to assure them that i can add some flair to make it less plain and less bag-like. i know that waistlines for plus sizes are hard to manage when scaling up standard patterns and the distance from waist to hip is usually different, but these are not impossible to overcome. I think it would help if industry used dressforms that better represent the plus size body and maybe had some truly plus size designers who have personal knowledge of what plus size people want to wear.

  • Missing

    Jul 9, 2013, 06.39 PMby themisstress

    Over all I like this collection (for once!) But the lop sided patterns are a mistake! On the plus side, buy it, fold the front in half and cut on a fold – hey presto, two patterns for the price of one, depending on which side you cut! Also , the turquoise sequins is MILES too big and swamps the poor model! However, love the ruched dress and the red strapy dress.

  • F4809a7d4cdf21c9854fd027babe7b6911c6639b_large

    Jul 9, 2013, 06.37 PMby christine

    Cute collection! I would choose the more traditional dart and mirror it on the other side for the tops/dress.

  • 3458665627c7a810e0ae746aece01d2bf4acb5b4_large

    Jul 9, 2013, 05.44 PMby ell-in-or

    The halter dress is really cute, and I like the 3/4 sleeve tee. The flare skirt is cute too. Not sure what is up with the lop-sided boob thing.

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