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The very first issue of BurdaStyle magazine’s US edition is now on newsstands!

We are so happy to announce that the premier issue of BurdaStyle US (Winter 2014) has finally arrived! It’s been months and months in the making, and we’ve been eagerly awaiting its release. And that day is finally here!

BurdaStyle magazine is available in 90 countries and is published in 17 languages. And we now have our very own US edition! The magazine is 112 beautiful pages including 40 BurdaStyle pattens (20 as full-size inserts), more in-depth instructions for each of the 40 patterns, the gorgeous fashion spreads BurdaStyle readers already know and love, plus it’s full of great sewing tips, techniques, and information, DIY pages to take runway trends home, a fabulous contest, and BurdaStyle member tips.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the BurdaStyle US edition, we’ve got details below. We ship around the globe, so you don’t have to have a US address to get this magazine in-hand. If you live in Canada or the US and you already subscribe to BurdaStyle, you’re receiving the English translated copy of the original German magazine. So if you want the US edition, you’ll have to start a new subscription as below.

You’ll find the Winter 2014 issue of BurdaStyle US at major bookstores (Barnes & Noble, Books A Million), major craft stores (Michael’s, Jo-Ann’s), plus independent book and craft stores.

If you’re a retailer and you want to carry copies of BurdaStyle US, call 866-949-1646 or email sales@interweave.com.

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle US online using your credit card click here..

  • To Subscribe to BurdaStyle’s US edition via mail or phone:

  • Call Toll Free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Or send a check in US Funds payable to BurdaStyle to:

    PO Box 433289
    Palm Coast, FL 32143

    Include your full name, postal address and email address.

    Get 4 issues for only $29.99, 50% off the cover price!
    Canada: Add $9 postage. Other countries: add $20 postage.

    Do you have questions or changes to be made to your subscription? Contact Subscriber Services:

    Call toll free (US & Canada) 1-800-219-2067

    Outside North America: 1-386-246-0105

    Email burdastyle@emailcustomerservice.com

    You may also sign into your subscription account online to

    - make a payment
    - renew your subscription
    - change your address
    - update your email address

    Just log in at: https://ssl.palmcoastd.com/07644/apps/LOGINSSO

  • For international issues of BurdaStyle magazine, click here.

  • For subscriptions in foreign countries:
    Phone: +49 – (0) 8382-963180
    E-mail: burda@guell.de

    For specific inquiries regarding your BurdaStyle magazine subscription, please find the appropriate contact below:

    -International distribution in English, French, Greek or Dutch, e-mail abos.burda@abopress.fr
    -International distribution in Spanish, e-mail suscripciones@ovejer.com
    -International distribution in Portuguese, e-mail assinaturas@marcopostal-epp.pt
    -International distribution in German or Russian, e-mail burda@guell.de

    -Distribution within the USA in English, Russian, German, Dutch or French e-mail info@glpnews.com
    -Distribution within Canada in English, Russian, German, Dutch or French, e-mail info@gcnews.ca

    Happy Sewing!


    • Missing

      Jan 24, 2017, 06.33 PMby Deepak Gupta

      Thanks for sharing such a good article…………Entertainment Information like status Shayari

    • Missing

      Apr 28, 2014, 07.09 PMby jlmoore91

      From an email reply I received from Burdastyle today: In the spring issue of BurdaStyle US magazine (and in all of the BurdaStyle US magazines going forward), we include 20 patterns as full-size inserts. The remaining patterns are available as paid digital downloads.

      We include fleshed-out instructions to every single pattern that is featured in the magazine, but only ones indicated as a “pattern insert” are available on the pattern insert pages. You will know which patterns are available as a pattern insert in a number of ways:

      On the fashion spread, the garment will be labeled with “pattern insert”. On the “All styles at a glance” page (in this spring issue, that’s page 63), the garment will be labeled with “pattern insert”. On the garment’s instruction page, the garment will be labeled “pattern available on insert sheet”.
    • Missing

      Apr 17, 2014, 03.18 PMby venicestudio

      Received my first issue of BurdaStyle US yesterday, and was excited to finally see the included patterns. Add my question to the others – how do we access the downloadable patterns? Looks like we have to pay, same as when I receive emails from BurdaStyle. Is there a code I am missing? Thank you.

    • Missing

      Apr 15, 2014, 05.54 PMby sewmusical

      I have to add my frustration to others – some of the patterns I’m interested in are downloads. That’s ok – I’ve down many download patterns. What isn’t ok is what appears to me to be very misleading – I thought the download patterns were also included. That doesn’t seem to be the case. I read one of the other posts that mentioned a password to purchase those – really? Where? Do I need some special revealing pen to show it? I did pay for the subscription but won’t do so again. I don’t like getting a half-truth.

    • Missing

      Apr 3, 2014, 01.58 PMby agw

      I am extremely disappointed to find out that the pattern downloads are not included in the purchase price of the magazine.

      I just bought my first, and now my last, issue of the US Burda Style magazine for one included and one downloadable pattern. To find out I have to pay again to get the other pattern I wanted is beyond reason. Nowhere in the magazine can I find where it says you must pay for the downloads. I had both the European and the American current issues in my hand and chose the American magazine instead for the one pattern I refuse to pay for again.

      I’ve used the European magazine off and on since 1998 and will continue to buy it. When you buy that magazine, everything you see is included and in the absence of a clear notification on the US version, I expected the same. I almost paid for a subscription for the US version and am so glad I didn’t. I will be warning my friends to make sure the pattern they want is included or be prepared to pay twice.

      I feel ripped off.

      And to top it off, the European version, even though imported to Canada, cost less.

    • Fossil_solnholfen-fish_large

      Feb 17, 2014, 12.07 AMby lmaille

      I’m also looking for the missing pattern pieces for the skirt pattern #145 that were supposed to be on the insert sheet of the Winter 2014 issue. Could someone please send me the pdf file for the missing pieces? Thanks.

    • Missing

      Jan 5, 2014, 06.56 PMby argarg

      Hi, Denise, if you get this comment, sorry to bother you personally but the right phone number is so hard to figure out! I subscribed by check and my check cleared about a month ago, but I haven’t received anything yet. I’m really excited to get the magazine and hope it’s coming soon. Is there a customer service number I could call to check on my subscription? Thanks!!

      1 Reply
    • Missing

      Nov 19, 2013, 03.14 AMby Dual45

      Can you send me the updates for skirt 145 as well? I am trying to trace the pieces and it is difficult to find them.

    • Missing

      Nov 10, 2013, 01.58 AMby valeriebeads

      I finally got a copy the other day (it was a gift). I must say, very happy with the magazine. I never subscribed to the English or overseas editions before but have followed online for many, many years. As a plus and regular size (how fun for me eh?) the magazine gives me so many options. I’ve been tracing regular envelope patterns to preserve them for many years anyways, so tracing is no biggie for me. Plus a lot of pattern books have you trace. I also love that some are downloadable! It cuts down on cost for us all. At $15 a whack it is pricey enough for a magazine but completely reasonable for all these patterns, whether on paper or as a download.

      Thank you Burdastyle! Keep up the great magazine.

    • Missing

      Nov 7, 2013, 11.24 PMby dolphindancer30

      My local JoAnn’s stocks the Burda US magazine and I purchased a copy, since I let my BurdaStyle subscription lapse. There were quite a few copies—no buying frenzy. Frankly, it’s appealing to be able to download the magazine patterns using the provided password. I’d much rather print-n-tape than trace. I wish they would forgo the roadmap patterns all together and make them all downloadable. It’s easy to download all the patterns to my PC hard drive (one folder per issue), and print just the ones I’m actually going to use. I prefer to add my own seam allowances, as it’s easier to make fit alterations without seam allowances.

      1 Reply
      • Missing

        Mar 21, 2014, 10.02 PMby pdenton

        I would prefer that they continue with “roadmap patterns” so that some of us who are harder to fit have the option to make our own pattern. My printer toner is far too valuable for me to have to go traipsing about with tape in hand.

    • Missing

      Nov 5, 2013, 05.18 PMby lmwhite

      Disappointed that a large number of the patterns in this issue are from the December 2012 issue of Burda Style magazine, which I already own.

    • Missing

      Nov 2, 2013, 04.33 AMby newsewcat

      I just bought the USA launch edition at Joann’s and am thrilled with it. I plan to subscribe to the USA BurdaStyle magazine. What is the shipping charge for USA? Surely not $20 when Canada is only $9? Does the $24.99 include shipping within the USA? I’m looking forward to your answer and placing my subscription order.

    • Missing

      Nov 1, 2013, 11.26 PMby speko1

      I finally found the right pattern pieces and started making 103-2013-10 coat as I wrote here about a week ago, and now I find myself in a bigger trouble. Your magazine indicates that " Burda patterns available on the insert sheets include seam and hem allowances" but do they really??? The collar and neck edge don’t match at all! The collar edge is way shorter than the neck edge that I can’t stich them together. I’ve been wondering that I probably should have added seam allowance after all. Yes, I’m new to Burda patterns but this project has been crazy from the start. Is this another magazine error?

    • Me_large

      Oct 31, 2013, 06.31 PMby MaZeLiving

      I think that european trends take about a year or two to make it to US. I heard some seamstresses say that they enjoy getting translated version because it gives them a good idea for what’s to come. So, to me, it makes sense that patterns are taken from the past issues, mostly 2012. And even though I have been a loyal Burda subscriber for years, I went and purchased the first US issue. I liked the selection and format of the new magazine, including the ad pages put together for the american sewers. I think it is a great idea to make it available for purchase at regular retailers. However, I do agree with some comments that if you are and have been a subscriber for a while, there is little new that the magazine offers. However, what I particularly disliked about it is that some patterns are for download only and some are included. Personally, I am a tracer. I like the old school tools and the process. I tried downloading and putting together a pattern that had 40+ parts to it once, and by the time it was finally together I was done for the day. I understand that some people prefer this method and wouldn’t mind trimming each individual piece of the puzzle, taping it and then dealing with this heavy falling apart monster of a pattern – more power to you. I honestly don’t have the patience or the energy or readily available at all times printer for that matter. So that pretty much cuts the value of my magazine purchase in half, and with my luck all the patterns that I would want will be for download only. I try to produce as little paper waste as possible, and the fact that storing those frankenstein’ed patterns takes a lot of space means that most likely they get thrown away after the project is complete. That said, why not offer a fully printed version to the magazine subscribers and leave the downloads to the digital copy buyers?

    • 10-small_large

      Oct 30, 2013, 12.59 PMby kathhhhhy

      Will the US get the full on version of Burda ever? This version is just selectively borrowing from old issues for the patterns and adding some filler with crafty things and DIY stuff along with a few other page fillers where pattern stuff isn’t included. It looks like a lot of hard work being done here, but it’s not what your readers REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want… we want the WHOLE magazine that you offer to Europe on a monthly basis. So… will you guys ever give the massive North American sewing market a monthly one with everything rather then this seasonal one?!! I really have enjoyed Burda over the years like lots of other folks have… we just want all you offer to everyone else :) Thanks for answering!

    • Missing

      Oct 29, 2013, 06.24 PMby Taryn1

      Thank you Denise for so kindly addressing all of our concerns!

      I went out and purchased a print issue of the first Winter issue. When I subscribe, however, is there a way for me to ensure that I won’t receive the same Winter issue again (since there are only 4 issues in a subscription)? Would a note on my subscription request suffice? Thank you for your help!

    • Purple_wax_print_dress_015_large

      Oct 27, 2013, 02.58 PMby puffinlove

      Hi! It would be nice to be able to see a browsable version of this before committing to buying it, something which some other pattern magazines provide. I gather from other comments that these are patterns which people have seen before, but I have only been buying the magazine for a little over a year and covet some earlier patterns, and would be very interested in getting hold of them. Some are available online, but this brings me to my main point – payment methods! I live in Belgium and do not have a dollar checking account. Nor do I have a credit card, which poses no problem in any other area of my life. But I cannot order Burda patterns! And now you have started offering some interesting “webinars”, but not for me! I mean, come on people, what’s wrong with Paypal!

    • Missing

      Oct 24, 2013, 09.25 PMby ggexpansive

      Hi, thank you to Denise Wild for all the quick responses to questions, including my own ! In response to the response you gave me ( LOL ) I was talking about the preview page where all the line drawings and the sewn patterns are shown full front. This is important, and I would love to see it in future.

    • Dsc_0238_large

      Oct 24, 2013, 06.36 PMby byrdiesews

      I picked up a copy yesterday and I am thrilled to have the American version as an alternative to subscribing to the monthly, translated version. I had let my subscription lapse a couple of years ago. Although this is only published quarterly, the cost is a lot less. I saw many designs that I would love to make.

      One question though. After reading through the instructions, it appears that the patterns included with the magazine have seam allowances already added. Only the patterns that need to be downloaded do not have them added. Am I interpreting this correctly?

      1 Reply
      • Denise_wild_lovesewing_large

        Oct 25, 2013, 05.08 AMby Denise Wild

        I’m so glad that you’re happy with the magazine! Yes, you are interpreting this correctly. Everything on the insert sheets HAS seam allowances added. And everything you download from BurdaStyle.com doesn’t.

    • Missing

      Oct 24, 2013, 06.06 PMby vivientropy

      I love that you are doing this and it’s been many years in coming. Sadly, I have just about every pattern you have published in the magazine from the English version of the German publication. I read through all the above comments so I won’t write a long re-hash of everything everyone has written already. I agree with all the good as well as helpful critics that have been stated. Sadly I won’t be subscribing until it is a fresh version of the publication we have all come to know love from the continent.

    • 33995_1520825063117_1309267903_31511888_1166280_n_large

      Oct 24, 2013, 09.25 AMby redfyre

      Will the digital version be available to other countries? Australia, for example. The paper magazines tend to be quite expensive by the time they make it down here. I do prefer to buy my magazines as digital versions, and have no issues with printing out the patterns – it would undoubtedly be easier than tracing them off the master sheet.

      1 Reply
      • This is a question
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