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Hey everyone,
We have a question to pose to you, we are thinking of creating a BurdaStyle book and we would like to know how you would envision it?
Would it be a reference book? Beginner’s sewing guide? A collection of your creations? What would you like to read and see, how would you like to contribute? We look forward to seeing your responses!

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    Jan 11, 2018, 07.35 AMby dhonibabu

  • Ad1bd5af2b59d6b7c80eb813c6b198aa3f94fb34_large

    Dec 1, 2009, 07.50 PMby dianacirne

    Hi everyone! I believe thet a book of burdastyle should be on sale nowwwww!!! Ok!!! :) I think the book should show how to create, like when we see a nice dress at a store, how to recreate this, notions about sewing, some way to figure out hot to do some exquisite thing, some draping, some notions of colours, some explanations in how to design our own patterns, the simple bodice, a simple skirt, a simple pants… So many many things…. Or maybe don’t do the book and improve the site, give more learning to here!! Just diverging!

  • 7477921d82b9cd62dad6abe75756cb0b30ea2282_large

    Nov 29, 2009, 11.39 PMby flowergirl22



  • Cherrys_047_large

    Nov 29, 2009, 10.06 PMby nenasew

    I would definitely buy a Burdastyle book. I envision chapters that address a particular pattern step by step. Also, It can offer variations on the pattern that use different techniques that are more advanced. I personally love books that have beautiful pictures and that have many projects and varied projects.

  • Dscn07092_large

    Nov 26, 2009, 07.34 PMby Ana B

    From the mind of a begginer: Fear, excitement, and anxiety roll into one. What grasps my interests? Learning the very basic techniques. Although the following can be found with some research, as a beginner who wants to do research! I just want to sew. Having a basic book with how to’s and don’ts would be a tremendous help. If there is a book such as this, I haven’t found it.

    Terminology was a huge problem when I began sewing 3 months ago, still figuring things out, pictures would help a lot!

    Second biggest challenge was measuring, I am a bit short and a an XL, where do I measure for x pattern, too long/how to shorten or lengthen a pattern, etc. What is that thing you call measurements? Metric v. English? 5/8? Huh? Pull out the old math book cause I can’t remember my measurements, internet search, or ask the hubby.

    Third: hand sewing basics/machine basics. Just try to figure out a slip stitch without anyone visually teaching you how to do it, or when sewing on your machine and not knowing your needle has to be down when turning a corner, make sure your needle is up when removing the fabric to cut the thread, how to pin properly so that you don’t sew over your pins and break your needles, and my most challenging… stop tugging on the fabric. Ha ha ha! (by the way I wasactively taking and am taking sewing classes and still made all these mistakes, I am the queen of making sewing mistakes but because of it I learn more, ha ha ha!)

    Overall: yes book and yes books. Begining with gedwoods part one and expanding on it. I would add marking your fabric, such as for darts. Part two for the experts I can’t expand my opinion too much because I am not an expert, but I would still purchase the expert book becase eventually I will be an expert.

    Most important! Inspiration, watching the creations of expert sewers and the want wanting to be met within me is the best feeling ever. Although I have only been sewing for three months, it fills me, excites me, motivates me, challenges me, and rewards me tremendously. I am in love.

  • 91342969fa52eb4423c23f5482e64c4289977b4e_large

    Nov 25, 2009, 04.50 PMby superh2ogirl

    LOTS of pictures pictures pictures!!

  • Memay2015_large

    Nov 25, 2009, 12.20 PMby lindal

    I think a sewing guide is helpful but there are so many books out there for this. I would like to see a book on styles for specific body types and sizes. I think the book should also contain a section on using special techniques to modify a pattern to make it something different.

  • F712d42821786deabf5a62c4fd13c52f5053b675_large

    Nov 25, 2009, 09.38 AMby megan969

    LOVE the idea – it would be my bible! Fill it will handy hints and tips, easy sewing projects and a few essential patterns and I’d be all over it like a rash!

  • Missing

    Nov 25, 2009, 07.21 AMby matjasec

    I think there are many good replies to your question. I would like to see a continuing collection of books. I think there are too many subjects to just create one book. Why not a series? This way each person at their various skill level and various project level and various whatever level could find what they need in one of your books. I like what gedwoods had to say. He outlined a “Table of Contents” if you will, for his idea of a book or books. I like what he has suggested along with free patterns, special techniques/projects that contributors have sent in, definitely a large reference book on fabrics and all about fabrics (what you would use for which clothing item, how to sew on specialty fabrics, etc.). I could go on and on. The ideas are absolutely countless and I don’t see how you could possibly collect enough to satisfy the general “Burda” population. I myself used to be quite a good sewer (medium experience) many, many years ago. Now, I hardly remember how to do anything and need to re-visit the basic techniques, sewing machine idiosincrisies (spelling???), how to read/cut/alter a pattern, understanding fabrics and make correct choices for projects, specialty sewing and techniques (costumes, home decorating), stretch sewing, re-designing old clothes (this is a big one for me right now), childrens clothing, outerwear, underwear, bathing suits, how about some of the long ago forgotton techniques that you find in vintage wear?. I really would like to see a series with no possible end in sight as per say. I would like to see the start at the basics and continue in logical sequence based on experience and level and difficulty. There could be special editions for costumes, vintage, home decorating, etc. I think this would be a book/books in the works and should be made available as they become available. There is certainly an element of surprise, anticipation, and a definite committment to purchasing each and every book provided that the preceding book is done well. I applaud all of the suggestions and think that every single one of them fits in this “series” of books that I am suggesting. I hope you will entertain this idea of mine and agree that it will be a series “best seller”! Cheers! Edita

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    • Headshot_large

      Nov 26, 2009, 05.08 PMby littlecottondresses

      I second this.

      There’s so many sewing topics. Breaking it up into series will allow you to focus on each topic and cover more than just the basics.

      I would buy all the books in the series, regardless of topics, if they have good pictures and members’ creations.

  • 20150117_152733_large

    Nov 25, 2009, 05.42 AMby mlssfshn

    It should be as good of quality resource book as The Reader’s Digest Guild to Sewing. It should have pattern making techniques like Harriet Pipens Modern Pattern Design. The projects in it should be easy to alter and turn into your own creation like the Malissa Dress. Maybe it should be like a recipe of the month club, where you get tidbits of each every month. They should be down-loadable from the web and you should be able to purchase the binder with index cards and each lesson builds on another and over laps where a technique is taught and then applied.

  • 11b19d1d669e587d2bcb44b47c8b961718051700_large

    Nov 25, 2009, 03.51 AMby sazzle

    I agree with what has already been said above. Patterns are easy to find but instructions on alteration, personalisation etc are much harder to come by. I think techniques are a must, as would be a detailed section on making + adapting patterns – how to take the sleeve from one pattern and fit it to the body of another. Or how to actually draft a correctly sized pattern from multi-size patterns. Spiral bound idea is a great one! cheers and good luck!

  • Missing

    Nov 25, 2009, 03.27 AMby kmccusker

    Lately, I have not had the time to completely construct a new garment -instead, I have been drastically altering pieces of clothes that I already have, giving them new life. With this in mind, it would also be great to have a section in your book on garment “pieces” (ie patterns of different types of sleeves, collars, pockets, etc…) that one could construct and add to a garment. -I’ve noticed many books that attempt to give advice on how to make a new garment out of something old…. but in the end they just tell you how to glue on patches artistically, bedazzle, or otherwise make a silly-looking piece of clothes. Just a thought…. :O)

  • Edb21e2ed376b2f7e20df8238ca8e7620360fe30_large

    Nov 25, 2009, 01.26 AMby blackbroadway1191

    I would love some tips on pattern-free sewing! I am self-taught and I make all of my clothes without patterns, and it would be very cool to have a section for people like me!

  • 958e2fde24f651241b7ed239caa68417c8e699d0_large

    Nov 24, 2009, 10.08 PMby jbdesigns

    Hi, as someone very new to sewing, it would be great to see an explanation of the different sewing techniques and how to’s of each one, plus some ideas showing how the dif techniques can be used. It would also be great to learn how to scale dresses to your size, basically a book designed as a one stop shop to start you off with the basics, giving you the opportunity as you progress to improvise and develop your own style and eventually develop to creating your own designs.

  • Missing

    Nov 24, 2009, 09.53 PMby megandmidge

    I’d like to see patterns/projects that have been customised by Burda-sewers, offering the basic pattern and photos to illustrate how other Burda-users have customised their own. I envision a book that one could look at many times (for many different levels of sewing) and receive inspiration each time.

  • Meee_large

    Nov 24, 2009, 09.42 PMby Juliana Mateus

    I think if we want patterns we can look them up here on the site, or somewhere else in the www. what is hard to find, I think, is information about altering patterns or transforming ideas into patterns, how to construct patterns, how to copy clothes or parts of clothes you already have, techniques for fitting and adjusting… this kind of thing would make it a timelessly useful book, not just a magazine in a hardcover. I mean, you can find free patterns or buy patterns, old and new in innumerable websites, and here, but these little secrets are much harder to find. only my opinion.

  • Missing

    Nov 24, 2009, 09.29 PMby selagirl

    All of these suggestions are great.

    I’d like to add that logistically, a spiral bound book is most useful when crafting, as it lies open and flat, rather than propping it or piling weight on it.

    Also, create a specific discussion board that corresponds to each major chapter or project, so that we can discuss, suggest, improve, modify, and know where and how to make these user-generated ideas available to others.


  • Img_0010_large

    Nov 19, 2009, 05.47 AMby michellemiller00

    I think it should be like a best of the best from the website. It should feature some of the best patterns and a few how-to’s. And the patterns could be either on a pdf format on CD or pattern sheets- not drawings we have to enlarge. And maybe even a few book only items as well. You can also show photos of finished garments and ideas for customizing patterns. It would also be kind of cool to have some short pattern designer bios. I definitely don’t think it should be a beginner book. There are already soooo many of those on the market.

  • Missing

    Nov 18, 2009, 09.04 AMby ayalga

    Burda the magazine already has a very good “how to” sewing book. And in fact there are plenty of those already. I would rather like a more “inspiration” kind of book like Kath Kidson or Amy Buttlers: a book with some nice projects (for home, accessories, clothes…) of different levels (easy, medium, advanced) with good step by step instructions and photos. I would choose the best or most loved projects in the forum or be inspired by them.

  • Artistalberto_large

    Nov 15, 2009, 02.51 PMby sewmyown

    Well, I think two book or two parts might be called for, one for beginners, and the second could be a selection of modern techniques for finishing, such as expanding on the Burda tools section. It could also include free patterns and elements of style as mentioned above. I would like to have a reference book of sewing techniques that would be akin to a knitters guide of stitch patterns.

  • 9b29a4f58b36ca6753ba71f2d8e4608547cc02dc_large

    Nov 15, 2009, 06.54 AMby sunnydays212003

    I would like to see a sewing guide, some of the website’s most popular creations, and some of the free patterns

  • 7dddc9613ac57079351f8a4d299e9aece5cf3908_large

    Nov 14, 2009, 09.24 PMby peaudane

    I agree that it should focus on the how-tos, and ways to personalize basic patterns. What I’ve been looking for and can’t really find anywhere is a guide of finishing techniques, or how to add a special touch to a garment to make it really unique. When I look at designer ready-to-wear, I always admire the details : trim, such as frayed bias chiffon strips to finish a garment, lace details, cutouts, piping, unusual stitching techniques, smocking, etc… It would be great to have a book that explains all these techniques.

  • Photoge01_large

    Nov 14, 2009, 05.40 PMby gedwoods

    For what it’s worth, when we discussed this last year, I drafted a rough outline of what a book might do. Please feel free to “mine this” for any ideas you find worthwhile :

    BurdaStyle book project

    Part one : How Tos and Skills

    Beginners and Basics Cutting Tips Fabric Know How Fabric/Textile Projects Hand Stitching Techniques Learning How To Sew Maternity Wear Alterations Pattern Printing Sewing Projects Tips and Tricks Wardrobe Remake Other

    Part two : Patterns and Creations -Accessory -Baby -Bag -Basics -Blazer -Blouse -Button down -Cape -Cardigan -Coat -Costume -Dress -Embroidery -Fabrics -Hat -Home Collection -Jacket -Knitwear -Lingerie -Menswear -Pants -Pet -Plus sizes -Quilt -Shawl/scarf -Shorts -Skirt -Sleepwear -Suit -Swimwear -Top -Toy -Vest

    2 Replies
    • Dscn07092_large

      Nov 26, 2009, 07.38 PMby Ana B

      I would like to purchase part one, please. Thank you.

    • 7bb07ad0ad7ab2d1a5367795ad07dd87eecc501d_large

      Dec 8, 2009, 10.48 PMby megamiaki364

      i agree that part one would be the most useful section. Part 2 could always be a seperate book, or even a yearly magazine with patterns in it.

      I really like that this website doesn’t focus on just sewing, there are dyeing techniques and weaving and smocking avalible!!
  • Dsc_0447-pola_large

    Nov 14, 2009, 04.42 AMby kaithladios

    Wow a burdastyle book! I think it would be wonderful if you included sewing techniques alongside NEW never been published in the site designs of clothes and accessories that would match each other or would be great to use to build our wardrobe.

  • Photoge01_large

    Nov 13, 2009, 10.11 PMby gedwoods

    There was a discussion about this idea last year … I’m glad to see you’ve picked the idea up. It seemed a great idea, but needed someone on the business end to pick it up and take it forward. I follow Mirela on this one… I want a reference book that takes advantage of the pooled knowledge within the BurdaStyle community – a kind of “book of best practices” that can be used both by the beginning sewer (cause we all know how many “trips and traps” there are for these folks) but also by the more advanced sewer. It would be nice, also, to not focus only on working with ready-made patterns but also to give some coverage to “pattern making”. My two cents worth. I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever emerges from this, though!

  • Ee8014d4ca996c57355c462f568cd1e7ab199fe2_large

    Nov 13, 2009, 08.52 PMby mirela

    I would absolutely need a reference book that is easy to follow, has the classic Burda instructions that usually accompany the instructions in the sewing courses they have in the magazines, or your sketches from the pattern instructions for each step. I mean: sew on an invisible zipper, front fly, welt pockets, all pockets, buttonholes, collars, polo t-shirt neckline, pant pockets ALL THE TECHNIQUES quickly accessible. It would be great to have web access to such a collection of techniques.

    So collection of all the techniques for sewing basic/intermediate things with the sketches and maybe even pictures of the finished results.

    Another book could be with the best creations and how to recreate the looks maybe. Or a basic pattern and all the variations.

  • Avatar_large

    Nov 13, 2009, 07.13 PMby irmchen

    It should be a typical burdastyle book: Those of us who spent time and several efforts to share their ideas and knowledge about sewing should be honoured with filling the book.

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