Upcycle Your Hoop Earrings!
Photos:© Mirijam Fruscella
MATERIALS: + Cotton fabric 30 cm 30 cm + Hoop Earrings (approx. 8 cm) + Paper scissors + Fabric scissors + Pins + Sewing thread + Sewing needle + Template
Upcycle Hoop Earring STEPS 1 2
Step 1: Fold the loop part so that the long edges lie on top of each other, the right side of the fabric lies inside. Stitch the long edges together at 1 cm. Stitch the long edges of the knot part exactly on each other. Step 2: Press both seam allowances open.
Upcycle Hoop Earring STEPS 3 4
Step 3: Turn the pieces and place the seam in the middle of the strip, which later becomes the inside of the loop and knot. Do not iron the top and bottom folded edges. Step 4: Fold the larger piece right sides together so that the narrow sides are on top of each other and the seam is on the outside. Stitch the narrow sides together at 1 cm.
Upcycle Hoop Earring STEP 5 and fini
Step 5: Turn the loop and pull it over the hoop. Thanks to the bias cut, the loop adapts nicely to the shape of the earring. Lay the knot part around the loop seam and gather the loop part a little bit together. Stitch the knot ends together, folding in one of the knot ends and inserting the other into it. Hand sew closed FINISHED! Now you have a beautiful custom earring.