New Trend Pattern: Waistcoat

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New Trend Pattern: Waistcoat
By Burdastyle September 1, 2019 No comments
Waistcoat Trend Pattern HEADER Waistcoat Trend Pattern Designers 1 left: Sally Lapointe (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images); right: Noon by Noor (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
Granted, the waistcoat hasn’t been necessarily one of the must-have fashionista wardrobe choices for quite some time. Things like difficulties combining them in an outfit, too formal, too warm or even too breezy come to mind. That was the past. Thanks to the refreshed appeal by young designers, the runway is brimming with breath-taking outfits transformed with simply a touch of the style trend. Interestingly, no one reinvented the waistcoat – silhouettes and fabrics are primarily still in the classic look.
Waistcoat Trend Pattern Designers 2 left: Antonio Marras (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images); right: Balmain (Photo by Victor Boyko/Getty Images)
The real appeal comes more from the edge thinking that anything is possible. Hoodies with waistcoats create a super cool style break (Noon by Noor), clean out-fits with roll necks/blouses and trousers get a new layering effect when worn with a long waistcoat, and the nearly perfect dichotomy of an absolutely feminine dress wrapped with a masculine style gives an unexpected depth. Try it – we think you will love the result!
Waistcoat Trend Pattern PATTERN
We love (wool-)white waistcoats! "This style" is a great choice to recreate the trend with precise sewn-in lapels, tailored panel seams and darts. A tying belt and a modern longer length are right on trend. To style is as above try sewing "these wide leg trousers" : in a matching fabric and then of course whip up a turtleneck pattern "like this one". Also check out some other ways to style this waistcoat below:
Waistcoat Trend Pattern Neutral
Keep with the black and white theme by sewing up a naturally chic dress "like this one" and using contrast buttons that match your bag!
Waistcoat Trend Pattern Jumpsuit
To still retain that tailored look, but with a twist, you could whip up a "jumpsuit pattern" in a bold print.
Waistcoat Trend Pattern Feelin Fancy
If the waistcoat is needed just as a layering piece for warmth to and from your event - well you're in luck, because you will even look fabulous rolling in and out of the party wearing a "dress like this"underneath. Are you going to sew a waistcoat for the season?
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