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So, apparently it’s October, I’m convinced September just never happened. October brings good things: fall leaves, butternut squash and most importantly, Halloween. Better than the presents from Christmas and Chanukah, being stuffed silly on thanksgiving, or even my birthday, Halloween is my absolute favorite day of the year.

When I was growing up dress up was always my favorite game and Halloween was huge event. Some examples of costumes I have had: a waterfall, a fish in a fishbowl, a salt shaker and a Picasso painting (it took 4 washes to get out all the dye from my hair.) With September just up and disappearing, I have started to get a little panicky about not having a costume yet, I know I have a month, but I have a reputation to live up to! The trick is to come up with one that it simple, isn’t too big and is easily recognizable, like this one and this one.

I have a couple of things in mind:
The yellow brick road: yellow dress with rectangle “bricks” painted on it and a sign on my back which says “follow me.”
I could go zombie/undead again, that is a lot of fun; sew up a stewardess outfit from the 40s/50s/60s and be really creepy crash victim.
Maybe bambie’s mother (morbid I know) : all brown with a gun shot wound
Max from where the wild things are
maybe something about the recession, a foreclosed house, unemployment something something.

Of course I could always go for the great quick and easy costumes like the black widow spider and static cling found here.

What’s the best costume you’ve seen? Do you have a costume picked out?

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  • 63da73618ae0ab8ece37c5663d95530c91512100_large

    Oct 29, 2009, 05.28 PMby machelefranklin

    This year i’m gonna be the Paris Metro Rabbit… http://mllearich.files.wordpress.com/2008/07/lapin.jpg if you’ve ever taken the underground in Paris, you must have seen this picture, saying “Beware of trapping your hands in the doors”. I already have pink rabbit ears, so i just gathered a yellow top and bottom and sewed up 3-fingered pink gloves that i’m gonna dip into fake blood… Damn metro doors !!

  • Imgp3732_large

    Oct 19, 2009, 06.55 PMby d3liriums4m4

    I’m going as a victorian Skunk, inspired by Ursula Vernon’s Skunk Rock painting. http://us-p.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Ursula-Vernon/skunkrock.jpg. I just need to add trim to my dress, but I need to make my Fiance’s costume; he’s going as a 17th Century French Dandy-Lion. We’ve got masks, but I need to make the costume and add curled ribbons out the wazoo for his “mane”.

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    • Picture_2_large

      Oct 29, 2009, 08.17 PMby alden

      I am so excited to see it!

  • Missing

    Oct 14, 2009, 08.59 PMby ruth-zehntner

    I saw the other day a swine flu custome, it’s weird, but it’s kind of funny

  • Missing

    Oct 13, 2009, 07.41 PMby jujube15

    Last year I made a Magenta costume (Rocky Horror, not Blues Clues). Dyed my hair and everything, and I wore it to school (I was a HS senior). I don’t know what I’ll do this year, but I kept the costume for a RH live show I want to attend.

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    • 1_large

      Oct 16, 2009, 03.24 PMby ashchaser

      That would be perfect for the live version! Usually I go as slutty Janet but this year I have actually gotten my mother to dress up as Columbia and that ought to be very interesting. Viva la Horror!

  • C8e24c9534beb3b4ba107c64e83730c557e3fb39_large

    Oct 13, 2009, 07.25 PMby leahjuly

    My favorite costume is Janis Joplin. A few years ago i found some great embroidered denim and made huge bell bottoms. Then I found a vintage shirt and vest at a thrift shop. My favorite part are the accessories though because if youre going to be Janis, the more the better!! Oodles of bracelets and necklaces, silk scarf tied on the hips. Most important you cant forget the details that make it Janis and not any random hippie – a feather boa in your hair and bottle of Southern Comfort in your hand ;)

  • Dsci0410_large

    Oct 11, 2009, 09.25 PMby momsgotanewhobby

    This is my favorite time of year-the kid in me is blissed out and I have been planning my kid’s costumes for the last two months. Hubby is going to be Kevin Smith, I’m thinking about being an earth mother/gaia, teenager daughter and her boyfriend are undead silent film stars, the littlest is a cute witch and GASP…my 9 year old wanted a ninja costume he saw at Target. I can look at it as one less project for me but I hate store bought costumes!!! That is unless they are vintage/re-sale items that I am reworking. Oh well.

    Tank Girl is a much loved movie in our household, would have loved to see that costume!

  • Db412adb9f87205623c72b5e1595cc99b86408e1_large

    Oct 11, 2009, 02.04 AMby kelisabeth

    I’m going as leela from futurama this year. Not too much sewing involved like previous years, but I hope to accurately replicate her arm/robot type thing. Can’t decide wheter to make the bf fry, zoidberg or zapp brannigan (ha!) but I’m starting to get short on time, better decide…

  • Brunette_large

    Oct 10, 2009, 05.57 PMby arsonista

    That mustache is oddly flattering! I went as a dude one year and the effect was really, um, interesting.

  • Missing

    Oct 9, 2009, 12.01 PMby rockstar4evah

    If you have (or want to make) a blue dress, just add some devil horns and you could be the “Devil with the Blue Dress” like that old song. If you really want to go for it, also add the high heeled shoes and alligator hat. The costume description is in the song, so listen to it and get inspired for a simple, if only slightly cheesy, halloween costume :)

  • Colourfully_large

    Oct 8, 2009, 12.34 PMby elyzampa

    Last year I made a poyson ivy costume, but I looked like a killing lettuce… This time I decided to be more banal, if I have enough time I’ll make a bad luck black cat… I’m sure it will be enough for my city boring night life ;)

  • 468c16dd1938a2a390100be7f40db1388fd5baf2_large

    Oct 7, 2009, 08.33 PMby dmw

    I was inspired by my 6" platform heels that I bought awhile back and haven’t wore yet. They are black with a red heel, so I thought I might as well just be a devil. I am currently in the process of making the costume to match the heels. One year I was Tank Girl, and nobody knew what I was, they thought I was supposed to be a punk rocker or something. I was in high school with a very limited budget so I could probably make it look better and more distincive now. I like the dead stewardess idea.

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    • Brunette_large

      Oct 10, 2009, 05.55 PMby arsonista

      Not know Tank Girl?! Halloween does end up being an opportunity to educate the masses on classic characters.

  • David_headshot_large

    Oct 7, 2009, 06.58 PMby mynameisdavid

    I may go as Beyonce this year, specifically the “Single Ladies” Beyonce. :)

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    • Picture_2_large

      Oct 8, 2009, 04.33 PMby alden

      So excited for this

  • 100_0236_large

    Oct 7, 2009, 06.48 PMby gn0ssos

    Thanks for the ideas. I’ve got to retire my gothy vinyl sexy nun costume this year. Rather unoriginal. I have lots of ideas that I’ve never quite gotten around to fulfilling. I’m not quite thin enough to be Edie Sedgwick or Twiggy Lawson. I could be Grace Slick, but I’d have to think of some way to make it somewhat obvious who I was so everyone wouldn’t ask. Another consideration is Emily Dickinson. I figured I’d just dress all in white and ruffles and maybe carry around a book or journal.

  • 5552e5ab40e54e1b3c9eeb6412e2677ba088bcfb_large

    Oct 6, 2009, 01.51 PMby starriunicorn

    But I do like your Yellow Brick road Idea a lot.

  • 5552e5ab40e54e1b3c9eeb6412e2677ba088bcfb_large

    Oct 6, 2009, 01.50 PMby starriunicorn

    I was thinking of being Mother nature from those Playtex pearl commercials. It cracks me up!!!

    1 Reply
    • Brunette_large

      Oct 10, 2009, 05.53 PMby arsonista

      That’s pretty funny. And it gives you license to act like an obnoxious yenta.

  • 1_large

    Oct 5, 2009, 01.51 PMby ashchaser

    Zooombieeee! This year I am going to be BJORK as in the Swan Dress Era, sooo excited, now if only I can get my skirt poofy enough with boa feathers and a million ruffles-hopefully it will be finished in time and I can put it on here beforehand!

    3 Replies
    • Picture_2_large

      Oct 7, 2009, 03.03 PMby alden

      That is awesome! I can’t wait to see pictures

    • 36155bb6d119d0bcd0ae3445b222ece35bbadbd1_large

      Oct 7, 2009, 11.01 PMby camilaustral

      awesome! i would love to see pictures ;)

    • D383fc201ed5688cc8c7a5d3ce162b148d7ccdea_large

      Oct 8, 2009, 10.14 AMby mixedchick

      i was totally thinking of doing the SAME thing! i think everyone is going to be lady gaga or kate gosselin..bjork swan dress is old, but still classic. :)

  • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

    Oct 5, 2009, 11.49 AMby wzrdreams

    I want to me She-ra (Princess of Power) and I have a friend who is willing to be Cat-ra. However this requires that we both make costumes from scratch. Yikes. I would need some white charmuese, gold lame, a big sew on crystal, some cheap boning, tall boots……

    3 Replies
    • Picture_2_large

      Oct 7, 2009, 03.08 PMby alden

      She-ra…rock! I could totally see you rocking this hard core. Maybe we will bump into each other at some amazing Halloween party

    • 6e3656aa7036783b3e4bbc29f34d1029385afafe_large

      Oct 7, 2009, 06.47 PMby wzrdreams

      On second thought…. maybe making it from utter scratch isn’t the way to go….. I might have to American Apparel parts of the costume and applique with gold lame. I could be like totally 80’s aerobic She-ra.

    • Missing

      Oct 9, 2009, 02.24 PMby mattrox

      I was She-ra last year (my band was playing that night, and all the guys dressed up as He-man characters….it was awesome), but it was actually a pretty easy costume…

      I had an airy, ivory dress that I shortened, I found a big clunky gold belt from the 80s (she wears a breastplate, but the effect was similar), a princess tiara can be altered to work as a headpiece….big hair is also quite essential. I wore a pair of cowboy boots on my feet and finished it off with a red cape I made that also incorporate some nice gold braid….

      Hope this helps!

      good luck!

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