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Exciting new competition and boy is it a quick one! You have until April 2nd to send in your garments to be entered to win an invitation to have you garment modeled on the runway of the Sitches & Craft Show in Melbourne, a $500 Gift Voucher from Tessuti Fabrics, a BurdaStyle Editorial Feature by Nikkishell, and a pattern of your choice from BurdaStyle!

Use one of these patterns:
Anda Dress
JJ Blouse
Jorinde Jacket
Ellen Pants
Marie Skirt

Create your garment and upload it to BurdaStyle, include a detailed description of your garment such as how you altered the pattern, any techniques you used, your fabric choice and any other details you think we should know. Email a photo of it to submissions@burdastyle.com by 11:59 pm EST April 2nd include ‘Stitches & Craft Melbourne’ in the title, in the body of the email you must include your user name, garment title and link to the project on BurdaStyle.

Here are the rules:

• You must be a registered member of BurdaStyle.com to take part.
• You must make a garment using only one of the above patterns.
• The garment must be an Australian size 10-12 or 14-16 (this is to ensure that we can hire the correct size of model to show off your garment)
• The garment must be made using fabrics from www.tessuti.com.au*
• The pattern must be altered in some way. You may use any techniques you desire.
• You may enter as many garments as you like.
• Open to everyone worldwide (void where prohibited) provided you follow the rules above and if you are under 18 have the consent of a legal guardian

Tessuti Fabrics is located at the following addresses:
Surry Hills Tessuti Fabrics – 110 Commonwealth St. | 02 9211 5536
Chatswood Tessuti Fabrics – 20/369 Victoria Ave. | 02 9415 3357
Sydney City Tessuti Fabrics – 55 York St. | 02 9262 1663
Melbourne Tessuti Fabrics- 141 Flinders Lane. | 03 9654 4566

If you are unable to visit any of the locations you can purchase your fabrics through the online store:www.tessuti-shop.com

*If buying any current fabric simply copy and paste the discount code:“TessutiFabrics&BurdaStyle” at checkout to receive your 15% discount on any online order (excludes bridal/eveningwear) or mention the Tessuti/Burdastyle Competition in store to receive your 15% discount on fabrics only (excludes remnants, already discounted fabrics and bridal/eveningwear).Discount offer ends at close of competition April 2nd.

$500 Tessuti Fabrics Gift Voucher
Editorial Feature Story on BurdaStyle.com by Nikkishell
A free BurdaStyle pattern of winner’s choice
Organic Cotton BurdaStyle T-Shirt
Coats & Clark 50 Spool thread set

$100 Tessuti Fabrics Gift Certificate
Organic Cotton BurdaStyle T-Shirt
Coats & Clark 50 Spool thread set
BurdaStyle gift bag

$50 Tessuti Fabric Gift Certificate
Organic Cotton BurdaStyle T-Shirt
BurdaStyle gift bag

Part 2
Entries will go into a slide show on BurdaStyle, Members will have 2 days to vote for their favorites

The top 3 finalists from each pattern choice will be chosen by 06 April and notified on 07 April. The winning garment must then be sent by Express Post to Melbourne for display at The Stitches & Craft Show.

The Show
Your garment will be presented in an on stage fashion parade each day at The Stitches & Craft Show. The description of your garment will be read aloud to show how you arrived from the original to your final piece.
Visitors will vote for their favourite garment by means of a voting box. All votes will be counted and the overall winners will be announced on the last day at the Show as well as on the BurdaStyle, Tessuti Fabrics and The Stitches & Craft Show websites.

Insurance and Responsibility
BurdaStyle.com, Tessuti Fabrics and The Stitches & Craft Show will take great care of your garment but cannot accept any responsibility for loss, damage or theft to whilst the garment is in their care. If insurance of any kind is required, this is your responsibility and at your cost.

Shipping information
Complete shipping information will be sent to you at the time you are notified that you have been selected as a finalist. No liability will be accepted by BurdaStyle.com, Tessuti Fabrics or The Stitches & Craft Show for the failure of the postal system to deliver the garment on time. You will be required to send details of how you would like your garment returned and a money order/stamps to cover the cost of return. Garments can also be collected from the Tessuti store in Melbourne.

Finalist garments must be available for any future requirements by BurdaStyle, Tessuti Fabrics and Stitches and Craft.

Should you have any questions regarding the competition please email angela.gualteri@stitchesandcraft.com.au.

Photo courtesy of


  • Missing

    Oct 31, 2010, 07.31 PMby stellass

    Hope there will be another contest like this soon!

  • Chanel_255_large

    Apr 6, 2010, 02.33 AMby shoesandbagsomy

    I was going to enter the comp. I had purchased some amazing velvet from Tessutti (I think the fabric was from “Lover”) for the Marie skirt, which I had planned on turning into a cocktail dress. I got really sick the week prior to the comp, and didn’t even have the strength to get out of bed let alone drag myself to my sewing machine. I am so disappointed. Anyway, I am still making the dress, and will post a pic of the finished product in any case. I actually hope to get it done for the weekend to wear to my nephew’s christening.

  • 038_large

    Apr 5, 2010, 11.57 PMby tgh111

    What has eventuated with the competition? There were going to be 2 days of voting by members. I have searched the site endlessly and cannot find anything on the progress of the competition. Has it fallen flat or am I missing where to look on Burdastyle?

    1 Reply
    • Chanel_255_large

      Apr 6, 2010, 02.26 AMby shoesandbagsomy

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. The only way you can see what people have created is if you go to each of the patterns for the comp, and click on member creations. I guessed the most recently uploaded pics would be the comp entries. Some of them say if they were created for the comp, but that still doesn’t help with the voting situation.

  • Peanutsrecords_large

    Mar 29, 2010, 11.00 PMby natalieann-1

    Oh I’d love to enter but I saw this too late. I’m off to Tessuti today (and 3 other favourite shops) for fabric for Adam, if I find something amazing I might do the JJ blouse for the comp…

  • Bf75fefecb5092516cc71cbc902f699fac08fb1f_large

    Mar 23, 2010, 07.09 PMby Cafe Couture

    Hi everyone, I’m actually in France and would love to participate, but April 2d is such a short delay. Why not extend it to mid april so that people wanting to take part in the competition had enough time to get their fabric and make the garments. It’s such a shame that this contest offers only such a short time to create.

    2 Replies
    • 5895503519_d42bddbd6c_o_1__large

      Mar 24, 2010, 11.14 PMby nikkishell

      Fear not! There will be another competition for the Sydney show in August and you will have more time to create your garment. There will be new patterns to choose from.

    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Mar 26, 2010, 12.40 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      Ohh great, I think I will look out to enter this one since I have had no power most of this week because of the storms and now I have the flu! :(

  • Chanel_255_large

    Mar 23, 2010, 03.05 AMby shoesandbagsomy

    Just got my new batch of fabric from the Flinders Lane store about 1/2 hour ago. I think this is a fantastic opportunity. Tessuti fabrics are of the highest quality and well worth the money. I’ll give you an example – if you buy a garment that is say from Australian designer from DJs, your are likely to be paying in excess of $300 for poly fabric that doesn’t even have 2 m in it. I made a dress for my best friend’s engagement party out of a lovely silk purchased from tessuit. All up I think the dress cost $60 to make. It was a one-off out of amazing fabric – not too shabby. Second of all, I noticed that Spotlight had a similar competition in conjunction with Loreal fashion week (I would have entered that too but I found out too late) again, the theme was turning spotlight fabric into fashion – while I know that Spotlight is not as expensive as some of the fabric you can buy at Tessuti, its the same idea – give creative people a forum to display their work – and some free marketing. Its all good

  • 5895503519_d42bddbd6c_o_1__large

    Mar 21, 2010, 03.06 AMby nikkishell

    An Australian size 10-12 is the equivalent of a Burda size 34-36 and a 14-16 equivalent to a Burda size 38-40

    See this online conversion chart:http://www.onlineconversion.com/clothing_womens.htm

    2 Replies
    • 038_large

      Mar 30, 2010, 03.26 AMby tgh111

      This is interesting regarding sizes because I am working on the Marie skirt for the competition but have chosen the size 44 as I slot in somewhere between 42 and 44 according to the measurements supplied on the pattern. In reality I am a size 12 and a very comfortable size 12, not bordering on size 14. How does that equate with your conversion above? It would make me about a size 18-20??

    • Dsc_0028_large

      Mar 30, 2010, 11.30 PMby Passiona Cottee

      Re: tgh111’s comment. I believe the spirit of the requirement/rule is “this is to ensure that we can hire the correct size of model to show off your garment”. From comments on the patterns themselves, the sizing is not 100% consistent across all the styles (e.g. the Ellen pants run large). I hope the comp will accept the entries which are comparable in size (based on measurements) and not be too rigid in the application of the numbered size of the pattern. :D

  • Missing

    Mar 21, 2010, 02.47 AMby allydillydally

    Hi, can someone please confirm the size, is an Australian 10 a 38? I would hate to make something only to find it is ineligible for the competition, the burdastyle size chart uses American sizes. Thanks!

  • Missing

    Mar 20, 2010, 03.56 AMby find-what-you-love

    Hi, as the organisers of The Stitches & Craft Show we developed the competition with BurdaStyle & Tessuti so that we could have a great fashion parade at our shows in 2010. Believe it or not ,but that was the single motive of the 3 parties involved. Each of us in our own way supports the emerging designer. The fashion parade has everything to do with supporting emerging designers and nothing to do with making money. The cost to put on the show is significant and that includes the fashion parade. None of us will profit from the fashion parade (including Tessuti) by the time the costs are covered but we will feel very rewarded by the opportunity it represents for you and other emerging designers or home sewers. We can only ask that you consider the following before being a bit cynical in your interpretation of this competition:

    1. S & C aligned with BurdaStyle because they are simply the best open source sewing website around and offer you the greatest choice in patterns 2. S & C aligned with Tessuti because they strongly support the emerging designer and they offer the best possible choice of fabrics at a range of prices 3. In this economic climate everyone needs to help everyone so the competition is restricted to BurdaStyle and Tessuti because they have shown their support and therefore need to be rewarded as a business for their efforts in organizing the competition, their generosity of product to the show and for the cost of the prizes they have offered for this competition. 4 We are all simply trying to create opportunities for those interested in being creative. There needs to be some acceptance of the commercial reality – just as you would expect in your own small business. In this case it was about how 3 small businesses could work together for the benefit of the participant of the competition and the visitor to the show. 5. Tessuti has a wide range of fabrics at various prices including inexpensive fabrics such as calico and linen. There is nothing in the competition that says you must use an expensive material. In fact, the competition is based on the creative interpretation of the BurdaStyle design first and foremost – the fabric choice is secondary in the judges’ decision. If you’re really clever you could create something from calico with more WOW factor than a silk! 6. You like to be rewarded and respected for the things you do so its only fair that the companies that are generous enough to support The Stitches & Craft Show are seen in the right light otherwise the show would be boring. We will also have great difficulty attracting any company for the benefit of the show and ultimately the visitor. It’s really important that opportunities like this are seen by you for what they are – opportunities with no ulterior motive. If everyone is going to be cynical then how can anyone expect businesses to support the creative industries? So please see this as a competition that’s good fun and offers you the opportunity to be part of a fashion parade at our show. You never know who may see your creation at the show and what may come but you will certainly impress a lot of people with your creativity – whether it’s calico or silk! The Stitches & Craft Show will have lots of sewing at the show this year. We hope you can join us.Thank you.

    2 Replies
    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Mar 20, 2010, 09.13 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      I wish I was going to Melbourne sooner so I could check out the show, it sounds very exciting :)

    • 13515127_30_b_large

      Mar 20, 2010, 12.48 PMby dilemmax

      Hi there, I know my comment sounded harsh and cynical. I certainly didn’t try to come across as that. I would still buy fabrics from Tessuti.

      Hopefully if I have time, I will try to enter the competition.

      Good luck everyone!

  • 7fee0d98280ead02f6946d0e1b96b332455de7ef_large

    Mar 19, 2010, 09.23 AMby josephina

    I know what you mean – I’m debating whether I can drop all my current projects to enter the competition. It does sound like fun though.

    I hope you enjoy your trip to Tessuti; I would love to visit instead of buying online all the time!

    1 Reply
    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Mar 20, 2010, 09.15 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      If you even get the chance, no matter how short your trip to Sydney or Melbourne might be, there’s awlays an hour somewhere to go get lost in one of the Tessuti shops, I hope you can one day too :)

  • 7fee0d98280ead02f6946d0e1b96b332455de7ef_large

    Mar 18, 2010, 11.27 PMby josephina

    I have some lovely fabric from Tessuti in my stash but I’m not sure if I’ll have time to enter. I also don’t make muslins as a rule so that aspect puts me off a little.

    As to fabric prices, unfortunately this is what we pay for good quality fabrics in Australia. I buy both locally and online and, knowing my local store owners personally, I can vouch for the time and effort they expend sourcing nice fabrics. Unfortunately they do come at a price that is much higher than stores like Spotlight can offer, but the quality is comparably higher as well.

    It is unfortunate that so few will be able to enter though.

    3 Replies
    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Mar 19, 2010, 07.34 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      So true, the fabric at Tessuti is of an amazing quality, I only wish they were in Perth :) Luckily I am off to Melbourne in august, I’ve already started saving for my trip to Tessuti there. I’m still considering entering, it’s just such a short time frame.

    • Holliebell_large

      Mar 19, 2010, 11.18 AMby freakusbzzz

      I have a JUne/July mid year trip planned for the sale in Sydney!
      saving.. saving.. saving..

    • 4343a36d4466c6f353525bdc97ba571be3128723_large

      Mar 20, 2010, 09.11 AMby thecuriouskiwi

      Cool! I got to Sydney last year, visited two of their locations, spent way too much but got some great stuff and the buttons…ohhh the buttons! :) Lets start a petition to get Tessuti to Perth! :)

  • 1_large

    Mar 18, 2010, 09.59 PMby ashchaser

    Hmm, I was very excited when I read this….until I saw the requirements. I have made both the Marie skirt and JJ blouse but not out of that specific brand of fabric- and if I did have the money to get some, and cover postage, I wouldn’t have time!


  • Amy6_large

    Mar 18, 2010, 08.37 PMby crazydavises

    As much as I like to enter contests, I can’t either — I have a “do not purchase fabric for a contest” rule. If I’m going to enter, it’s from my stash, or upcycling clothing. I do look forward to seeing the entries!

  • 560186_168634819951461_38695790_n_large

    Mar 18, 2010, 03.00 AMby meegie-moo

    Unfortunately it doesn’t sound like all that many will enter. I live in Brisbane and was excited to see a competition for Australian members, but I am only a beginner sewer and feel uncomfortable purchasing fabrics online, especially at some of the prices from Tesuti. :-( Good luck to everyone that enters!

  • 2005_0106new0006-1_large

    Mar 18, 2010, 12.28 AMby bubbley74

    Well that’s me out of the contest,I have just been onto the site to look at the material and saw some lovely material and not a bad price until i noticed the price was for .25 mt not like normal 1 full Mt how can they expect us to pay those sort of prices to enter a contest.Sorry another one i cant join in.Good luck to those who enter.

  • 2e996410366bf49ef6ac6f019260602044c947d0_large

    Mar 17, 2010, 08.30 PMby manati

    Good luck with this contest, it sounds to me like Tessuti fabric will be making a fortune from us and only 1 person gets a prize. Because if you get the second or third place it probably won’t make up for the cost of the fabric plus shipping. I hate competitions were the purpose of it is to make money.

    • This is a question
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