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Want to sew like your favorite fashion designer? Of course you do, and BurdaStyle is here to help! We’re giving away one of Brother’s awesome new Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 40 sewing machine to a lucky BurdaStyle member to make their fashion sewing dreams come true! Rival designer looks and show off your unique creativity with your own handmade creations. Click through to learn how you can comment to win your own fantastic Innov-ís 40 machine!

Whether you’re a fashion sewing newbie or a super-skilled seamstress, you’ll love the creative potential the Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 40 brings to your design table. Dream it, sketch it and make it your own with Innov-ís 40’s awesome array of decorative stitches and fantastic machine features.

With the Innov-ís 40 you get:

- 40 built-in sewing stitches, including 5 one-step auto-size buttonhole styles

- Stitch selection via dial and LCD display

- 7-point feed dogs

- Free-motion stitching

- Jam resistant top bobbin with Quick-set™ bobbin

- Built-in automatic needle threading system

- Soft cover to help protect your machine

This is your chance to win this beauty for yourself if you can comment below your answer to the following question:

What fashion project would you tackle if you were the lucky winner of the Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 40?

Leave your comment by 930am EST on Monday, April 4th for your chance to be eligible. This contest is open to all BurdaStyle members worldwide.

Good luck!


  • Missing

    Apr 3, 2011, 03.39 AMby chieflotsahair

    I believe I would be a bit selfish and the first few items made by the machine would be for my wardrobe. Then I would get to projects that I would like to make for my niece. This would also be a second machine, so I would finally be able to pass on a sewing machine to my sister who would really like to sew again.

  • Missing

    Apr 3, 2011, 03.12 AMby Ashlee Hatten

    If I won this machine I would make a dress that I’ve had the pattern and the material since November but have been scared to start. I’m new to sewing and am still building my skills. I really enjoy it though. I also would complete alot of recon projects.

  • Missing

    Apr 3, 2011, 02.55 AMby suz123

    I have two projects I want to tackle. First, I really want to make that wrap skirt (12 ways to do a wrap skirt). I also want to take one of my over-sized purse patterns and add some foam padding to turn it into a camera bag. Nice camera bags that look like purses rather than bags of expensive equipment are really expensive.

  • Missing

    Apr 3, 2011, 02.25 AMby quiltbee52

    If I were to win this wonderful machine I could make more projects for our church to auction off. Make more beautiful baby outfits, and clothes for my family. And finally finish all the little projects I have started.

  • 1b5be228efe43fa6929bc25d16614ae895d4f683_large

    Apr 3, 2011, 12.46 AMby nadinewoods

    If I were to win this lovely machine, it would be the impetus I needed to sew my own bra. This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time but just haven’t gotten up the courage to try it yet. I have a pattern and many of the supplies, I just need a great big push. :) Sewing panties wasn’t as hard as I thought but a bra just seems so unattainable.

  • Missing

    Apr 3, 2011, 12.41 AMby Liana Kachakhmadze

    I would be very happy to get a new machine. I will continue my home decorating projects, like pillows and table cloth. My existing machine is not working well now, so a new one will inspire me for bigger and more complicated projects. Thanks, Liana K

  • Missing

    Apr 3, 2011, 12.31 AMby zusie2003

    I would set about building my first corset (after I’d played with every feature the machine had to offer, lol)

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 11.43 PMby lulu1975

    What fashion projects will I tackle…Hmmm the better question is what fashion project WON’T I tackle with this sewing machine. I feel like this machine could turn me into a sewing superhero! I’ve got a long list of things I would like to get started on that I’ve seen on burda like a ruffle wrap dress. I also want to make a pair of sailor shorts for the summer and a hip version of an Easter suit made out of seersucker for my son who is going to be 2 years old.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 10.22 PMby Gebhardt53

    I don’t know, just so many. The fact that this machine can do so much, that’s the reason to win.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 10.22 PMby kate79

    What a great prize! I’ll make a lovely jump suit for my cousins wedding out of the taffeta I’ve bee too scared to use in case I ruin it……. then I’ll make all of my summer clothes. I would be sooo happy if I won this machine.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 08.52 PMby theemmadiana

    it will make a wonderful gift for my very talented mother!

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 06.01 PMby ButterfliesandSunshine

    I purchased a PC-420 PRW this winter and I just love it. It’s the best machine I’ve ever used, I’m so impressed with brother. Even their wireless printers are wonder and good on ink! If I won this machine I would give it to my youngest daugther Megan who is just getting interested in sewing. I have an old kenmore that she is going to start working on… we would take on a lot of beginner projects like patch quilts and simple peasant shirts and skirts to start. I know she would love the 1 step button hole maker, my old machine doesn’t have that. I bought my oldest daughter Kaitlyn a brother machine 2 years ago with that feature and she is really loving it. We made a baby shower quilt for her friend and now we are making sundresses. We had a blast this winter: bought some cheap upper body torso mannequins which we padded up with quilting batting and attached them to some old hat stands to make dress form replicas for our sewing projects which we want to finish with a nice stretchy leapord print pattern material – make a great room decoration when not in use. Gosh Megan sure would be excited to get a new machine like ours. If not, she’ll be on a brother in a couple of years for sure. It’s the only machine I would buy for her, as they are just so easy to use and thread. Brother machines are great for beginners and have wonderful features for advanced users, they sew like a dream and remove all the frustrations of working with older machines for new sewers and the thread tension is perfect all the time. We just signed up for a Burda Style subscription, which is so exciting – what got me so excited about this mag is that it’s just loaded with the most trendy and fashionable patterns, with so many possiblities for project modifications – great inspiration for my older teen girls and I’ve always love Burda patterns. Your website is fantastic too, so many free patterns and tips… it’s awesome! So Burda – you totally rock!, you and brother make a sewing dream team and I’m glad you are putting on this contest. Sewing is a fun useful hobby, once you start you are hooked. Whoever wins this great machine will have a great start on any sewing endeavor. Plus, I wanted to add… sewing is a great hobby that I think will keep my girls busy in a good way, it’s a useful life skill, constructive for their minds and creativity – both of my girls are so creative and have an eye for colour and design. Sewing leads to many art forms. It will give them a common interest, something to share together and have fun with – the sister bonding time which gets a little touchy in the late teen years . Teens want to express themselves so why not make a fashion statement! Sewing is a great outlet for anyone, making something makes you feel great – it’s absolutely theraputic. Plus it would be nice to see less time spent on the X-box.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 03.59 PMby Emily Dawn

    I am 13 and just LOVE sewing i love to watch Project runway and love the machine,i know out of this many comments im not going to get picked butt i still am going to share this with you..I love sewing and i loveing making patterns its my ‘thing’ its what im good at and want to do my sewing machine always get knotted in the bobbin etc. for no reason.i want a PR sewing machine more than a NIkon D7000 DSLR camera (whichi REALLY want!)

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 01.55 PMby thedogandponyshow

    i’m an accessories designer just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. i’d love a new sewing machine to make new jazzy diabetes pouches. so far i’ve only encountered boring black ones. diabetes is already no fun, the pouches don’t need to add to the problem.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 11.56 AMby alybcan

    That would be perfect given all the crazy sewing projects I have in mind! That includes a crazy coat, a baby carrier for a very close friend, and a summer dress :-)

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 11.10 AMby loie-h

    2 Projects I would want to undertake

    1) lightwieght memory quilts for friends of mine - wedding memory quilt for my best friend/ my dad and my husband memory quilts for my friends son and wife ( he past away recently) – would be using fabrics from the wedding (bridesmaid dresses/ brides dress/ grooms shirt and embelishments – buttons, beads, ribbon all from wedding) and fabric from ryans shirts and encorporating fabric printed photo’s. 2) I have a hoard of vintage ribbon/ lace that I would like to use to create a tailored evening jacket.

    the Brother Innov-ís 40 would be ideal to get these projects done “professionally” and with ease – as the faithful Singer that I have is third generation and can’t manage button holes well at all anymore not to mention Innov-is 40 has stich programmes that would finish off the projects ! IMAGINE

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 10.29 AMby wannalearn

    This would be a great incentive for me! Since I’m brand new at sewing I would try something simple like a bag or a le sac dress and give it to my firends! A win-win situation! =)

  • Avatar_large

    Apr 2, 2011, 08.07 AMby perrineco

    I could make some smocked dress!!!

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 07.33 AMby hejkke

    I’d sew something where i can use a twin needle. because my machine from ‘76 can’t do it!

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 05.56 AMby VickieBennett

    A fashion project to tackle? Oh jumping into my fabric stash – lots of UFOs never started. Probably shirts would be a good start – the project runway machine does buttonholes!!!

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 05.17 AMby doyaski

    Fashion project? Hmmm – I’d LOVE to revisit some old skills like bound buttonholes and french hems. I’m thinking a lightweight tailored jacket would be a snap on a new machine :)

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 03.04 AMby Elena Murphy

    I recently re-discovered my love of sewing. I have a variety of projects I’d like to tackle for myself, but I’ll most likely be using this fabulous machine to make costumes for the theatre group I’ve been working with. I’m in the process of building a costume department, and this would be a great addition!

  • Phone_pictures_1596_2__large

    Apr 2, 2011, 02.28 AMby TheCreativeMissW

    I would love to win this. My Sewing machine just broke so ths would be fantastic. I’d carry on with my plans of sewing a summer wardrobe. I have it all planned out! and have loads of fabrics waiting to be sewed.My fiancee would also really like a sherlock holmes style coat but my cheap sewing machine has not been capable of dealing with heavy fabrics So would be fantastic to be able to get started on this.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 01.51 AMby sewbrock

    i sew for myself and for others and would love to try this machine for all of my alterations and new projects.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 01.45 AMby kyrielle

    I would work on several home decor projects I have planned.

  • Missing

    Apr 2, 2011, 12.35 AMby einjehla

    My grandmother was a seamstress and my grandfather was a pattern maker. Sadly, they died before I was born. My dad only taught me how to replace the needle, put on the thread, on a vintage sewing machine. I don’t know anything about adjusting the tension, even the stitches. But as time passes by, I learned something new. And I realized that sewing is what I really wanted and what I understand most. But for others, it’s just a hobby, not a career. You see what I mean? And if I would be given a chance like this, sewing a lingerie comes to mind. Who wouldn’t want to feel sexy on their undergarments?

  • Missing

    Apr 1, 2011, 11.46 PMby Kristen Kaye

    The fashion project(s) I would love to tackle would be, evening gowns and an entire wardrobe made of classic/timeless pieces. Since I am plus sized, it is hard to find garments to fit, to have fashionable taste, or to have garments NOT made of cheap material. I have recently been introduced to sewing by my mother, and learned how to create and alter patterns. Since I’m using the $40 sewing machine my mom bought me, I am limited to the amount of stitches I can use. It would be great to use the Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 40.

  • Idh-silho_square_large

    Apr 1, 2011, 11.45 PMby indiedanielle

    Goodness, what project couldn’t I tackle with this gem of a machine? I’m loving making fabric necklaces right now so that would probably be my first project. I could really go wild with all of those stitch options and make my craziest jewelry yet! Mmm, yes… I can see it now.

  • Ramona_1__large

    Apr 1, 2011, 11.19 PMby Ramona Kuhn

    I would love to have a machine that could be used for teaching. I play with my neighbors – there are 4 girls ranging in age from 7 to 18 and they all love to sew. That way more than one of us can sew at a time. We have a great time when we get together. The girls are so creative.

  • Missing

    Apr 1, 2011, 11.02 PMby crazy4burda

    What a great giveaway! If I win my daughters and I will all have new additions to our wardrobes. What a motivation to get those creative juices flowing.

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