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Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Blouse Progress Report


Earlier this week I posted about sewing up our Long Sleeve Blouse pattern for my next Mash Up! Well I was a busy bee this week sewing, and actually finished it! Read on to see how I sewed this blouse together.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Blouse Pattern Reveal


Hi BurdaStylers! Thank you ALL again for voting on my next mash up pattern, it was very helpful and I love your input. The poll came to such a close tie (by 1%) between the Long Sleeve Blouse and the Peasant Blouse… so I decided to make BOTH! You can never have to many summer blouses right? I’m going to start with the long sleeve blouse pattern. Read on to see how I modified the pattern and cut it out of lovely printed silk linen.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Vote on My next Blouse Project!


Hi BurdaStylers! Thanks for all your wonderful feedback on my last Mash Up, the Gold Godet Skirt. I need your help once again. You are are just so good at helping me choose the next sewing pattern I should put my own spin on. This time I am determined to make a blouse pattern, select your favorite and vote below…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Gold Godet Skirt Reveal!


Hi BurdaStylers! Here is my finished gold godet skirt, and it fits great (and is fun to wear). This skirt I decided is still a work in progress, sure I finished sewing it and did some super awesome embroidery on it. But I want to embroider it more! I want to add a new motif every month for the next year, just to the panel piece, thoughts? Read on to see how I embroidered the piece and some more images of my final project.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Gold Godet Skirt Progress Report 3


Hi BurdaStylers! This week I played with my Brother embroidery machine to finish off my godet skirt. I actually finished sewing it in one sewing session last week, but I only covered some of my sewing steps in my last post. Read on to see how I installed the facing and zipper as well as finish the hem (I used a fancy double roll hem foot).

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Gold Godet Skirt Progress Report 2


Hi BurdaStylers! I took the dive into starting to sew my gold godet skirt mash up this week. Let’s just say, once I started sewing I couldn’t stop! I finished sewing the skirt in 1 1/2 hours, excluding the embroidery though (super excited to start on that though). In this post I focus on the first half of sewing this skirt… mainly inserting those panels!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Gold Godet Skirt Progress Report 1


Hey there BurdaStylers! I’m excited to finally have a start on my gold skirt, the hard (well not as fun) part is over with and now I can get sewing it. Check out this post to see more as well as two other special projects that I finished up over the weekend…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Pattern Reveal!


Hi BurdaStylers! First off, thank you all so much for your votes from last week’s voting post, and a winning pattern has been chosen by you. With 37% of the votes our Short Skirt with Godet pattern won! Such a great choice, and thanks again for helping me make this difficult decision on which skirt to make next. Read on to see more about my next Mash Up project and how I challenged myself to sew this skirt in a fabric that I already have.

Vote on My Next Mash Up Pattern


Hi there BurdaStylers! I had to take a tiny little break from my Mash Ups for the past couple of weeks since I was busy sewing looks for our Runway to Reality look book you can see my limegreen (or some see it yellow) dress here!. Since all my sewing is done for that I can now focus on my next Mash Up! Once again I need your help… I am stuck choosing between 4 skirt sewing patterns. I just love the community’s input and how you guys always pick the best pattern for me. Read on to see the skirt contenders, and also see what additional special Easter dress I plan on sewing.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Joggers and Layered Shirt Debut!


Hi BurdaStylers! Check out my photographed sweatpants and layered shirt Mash Up here as well as several member variations of the same pattern.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Sewing Part 2


Hey BurdaStylers! This post is a little delayed since I have been out of the country for the past 6 days in Colorado at F+W studios filming a new course and also meeting with Burda Germany to go over some exciting plans for the future of burdastyle.com. Before I left for my travels I finished sewing my joggers pattern and you can check out the process of me sewing there below…

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Sewing Part 1


Hi BurdaStylers! I had a busy week this week… I was sewing, and cutting, and fabric shopping, and future project planning, oh the fun. I finished sewing the top to my Mash Up outfit, our Mesh Shirt pattern that I cut out last week, as well as cut out my joggers! I got some pretty awesome blue sweat pant fabric for them and I’m excited for them to be done in time for my upcoming travels (filming more course videos!), and I love wearing sweatpants on the plane. Read on to see my sewing tutorial for the top.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Pattern Debut!


Happy weekend BurdaStylers! Thank you to all who voted on my last post to help me choose what pants pattern I should Mash Up next! I truly had no idea which one of the four I wanted to make, so your input is very helpful to me and I also want to know what you want to see made. In this post I announce the winning pattern alongside my cutting out steps to the top I am also making to complete my Mash Up outfit. Check it out below… I also announce a fun and trendy new DIY post I am working on.

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Vote on my Next Project Pattern!


A new year of Mash Ups means a new look! My Mash Up logo needed a bit of sprucing up, do you like the new one I made? Well… It is time to pick my new project, my last one turned out great and was my NYE dress, but now I need help choosing the next one. And since you guys have such a great track record of helping me pick the perfect pattern I am asking for your help again. I know what top I am going to make, I just need help picking the bottoms. Thanks in advance!

Meg's Magazine Mash Up: Vintage Jane Dress Reveal!


I was going to post this yesterday but I decided to take New Year’s Day off and managed to watch 4 movies! I had a great New Year’s Eve in my newly made dress Vintage Jane Dress and I loved flaunted the fact that I made it in less than a week. People loved it and I loved wearing it. My favorite part was the slight flare in the skirt which made the dress nice and comfy and not too tight. Read more to see the rest of my sewing tutorial and some more project pics. Hope you all had a great New Years!


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