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Letter From the Editors: Cookies and Fun Gum


Hi everyone!

So I have some bad news, the new pattern is not going to be posted today. I know, I know… but fear not, there is also some good news! The pattern for super cool high waisted pants are going up on the site tomorrow, ready for your downloading pleasure! We really are excited to see what you guys do with this pattern.

Sewing Universe News Feed: 30 March 2008


I had a love\hate relationship with the super stiff (yet remarkably flexible) interfacing known as Timtex. While I despised working with this stabilizer (it was a tad bit harder to sew and required extra trimming around edges for sharp corners), I knew it was essential to making professional looking bags, hats, and even fabric boxes. Now ,I find out that the company that produced Timtex is no longer able to manufacture the product due to a sudden shutdown of their facility sometime late last year (I’ve read that they are attempting to find someone else to produce their stabilizer, but until then what you are able to find in stores and on the internet is that last remains of their product). What’s a girl to do now? This article has some great options that might just help you find a replacement the next time your project calls for Timtex.

Sewing Universe News Feed: 28 March 2008


In the latest CRAFT Video Podcast, Natalie Zee Drieu takes us on a video tour of Season Two Project Runway, Chole Dao. You’ll get to see results of her work from sketches to completed garments, and hear tips like the ever-important detail of fine pressing. [CRAFT]

Understanding The Needle


None of us would be where we are without these! They are the key ingredient to the success of sewing!! They are the workhorses of any sewer, and we would all feel very naked without them!!! Without a doubt, one of the greatest inventions in the history of mankind!!!! Ok, ok I’ll stop. But seriously, these are the most important, under appreciated tools of our trade! Though they are often the source of frustration, maybe even the cause of a tear to be shed, needles can be our friends. Like anything, appreciate their limits and they will excel at their job.

Sewing Universe News Feed: 27 March 2008


Please pardon the pun, but if your sewing machine has been bugging you, perhaps you can pass it on to sculptor Christopher Conte. His amazing works of art – which include delicately gorgeous insects – are made with, among other things, sewing machine parts. Looking at his pieces of work is like a fun scavenger hunt. The presser foot in the spider above is obvious, but what other parts can you find in his work? [via]

Sewing Universe News Feed: 24 March 2008


I can’t think of a better way to spend the weekend than listening to music, attending some crafty workshops, and shopping at spectacular vendor booths. This year’s St. Paul Craftstravaganza promises all this – and it’s free! You can join the fun on Saturday, April 26 with the first 100 receiving free swag bags.

How To: Say So Long. . .


Hi everyone!

As many of you may already know, I am leaving the BurdaStyle Team to pursue some opportunities on my own.

I wish I could stay here longer, but instead, I’m showing you how to make your clothes longer!

Check out my last How To, at least as a team member, on How to Lengthen patterns! And if you’ve got arms that are anything like mine (almost freakishly long), this How To should come in quite handy!

Newsflash: BurdaStyle and the Charlie Bag on Etsy's Storque


Our special friends, Bre and Tara, from Etsy came downstairs to spend a little time learning about BurdaStyle! They wanted to go through the whole process, so Bre did everything from choosing the pattern he wanted from the pattern database, printing it, cutting it out and sewing it! He chose the popular Charlie grocery bag, and even added some cute critter applique! Check out his creation by watching the video here! Be sure to share this with your friends who are new to sewing too, so they can see just how easy it actually is!

Letter from the Editors: What's the Deal with Burda Modemagazin!


Sometime in these past few months, did we ask you to send us High-resolution photos of some of your creations? Well, if we haven’t yet, we might soon! But a lot of people are wondering for what. Well, here’s the deal. Burda Modemagazin so graciously gave BurdaStyle a special two page spread in every issue! We use this space to share news about Brooklyn, trends, and especially, our beloved members! And while we would like to feature all of the members who send us pictures, we cannot. We can decide the articles and the overall theme, but in the end, Burda Modemagazin chooses what will be published! So, if you are wondering why your photos were not published, this is why. We are really grateful to you for sending them to us, though, and will try to use them in some other way! We’ll of course let you know if we do. Unfortunately, this spread is only published in the German edition, so even some of the BurdaStyle team can’t read it!

Sewing Universe News Feed: 20 March 2008


Frumpy t-shirts – BEGONE! They are never flattering, and not very much fun. Thankfully, the stitch lounge in San Francisco, along with Bernina, has just posted a great tutorial on transforming that shapeless shirt into a sassy fitted tee with a boatneck. Enjoy and say goodbye to giant shirts for good.

Sewing Universe News Feed: 19 March 2008


Bust magazine is getting crafty! On Sunday, April 27 they will hold their first ever Spring Fling Craftacular in Brooklyn. Not only will you be able to shop among 50 crafty vendors, but your ($2) ticket will put you into a raffle drawing for $2,000 worth of prizes. If you’re interesting in becoming a vendor for this show, be sure to fill out this entry form before March 30.

Letter From the Editors: Backstage and Bye Byes!


We at the BurdaStyle team are just bursting at the seams with excitement! Why, you might ask? Because we just had an incredible photo shoot! With the help of our troupe of style mavens, this has proved to be the best shoot yet! Because of this, we have decided to go ahead and give you a sneak peak at our upcoming collection! Unfortunately, we can’t give away all of our secrets, but you’ll get the idea. Along with the sneak peak of the creations, you will see some of what goes into a photo shoot. We had so much fun, we almost forgot we were working.

Sewalong MiniChallenge- Voting Begins!



Over the past two weeks, plus or minus a few days due to some technical difficulties on our end, we have seen a wide variety of variations of the Sidonie skirt pattern. We are thrilled and impressed by how many people stepped up to the plate! We have a total of 21 entries which are all beautiful, creative, and inventive, and honestly, we’re glad we left the voting up to you this time, because it would just be too hard to choose one!

Anyone may vote, even if you didn’t make your own creation. To view all of the entries, choose MiniChallenge Entries from the categories drop down menu in the Creations gallery.

Photos of the creations are also shown when you vote.

Choose only 1 creation. They are split between two questions, so if your selection is not an option in the first question, skip ahead to the second question. Please do not choose one from both questions.

Voting ends on Friday, March 21st, at 11:59 pm.

The member who made the entry with the most votes will receive sewing books full of inspiration and tips, cool sewing notions, and special BurdaStyle swag, as well as well-earned recognition on the site!

The votes will be tallied over the weekend and the winner announced on Monday!


Sewing Universe News Feed: 18 March 2008


The Commercial Pattern Archive at the University of Rhode Island is a collection of 25,000 electronically scanned patterns and envelope covers for clothing dating back to 1868. Even if you can’t journey to visit the actual archive, you can search a digital catalog on disk from the University. Just browsing the few sample patterns on the web site is loads of fun. The project is part of the “Save America’s Treasures” initiatives. [via]

Sewing Universe News Feed: 17 March 2008


I’ve been a big fan of Anna Maria Horner’s work for a while. I started out being completely inspired by her gorgeous designs and brilliantly colorful work. When I found out she’s only a few years older than me and has five children (I only have two) … my admiration and appreciation for her unique designs deepened. When I start to get frustrated about not having enough creative time to myself, I stop and remember that people like Anna Maria Horner are out there creating amazing art, fabric and inspiration – on top of being a mom. I was really happy to see that Jennifer at CraftSanity has just posted an extended interview with Horner in which she discusses “her work, he being a mother of 5 and the challenges and blessings she’s experienced on the road to becoming the successful designer she is today.”


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