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  • Introducing: The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook

    "The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook" is a comprehensive guide to DIY sewing, from novice to beginner. In this video, discover the inspiration, history and mission behind it.
    By Nora Abousteit and Creative Director and co-author Alison Dahl Kelly.

    View on YouTube

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  • BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Pattern Variation: Altering the Skirt Pattern Piece

    BurdaStyle member elegantmusings shows us how to alter the front skirt pattern piece on her pattern variation, as featured in the "BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook."

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  • BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Pattern Variation: Drafting the Pocket

    BurdaStyle member elegantmusings shows us how to draft a pocket on her pattern variation, as featured in the "BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook."

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  • Reading Fabric

    BurdaStyle member sunnilj9 shows us how to read fabric, as featured in the "BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook."

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  • How To Read A Sewing Pattern

    BurdaStyle member sunnilj9 shows us how to read a sewing pattern, as featured in the "BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook."

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  • How To Thread Your Sewing Machine

    BurdaStyle member sunnilj9 shows us how to thread a sewing machine, as featured in the "BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook."

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  • BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook Pattern Variation: Attaching a Patch Pocket

    BurdaStyle member elegantmusings shows us how to attach a patch pocket on her pattern variation, as featured in the "BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook."

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Ebook Customers, Download Your 5 Master Patterns Here

100 Comments Sign in to add a post

  • 319224_10100349179348710_12919113_49421884_1140582394_n_large

    Feb 1, 2012, 01.02 AMby Lamin Swann

    Ordered & received my book a few weeks ago! A BIG help for a designer like me! Bravo!!

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Apr 8, 2012, 03.29 PMby Stitcher75

      Lamin, do you have your designs published anywhere? I’d love to see them!

  • Y1pmd0kmf8z39wamme6yb9z1q8uiwsrpyduvwshujvsyd-vp3wo5opcfs2ln5nlexlpxi9i_lj-if-78vyuz_juvghkeqj4l4cu_large

    Jan 30, 2012, 05.27 AMby pvmdesign

    I have my book too, and i´m excited!!!….

  • Image_large

    Jan 24, 2012, 10.03 PMby mebreezy

    Hey all I got my book today!!!!!!!!! Sew excitedddddd. The book is beautifully illustrated and the projects look easy to master. I have a quilting project that Ive been working on for a while now just about done with it. Once Im done with the quilt think my first project will be one of the dresses. Im sew excited. Happy sewing all

  • Missing

    Jan 21, 2012, 07.11 AMby Wendy Kelesi

    i really need this book…will the book be be published is the solomons?

  • Missing

    Jan 20, 2012, 09.13 PMby plookiss

    My book just arrived and i love it, can’t wait to try out the skirts!

  • 098_large

    Jan 20, 2012, 12.35 PMby 1diane

    My new Burda Book is so interesting, I am new to sewing clothes, etc rather than making quilts it is a true challenge. A question that I have ask to your staff on your discussion site has not answered I am sent to others questions and answeres. Some of the pictures, such as dresses do not have actual patterns, how do I find the patterns for them? I hope this is post will be answered. I appreciate your help. stevndi@charter.net

    2 Replies
    • Image_large

      Jan 24, 2012, 10.09 PMby mebreezy

      I am not a publisher of this page or the site but most of the dresses do have a pattern or instructions on how to make them if you would click on buy or purchase for the pattern some are free it is just a matter of looking for buy purchase or free for the pattern happy sewing

    • Me_painted_large

      Mar 1, 2012, 07.40 AMby sew4my3

      Yes the dress pattern is included in the book.

      The many variations are by Burdastyle members who donated their version or interpretation of each pattern.

      Hope this helps to answer your question.

  • Image_large

    Jan 19, 2012, 01.06 PMby mebreezy

    Hi everyone just stopped by to say I ordered the book today!!!!! I am very excited about this milestone as Id like to get my hands on anything sewing. Too too happy!!!!! Happy Sewing

  • Missing

    Jan 18, 2012, 03.41 PMby ingerit

    I ordered mine from amazon.co.uk and received it about a week ago. I love the book – it’s pretty a pretty book to look at. It’s written the way it’s easy to read and understand. The projects I like, but I don’t think I will ever make the skirt or the bag. If there would also be a pattern for trousers it would really be a perfect sewing book!

  • Missing

    Jan 13, 2012, 03.00 PMby RAMMthefirst

    Will the book be published in Dutch ass well?

  • Ecd3c96c90ebe683469e31ef79f543763924f7e6_large

    Jan 9, 2012, 04.41 PMby effia

    I just got the book :) I’m sew excited!!

  • Dsc_0117_large

    Jan 5, 2012, 01.30 PMby ebachai

    I’m dying to make the coat. How can I find The book in Vietnam????

    1 Reply
    • Missing

      Jan 18, 2012, 03.46 PMby ingerit

      Can’t you order it via Amazon? Or otherwise buy the e-book ;)

  • Dsc_0117_large

    Jan 5, 2012, 01.30 PMby ebachai

    I’m dying to make the coat. How can I find The book in Vietnam????

  • Missing

    Jan 3, 2012, 05.46 PMby claire2810

    This book looks absolutely great. I do hope I can win it. Thanks and Happy New Year to all…

  • Missing

    Jan 3, 2012, 05.03 PMby Cindy Moore

    Must get this for my granddaughter. I taught her to sew and she’s turning out some fabulous clothing and accessories.

  • Dsc_0676_large

    Jan 2, 2012, 12.01 PMby camelia db

    Hello, I want to ask if this book will be also in dutch ? thank you

    1 Reply
    • David_headshot_large

      Jan 3, 2012, 08.14 PMby mynameisdavid

      Hi Takako,

      Unfortunately, the book is not available in other languages at this time. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      - David

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 11.23 PMby grammabee

    reviewing what was available, it seems like a really handy book to have around. I have enough kids and grandkids who would benefit by it, too.

  • Im002358_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 06.44 PMby gibbylet

    Ok, truth is nobody bought this for me for Christmas, so I ordered it the day after, but I have somebody I would give this to if I won because I’m so excited about it, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring anyway!

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 04.40 PMby Darlene Thompson

    I have this book in my shopping bag @ Amazon.com, If I won this…that would be extra nice!!!

  • 604a8dc460e913166e53b62599255876454486e3_large

    Dec 29, 2011, 11.39 AMby vtkatmommy

    This book looks absolutely fabulous!!!! I’ve been waiting for a few more reviews from pepeople befoe purchasing, but it looks like I should immediately from all the posts above.

  • Missing

    Dec 29, 2011, 02.12 AMby Cara Ginter

    Just bought this book; I’m already loving it. Totally looking forward to trying out these patterns.

  • Laurajaneipad_large

    Dec 28, 2011, 04.48 PMby Laura Jane

    i love it :D xx

  • Picture_146_large

    Dec 24, 2011, 09.36 PMby squarebob

    12 hours whoop x

  • Photoge01_large

    Dec 21, 2011, 02.51 PMby gedwoods

    As I was stepping out the door for my taxi to the airport for my Christmas trip to the Canadian west, I saw my mailbox was full – it is the BurdaStyle book finally arrived. And I’m in it! (hi hi… just a bit part, really, but still!)

    I have to say, after taking some timem to sit down and leaf through the book, I am very, very impressed. I’ve seen a lot of “beginners’ sewing” books – remember, I was a beginner sewer not all that long ago, and I tend to do a lot of research when I get into a new area. Superficially, this looks a lot like a certain class of Beginners Sewing books, the project book.

    But as you start to delve into it, you see it is so much more! It is a fascinating métissage, interweaving, of styles, creative ideas, thoughts and reflections on the act of sewing, of design, of pattern adjustment, from many different perspectives and cultures! As a result, it has appeal for all levels of sewing experience, a very different situation than is the case for most “beginner sewing” books. I love everything about this book, and I’m thrilled to have it with me on more holiday! Kudos to all involved in the book, but also to the wider community as the book incorporates their presence!

  • 31219_1315795494032_1205055732_30726993_1337203_s_large

    Dec 19, 2011, 02.59 PMby slj1224

    Just got the book from Amazon ( it got to me really quickly) Can’t wait to start on some of the patterns. How exciting I just might be able to get back into the swing of sewing again !!!!

  • Missing

    Dec 19, 2011, 01.04 PMby kroyala

    Hi, I bought the Ebook from Itunes few days back. I have not received any code from Itunes or from Burda style to download patterns from Burdastyle patterns page.How do I print the patterns from Ipad ?

    2 Replies
    • David_headshot_large

      Jan 3, 2012, 07.54 PMby mynameisdavid

      Hi Kroyala,

      I am e-mailing the book publishers about this issue now. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

      - David

    • David_headshot_large

      Jan 4, 2012, 07.05 PMby mynameisdavid

      Hi Kroyala,

      The code is in the ebook itself, so readers can easily find it once they’ve downloaded the book for any platform. You can find the code at the beginning of Chapter 2, “Using Patterns,” in the instructions for the 5 individual BurdaStyle patterns, and at the end of the ebook.

  • 7032_161006617186_564362186_3278190_3757140_n_large

    Dec 18, 2011, 08.50 PMby Nikki Lloyd-Gervais

    This book looks amazing, EXCEPT for the fact that it’s basically “thin-centric” and really not inclusive of your devoted (and fashionable), plus size fans. That makes me sad!

    I hope plus size patterns for your gorgeous book and fabulous website are in the works!

  • Missing

    Dec 14, 2011, 01.23 PMby Ximena Alegre

    como puedo obtener mi ebook en argentina?

    1 Reply
    • 737492d5184dcd1e0ed5127b89b0144c5403ea68_large

      Dec 15, 2011, 07.23 PMby lala86

      Xime el Ebook es para todo el mundo, pero tenes que pagar por internet y despues lo descargas. Pedir la edicion impresa a lo mejor tarda. Pero deberia llegar sin problemas si lo pedis por Amazon.

  • Missing

    Dec 14, 2011, 12.41 PMby kroyala

    I bought the ebook through Itunes for my Ipad. I don`t see any code in my ebook. How do I get my code? Thanks Kamala

  • Missing

    Dec 10, 2011, 09.39 PMby brsnyder

    I don’t see where to buy an ebook version….

    1 Reply
    • Letterbicon_large

      Dec 13, 2011, 11.02 PMby burdastyle


      The e-book is available via Barnes & Noble. We are waiting for confirmation from our publisher about when it will be available for Amazon, as well.

      We apologize for this inconvenience.

      - David

  • Picture_146_large

    Dec 6, 2011, 03.42 PMby squarebob

    19 days till i get this whoop whoop x

    1 Reply
    • Picture_146_large

      Dec 23, 2011, 08.01 PMby squarebob

      2 sleeps now!!

    • This is a question
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