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If the elastic on underwear is still good, but the fabric is falling apart, you can use this technique to re-make your underwear from an old t-shirt.

It took me about 5 hours to make 2 undergarments, not including time to take apart the old underwear. This will probably take less time with experience. Based on time alone, at $20 per hour, these undergarments cost $50 each. But the actual material cost was $0 because I already had old t-shirts and underwear on hand. So if you have spare time, it is a very economical and easy project.

****Please feel free to leave comments with feedback on what about this tutorial was or was not helpful so that I can improve in the future****

Technique Materials

Knit fabric (t-shirt)
Old underwear
Seam ripper
Sewing machine with stretch stitches


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