Twin-needle stitching can be used for quick hem finishes, pintucking and even decorative stitching. Twin-needle stitching is commonly used to hem knits and achieve the look of RTW clothing. This type of stitching may be accomplished on most machines with the purchase of a twin needle.

Technique Materials

Machine with zigzag capability, 2 thread spool holders, 3 spools or bobbins with thread, throat plate with hole wide enough for twin-needle, zigzag foot or another foot with an opening wide enough for the twin needle, and a twin needle

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    Mar 7, 2012, 04.24 PMby Jenn Maple

    This was such a great tutorial, more detail than others I’ve seen – I have a question, wondered if you might be able to help, as I can’t seem to find any information anywhere! :) I have an old White machine, not sure how old – but it will sew with a zig zag stitch, so I assumed based on everything I’ve read that I should be able to use a double needle. But when i do, it doesn’t seem to pick up the bobbin thread (if that makes sense?) so it doesn’t stitch at all, I just end up with parralel rows of needle holes along my fabric and no stitches. Any thoughts or suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? I have the machine set to zig zag stitch, with stitch width at .5 (I’ve tried it at all different widths with the same effect). Any suggestions are much appreciated :)

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      Mar 22, 2012, 04.27 AMby tnlzy2000

      Jenn: I have a white machine, not old but with ornamental stitches. When learning to double needle stitch, nowhere did it say to do a zig zag stitch, it seems to be all straight stitch, that seems to let the bobbin thread catch both top threads, Just a guess on my part since I am learning too. I hope you have good luck in finding what you need.

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    Jul 10, 2010, 06.28 PMby magdamagda

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    May 28, 2010, 05.51 PMby pinkolives

    Thanks for this… Oddly enough, though capable, there are zero instructions on twin-needle in my manual..

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    Apr 24, 2010, 04.00 PMby rayana

    I’ve been looking for this tutorial, thank you for sharing :)

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    Mar 1, 2010, 10.24 AMby handmadehappiness

    fantastic thanx for sharing very informative and precise thanx again :)

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    Feb 2, 2010, 11.13 AMby numedezyne

    Fantastic tutorial. I have been wondering how to get a proffesional looking finish to my seams, and now i know. I’m going to give it a go with my cotton twill dress. can’t wait woop woop x x

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    Jan 8, 2010, 10.45 PMby Dylan Salvi

    this really helped me, just made the pockets to the jeans i’m sewing look very nice today! thank you!

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    Dec 31, 2009, 12.30 AMby beckydee

    Thank you for taking the time to put this tute together for us all! I’m about to sew myself a biker jacket and top stitching with a double needle will help to give it a really nice finish…..I don’t think there is anything worse than wonky top stitching! Thanks again!

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    Dec 30, 2009, 10.44 PMby debette

    Eva – Is the problem (with the new machine) the throat plate having only a single hole? See if you can buy a zigzag throat plate, which would have room to accommodate both needles.

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    Dec 27, 2009, 11.17 PMby anio

    It works! And now I can’t wait to use it :). Unfortunately my current project doesn’t need any twin-needle stitching Thanks

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    Dec 23, 2009, 03.28 PMby kt3

    Thank you, I’ve always wondered how to do this.

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    Dec 20, 2009, 01.51 PMby riala

    I have a Frister & Rossman, is it possible for me to do this?

  • Kittyavatar90_large

    Dec 18, 2009, 11.31 PMby keykalou

    This is great info! Someone just mentioned twin needles to me and I didn’t really know anything about them. Now I understand.

    I’d like to buy a new machine in the next few years and think I’ll put twin needle capability on my list of features I want the new machine to have.

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    Dec 15, 2009, 08.55 PMby watatoe

    Perfect instructions! A twin needle finish is such a lovely touch on garments AND doll clothes. I guess I’m also lucky in that my machine has two thread guides just above the needle specifically for twin needle sewing. Don’t be afraid of those triple needles either! They’re awesome too!

    Kudos for the excellent instructions and awesome pics!

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    Dec 7, 2009, 10.42 PMby ginasophia

    Do all modern sewing machines have twin needle capabilities?

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      Dec 9, 2009, 12.56 PMby evaholmes

      Unfortunately no, as i recently found out when i purchased a new sewing maching. I automatically assumed that this function would be there as i was able to use it with my old (over 20 years) machine but no, the new did not have it and now I am stuck. I can’t think how else i am going to be able to produce such a finish without the twin needle.

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    Dec 7, 2009, 09.26 PMby balduffington

    Perfect! I just bought a twin needle to try this and the instructions in my machine’s book stink, yours are much more clear. THANKS!

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    Dec 4, 2009, 04.24 PMby elaine-bin

    I have never tried twin needle stitching, it looks easy to do and gives a good effect. I will have to start practising.

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