If you're making a top with a fabric that seems flimsy, slippery, or "stretchy," twill taping the shoulder seams is a good idea. Cut a length of twill tape that's 4" longer than the length of the shoulder seam of the garment you're making. Pin it to the wrong side of the fabric on your BACK bodice piece. Sew on the twill tape, using a longer stitch length (3.0 or 3.5). Cut off the excess tape. Then, switch back to your regular stitch length and join the front piece to the back piece at the shoulder seams, right sides together. You'll have a VERY strong shoulder seam that won't ripple or stretch. A lot of better manufacturers twill tape the shoulder seams in their men's T-shirts. This man's shirt is twill taped at the shoulders in black, and there's matching twill tape on the back neckline — two areas of stress on a garment, especially with men.


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